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Tumultuous 2020

Craig Anderson

Executive Director of the Illinois High School Association discusses impact of pandemic on Illinois sports

Phyllis Cheaney

Caring for a father with COVID-19 who eventually died from the disease

John Cunningham

Kane County, Illinois Clerk during COVID-19 pandemic

Steve Endsley

Executive Director of the IL Elementary School Assn discusses the impact of COVID-19

Kurt Gibson

Associate Executive Director for IHSA discusses the impact of the pandemic on high school basketball and other sports

Curtis Haug

Manager of minor league baseball team discusses impact of pandemic

Paul Hergenrother

University of Illinois Chemist discusses development of the Shield Illinois Saliva test

Jenna Link

Administrator for the Warren County Health Department

Billy Morgan

Disrupted wedding plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Evan Neilson

U. of IL (Urbana-Champaign) student during the COVID-19 pandemic

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