War On Terror Interviews

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War On Terror Interviews

Scott Blomberg - War On Terror

Army optometrist who participated in a deployment to Kosovo in 2001 and the initial occupation of Iraq in 2003

Thomas Bowman - War On Terror

Commander of an Illinois contingent working with Multinational Division in Iraq

Jim Frazier - War On Terror

Gold Star father tells the story of his son Jake and his death in Afghanistan

John Herbst - War On Terror

Army MP who served in Kosovo in 2002

Thomas Lamont - War On Terror

Civil Affairs officer with service both in Bosnia and Iraq

John Moulton - War On Terror

Civil Affairs officer with service both in Bosnia and Iraq

Tom Murgatroyd - War On Terror

Career Air Force officer, most of that with the Illinois Air National Guard

Marcus Phillips - War On Terror

Army National Guard helicopter mechanic serving in Afghanistan

Sasha Phillips - War On Terror

Army National Guard aircraft mechanic who served in Afghanistan in 2009-2010

Lawrence Pickett - War On Terror

A Civil Affairs officer with tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan

Martin Prickett - War On Terror

Iowa National Guardsman's experiences in Kuwait (2004) and Afghanistan (2011)

David Risley - War On Terror

War on Terror-2007, David worked on Saddam Hussein’s War Crimes trial

David Risley - War On Terror

David Risley 2015 Interview Judicial Attaché to Egypt discusses that nation's recent revolutions

Chris Smith - War On Terror

Army National Guard officer's work with Iraqi police in Baghdad in 2006

Kelsey Snyder - War On Terror

Service in Basra, Iraq with a Reserve MP unit from 2009 to 2010

Neil Taylor - War On Terror

A Tactical Air Controller who served in Afghanistan in 2010

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