ERA Fight in Illinois Interviews

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ERA Fight in Illinois Interviews

Mary Bohlen - ERA Fight in Illinois

A journalist/educator's view on the 1982 ERA fight in the IL Legislature

Susan Catania - ERA Fight in Illinois

Reflections on the movement to pass ERA since 1982

A. Delinda Chapman - ERA Fight in Illinois

Illinois educator, administrator and artist discusses the ERA fight in Illinois

Barbara Flynn Currie - ERA Fight in Illinois

ERA fight in Illinois from 1978 to June, 1982

Carol Frederick - ERA Fight in Illinois

Teacher, lobbyist, public affairs consultant and activist for women’s equality

Jeri Frederick - ERA Fight in Illinois

A National Organization for Women staff member discusses ERA fight in Illinois

Pauline Kayes - ERA Fight in Illinois

A feminist activist discusses her role in the fight for ERA passage in 1982

Kristin Lems - ERA Fight in Illinois

Folksinger for the ERA movement in the 1970s, 1980s and today

Dawn Clark Netsch - ERA Fight in Illinois

IL State Senator during Illinois Legislature's ERA battles

Sally Pancrazio - ERA Fight in Illinois

Active supporter of ERA in Illinois from 1972 through 2018

Penny Pullen - ERA Fight in Illinois

IL House of Representatives member from 1977 - 1992 and pro-life advocate

Paula Purdue - ERA Fight in Illinois

Teacher, lobbyist and activist for women’s equality

Hedy Ratner - ERA Fight in Illinois

Chicago-based feminist who has been active in the women’s issues since the 1970s

Mary Lee Sargent - ERA Fight in Illinois

Life-long activist for women's and LGBT rights shares memories of 1982

Phyllis Schlafly - ERA Fight in Illinois

Life-long conservative activist and founder of the Stop-ERA movement which was credited with the defeat of the ERA Amendment in 1982

Kathleen Sullivan - ERA Fight in Illinois

A leader in the Stop ERA movement in Illinois from 1972-1982

Joyce Webb - ERA Fight in Illinois

One of founders of Carbondale Women's Center & supporter of ERA Amendment

Randy Witter - ERA Fight in Illinois

A lobbyist in the Illinois legislature remembers the ERA fight

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