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Korean War Interviews

A. Robert Abboud - Korean War

Marine Lieutenant in Korea from 1952-1953

Walter Ade - Korean War

Infantryman in Punchbowl region of Korea

Leslie Axelrod - Korean War

Korean War vet serving on the destroyer escort, the USS Lewis

Jearl Ballow - Korean War

Ballow recalls military service in Tokyo during Korean War & Okinawa during Vietnam War

Bob Bastas - Korean War

Personnel clerk w/Air Force during Korean War

John Beechler - Korean War

Artillery Lieutenant and Silver Star recipient for combat at Outpost Harry

Norbert Bentele - Korean War

Signalman who served in Korea from 1953-1954

Robert Berry - Korean War

187th Airborne Regiment during the Korean War

Paul Blanchette - Korean War

U.S. Army soldier on occupation duty in Japan

Gene Bleuer - Korean War

Army infantryman and POW in Korea

Beverly Bruce - Korean War

Marine with Reconnaissance Platoon during the Korean War

Morrie Caudill - Korean War

The Armistice in Korea

Jim Creviston - Korean War

U.S. Army tank commander during Korean War

Robert J. Crowley - Korean War

Signal Corps officer who worked as an advisor to Koreans

Lawrence Curtin - Korean War

Radioman with the 3rd Infantry Division in Korea from 1952-1953

Maija Devine - Korean War

A Korean girl growing up in a traditional Confucian & patriarchal family in during the War

Allen Dulles - Korean War

Marine Lieutenant wounded in Korea

Herb Ericksen - Korean War

C-46 pilot flying the troops and ferrying out the wounded

Robert Evans - Korean War

Infantry platoon leader's service during the first year of the Korean War

Wilbur Fawns - Korean War

Army Engineer serving in the last year of the Korean War

Bob Fitts - Korean War

Army infantryman during closing days of Korean War

Dan Foulke - Korean War

Army Engineer and construction of Panmunjom

Bernie Goulet - Korean War

Veteran serving with the U.S. Army's 7th Division during the Inchon landing, the Chosin Reservoir and the Chinese Spring Offensive

Carl Greenwood - Korean War

Marine infantryman and Chosin Reservoir survivor

Robert Paul Grimes - Korean War

Korean War era infantryman who served with the 3rd Infantry Division

Steve Hall - Korean War

The end of the War

Kenneth Hanson - Korean War

Korean War infantryman and prisoner of war

Denis Healy - Korean War

U.S. Army MP in postwar Korea

Ken Hersemann - Korean War

Mess Sergeant for artillery unit during Korean War

John Hinde - Korean War

An infantry veteran of both WW II and the Korean War

Harold Holesinger - Korean War

F-84 pilot with Air Force during Korean War

Art Holevoet - Korean War

Army Supply Sergeant during Korean War

Wayne King - Korean War

Marine tanker during the last year of the Korean War

Robert Kirby - Korean War

An MP guarding North Korean prisoners during the war

Keith Larson - Korean War

Navy seaman assigned to an LST during the Korean War

Gary Leib - Korean War

Assigned to the USS Boxer, an Essex class aircraft carrier

Gay Lewison - Korean War

Army infantryman during first year of brutal combat during Korean War

Dean Lynn - Korean War

Army tank crew member serving in Korea during the last year of the war

Ivan Maras - Korean War

Illinoisan assigned to Puerto Rico's 65th Inf Regiment during Korean War

Donald Meier - Korean War

Korean War veteran who spent his tour on a small island off the coast of North Korea

Isaac Mercer - Korean War

African-American infantryman with 45th Division during the Korea War

Richard Mills - Korean War

Counter-Intelligence soldier during Korean War

Robert Mitchler - Korean War

Navy chief petty officer (yeoman) during both World War II and the Korean War

Lou Myers - Korean War

Artilleryman advisor to the 8th ROK Division Artillery troops

Norm Neely - Korean War

Army infantryman during Korean War

Stanley Nikulski - Korean War

Infantryman during tumultuous first year of Korean War

George Pempek - Korean War

Pempek reviews 20+ years in the Regular Army, mostly in Korea.

James Perry - Korean War

An Army Officer's perspective of combat in the Korean Wa

Bill Piper - Korean War

40th Division Soldier during the Korean War

John Raschke - Korean War

Army soldier who served in a communications section of I Corps in 1952-1953

Dan Reese - Korean War

Lived in Korea in 1946-1947 while his father served in the Provisional Government

Bernard Resnick - Korean War

Combat Engineer during dark days of the Korean War

Clarence Senor - Korean War

Veteran in the Navy, in the years following the integration of the services

Ed Smith - Korean War

Army Infantryman in Korean and Vietnam Wars

William Smith - Korean War

Army mortar crewman during the Korean War, and a Prisoner of War for most of the war

William and Charlotte Smith - Korean War

Bill and Charlotte discuss the life and coping process of an ex-POW

Fred Stockmeier - Korean War

Korean and WW War II Veteran Personnel NCO in Korea, 1950-1951

Jim Stone - Korean War

Army infantryman with 24th Division in Korea

Joan Talley - Korean War

The Korean War and its effect on family members.

Eldon Yetter - Korean War

Service with a Marine Graves Registration unit during Korean War.

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