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Rochester Interviews

Edith Baumhardt - Rochester

Long time resident of Rochester who grew up in pre-war Germany

Lyle Nicholas Behl - Rochester

Behl's family history and history of Cascade, Cotton Hill Township, Sangamon County

Gerald Campbell - Rochester

Life-long resident of Rochester shares family stories of the town

Carolyn Carlson - Rochester

Grade school teacher and longtime resident of Rochester

Evelyn Conboy - Rochester

Farm wife who raised her seven children in Rochester after her husband's death

Helen 'Jane' Fairchild - Rochester

Resident of Rochester reflecting her life and on the town’s history

Meryl 'Robert' Fairchild - Rochester

Resident of Rochester from a long line of farmers

David Jostes - Rochester

Owner of Jostes Garage in Rochester and Route 66 enthusiast

Fay Jostes - Rochester

Summers in Rochester as a child led to her spending her adult life there

Glenn Matthews - Rochester

WW II veteran and contractor in the Rochester area for over fifty years

Toby McDaniel - Rochester

Prominent Springfield journalist and Cold War era Navy veteran

Carl "Bud" Moore - Rochester

A resident of Rochester, IL and a community historian

David Ramsey - Rochester

Rochester's history in 19th century and Ramsey's life in Rochester.

Jeanne Sims - Rochester

A life as a teacher , singer and one dedicated to Christian service

David Taft - Rochester

Life-long farmer and resident of Rochester reflects on his life.

Donald Taft - Rochester

Member of Taft family of Rochester, and successful restaurateur

William 'Bill' Waldmire - Rochester

Retired state photographer talks about family history, his brother Bob and Route 66

Harold Weaver - Rochester

World War II Army veteran and retired factory/state employee from Rochester

Thomas Wright - Rochester

Long-time resident of Rochester reminisces about delivering ice

Mary Yokem - Rochester

Stories of Rochester from the perspective of an African-American resident

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