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All requests for Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library materials are made through our online request system, Aeon. With Aeon you can:

  • Submit requests automatically via links in our online catalog or via links in our finding aids
  • Submit an inquiry in advance of a visit to the library
  • Submit orders for digital scans of library materials
  • Track the status of each request
  • Access detailed information about your past requests

Instructions for Ordering Digital Copies

To order a digital copy of materials:

  1. First, register as a researcher at Aeon.
  2. Once you have registered, click the appropriate link below “Request Copies” on the left.
  3. On the request form, provide as much detail as possible in the fields provided. 
  4. Review our Reproduction Policies and Fees before submitting an order for reproductions.

  • For newspaper and obituary requests, provide the city, date, and title of paper if possible. Consult our list of holdings. Specific newspaper inquires can be sent to
  • For published materials, please provide a description of the information you are seeking or specific page numbers. We do not have the ability to copy complete works. Specific published materials inquires can be directed to
  • Manuscript collections have corresponding descriptive finding aids that can assist you in determining the location of specific documents. Reproduction requests in manuscripts must be very focused due to limited staff time. Please refer to these finding aids, also known as resources in ArchivesSpace. Manuscripts specific inquires can be directed to
  • For audiovisual requests, please be as descriptive as possible when filling in the “Item Description” field. We offer five free research .jpgs at 75 dpi. Specific audiovisual inquires can be directed to or

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