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Community College Project Interviews

 Additional Materials - Community College Project

View photos of Illinois Community College Campuses and discover additional resources!

Gary Allen - Community College Project

Teacher at Southeastern Illinois College talks about the school's history.

Dr. Karen Anderson - Community College Project

Executive Director of the IL Community College Board discusses its history.

Dr. Richard Anderson - Community College Project

College of Lake County Board of Trustees member.

Wayne Arnold - Community College Project

A career teacher discusses the history of Rend Lake College.

David Bartlett - Community College Project

Teacher and historian for South Suburban Community College discusses the school's history.

Dorothy Beck - Community College Project

The first fifty years of Blackhawk Community College.

George Bickford - Community College Project

City Colleges of Chicago's unique military education programs.

Dale Bishop - Community College Project

History of Shawnee Community College.

Timuel Black - Community College Project

He talks about civil rights and Chicago City Colleges.

Terry Bruce - Community College Project

CEO for the Illinois Eastern Community College System for 17 years.

Iris Bryan - Community College Project

History of McHenry County College from several perspectives.

Norman Burdick - Community College Project

History of Carl Sandburg College from 1980 to 2013.

Don Cavallini - Community College Project

Archivist at Heartland Community College discusses school's history.

Dr. Dale Chapman - Community College Project

History of Lewis and Clark College in southwestern Illinois.

Darrell Clevidence - Community College Project

History of Carl Sandburg College from 1969 to 2010.

Dr. Georgia Costello - Community College Project

President of Southwestern College discusses the school's history.

Carl Cottingham - Community College Project

History of John Logan Community College since its creation in 1968.

Dr. Clifford Crone - Community College Project

Administrator in the Freeport School District Which Operated Freeport Junior College Eventually Highland Community College

Dr. Amy Diaz - Community College Project

Vice President of Student Development at Rock Valley College.

Jeri Dixon - Community College Project

Dean of Adult Education at Waubonsee Community College discusses several initiatives.

John Duffy - Community College Project

History of Elgin Community College.

John Erwin - Community College Project

President of Illinois Central College discusses the school's recent history.

Dorothy "Kris" Howard - Community College Project

William Rainey Harper College trustee discusses history of the school

Representative Naomi Jakobsson - Community College Project

Relationship with Parkland College both as a student and as Chair of the IL House Higher Education Committee.

Sylvia Jenkins - Community College Project

President of Moraine Valley Community College discussing current initiatives.

Robert "Bob" Johnson - Community College Project

Kishwaukee College trustee discusses the history of Kishwaukee College.

Cathy Kloss - Community College Project

History of Prairie State College (1967) and its forerunner, Bloom Township Junior College.

Edward L Krolak - Community College Project

A career teacher discusses the early history of Illinois Valley Community College.

Matthew Landrus - Community College Project

English teacher at Lake Land College discusses the Community College's history.

Kay Langston - Community College Project

History of Triton College in River Grove, Illinois.

Dr. Margaret Lee - Community College Project

President of Oakton Community College traces the school's history.

Dr. Margaret Lehner - Community College Project

History of Moraine Valley Community College.

Robert Maher - Community College Project

Legislative Assistant to Governor Otto Kerner when the Jr. College Act of 1965 was passed.

Terry Martin - Community College Project

Long-time instructor discusses history of Kishwaukee College.

George Mihel - Community College Project

History of Sauk Valley Community College and IL Community Colleges in general.

Mike Monaghan - Community College Project

Executive Director of the Illinois Community College Trustees Association.

Linda Nevlin - Community College Project

History of Monticello College, a two-year school for women.

James Paul O'Connell - Community College Project

Morton College administrator discusses the school's long history.

Dr. James Paul - Community College Project

Dr. Jim Paul taught at Kankakee Community College from 1972-2006 and discusses the school's history.

Dr. Leon Perley - Community College Project

Former president of Illinois Central Colleges discusses the school's history during his tenure.

Laurent Pernot - Community College Project

Vice Chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago discusses the city's community colleges.

David Pierce - Community College Project

A career as a senior administrator in American community colleges.

Henry Pillard - Community College Project

Joliet Junior College administrator discusses the school's early history.

Dr. Robert Poorman - Community College Project

President of Lincoln Land Community College discusses the school's history.

James "Jim" Rapp - Community College Project

John Wood Community College's attorney discusses the institution's history.

Marilyn Satterwhite - Community College Project

History of Danville Area Community College from 1966 to 2013.

Gayle Dr. Saunders - Community College Project

President of Richland Community College discusses the school's history.

Delbert Scheider - Community College Project

History of Highland Community College from perspective of College trustee.

Rachel Schroeder - Community College Project

One of Parkland College's first employees shares the school's history.

Donald Sevener - Community College Project

Illinois's community college system history and development.

Dr. Christine Sobek - Community College Project

Educator and administrator at two Illinois community colleges.

Dr. Lori Sundberg - Community College Project

Carl Sandburg College history and its relationship with Galesburg, IL.

Steven Thompson - Community College Project

Archivist at Rock Valley College reviews the college.

Dr. James Underwood - Community College Project

Career educator discusses his experiences with Community colleges in three states.

Virginia Vasen - Community College Project

History of Spoon River College as told by a long-time staff member.

Frederick Visel - Community College Project

History of Carl Sandburg College from 1971 to 2013.

Dr. Richard "Dick" Wagner - Community College Project

Former IL Bd of Higher Education Executive Director on state's Community Colleges.

Linden 'Lin' Warfel - Community College Project

History at Parkland College from 1991-2013 through the eyes of a trustee.

Robert Watson - Community College Project

College trustee discusses the history of Lewis and Clark Community College.

Dr. Ben Whisenhunt - Community College Project

History professors discusses the history of the College of DuPage.

Ronald Whitaker - Community College Project

Early years of Joliet Junior College.

Walter Zaida - Community College Project

Teacher and administrator on the history of Joliet Community College.

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