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Jennie Battles - Architectural Gems

Tour of the Vachel Lindsay home given by the site manager

William 'Bill' Barnhart - Governor Dan Walker Project

Journalist for the Suburban Tribune during the Walker administration

Jennie Battles - IHPA legacy

Site Manager for Vachel Lindsay home and IHPA employee from 1986-2014

Jim Edgar - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Former Illinois Governor (1991-1999)

James Thompson - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Illinois's governor from January, 1977 to January, 1991

Erin Bishop - IHPA legacy

Former head of Education Services with the IHPA at the Presidential Library and Museum

Nancy deGrazia - Governor Dan Walker Project

Assistant to Governor Dan Walker from 1973 to 1977

David Blanchette - IHPA legacy

Former Public Information Officer/Communications Manager for the IHPA and ALPLM

William Goldberg - Governor Dan Walker Project

He began his legal career in 1962 in the same law firm as Dan Walker

David Blanchette - IHPA legacy

From 1989 to 2013, he served as the Public Information Officer for the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and later the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Mort Kaplan - Governor Dan Walker Project

Close friend and a key public relations advisor during Walker's run for governor

Julie Cellini - IHPA legacy

Appointed to serve as the Chair of IHPA by Governor Jim Thompson from its creation in 1985 until 2012

Ben Kiningham - Governor Dan Walker Project

Reporter for various radio stations and a statewide radio network for forty years

Robert Coomer - IHPA legacy

Early career and work with IHPA through Directorship of Susan Mogerman

Mary Lee Leahy - Governor Dan Walker Project

Worked on Blagojevich transition team.

Cullom Davis - IHPA legacy

Dr. George Cullom Davis began his academic career as an assistant professor of history at Indiana University

Taylor Pensoneau - Governor Dan Walker Project

Journalist and author reporting on the Illinois Political Scene

Dr. Michael Devine - IHPA legacy

Experiences as Director of IHPA and State historian

Julie Dirksen - IHPA legacy

First Director of Guest Services at Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Martha Jane Downey - IHPA legacy

Long tenure working at the Bishop Hill Historic Site

Darrell Duensing - IHPA legacy

Duensing’s early life and forty-five years as site manager

Lara McGlaughlin and Travis Gillum - IHPA legacy

Creators of Presidential Museum's historical figures discuss their art

Kathryn Harris - IHPA legacy

Early years with IL State Historical Library, 1984-1991

Heather Oxley, Tisa Poe, Tom Tait, and Patrick Weeks  - IHPA legacy

Four key members of the BRC Imagination Arts creative team

David Hedrick - IHPA legacy

Career at DNR, and early years at New Salem

Wally Henderson - IHPA legacy

Architect who worked on the Old State Capitol restoration project

Ted Hild - IHPA legacy

Life-long employee of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.

William Iseminger - IHPA legacy

Cahokia Mounds Senior Interpreter with over 45 years at the site

Julie Cellini, Susan Mogerman, , and Bob Coomer Cellini - IHPA legacy

A talk with three of the prime movers behind the creation of the Presidential Library and Museum

David Kneupper - IHPA legacy

Composer of the musical score for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

Susan Mogerman - IHPA legacy

Early years at IHPA and her selection as the Executive Director

Bob Rogers - IHPA legacy

Early career, launching BRC & obtaining ALPLM exhibit design contract

Richard Schachtsiek - IHPA legacy

IHPA Site Interpreter and Administrator

Kay Smith - IHPA legacy

Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area’s comprehensive management plan

Robert Weichert - IHPA legacy

IHPA Division Manager of Administrative Services

Dr. Marcia Young - IHPA legacy

Long serving site manager of David Davis mansion reflects on her career

Campaign Ads  - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Jim Thompson was new to politics when he launched his first campaign for governor in 1975. For those in the Chicago area, his was a familiar name. He was the U.S. Attorney who fought against public corruption, sending former Governor Otto Kerner to jail, along with scores of other public officials. As far as Thompson was concerned, it gave him the credentials to run for governor for a large and diverse state.

The next step, then, was to make himself known not just to those in the Chicago area, but to all Illinoisans. He campaigned hard in downstate Illinois, and learned quickly the importance of introducing himself to voters.  His standard line?  “Hello, my name is Jim Thompson, and I’m running for Governor.” But Thompson knew that grassroots campaigning was not enough. He hired Washington, D.C. based political consultants Doug Bailey and John Deardorff as well as pollster Bob Teeter to develop a series of campaign ads. They created a couple of longer spots designed to introduce the candidate to the voters, then produced a series of 30-second ads with the candidate talking to voters on the street. Following Thompson’s victory in the Republican primary, they added several ads using the candidate’s own words during his speech on primary night. None of the ads mentioned Michael Howlett, his Democratic opponent; there would be no mud-slinging in this campaign. Instead, the ads focused on Thompson’s record of success as U.S. Attorney, and his pledge to be a tough, honest leader, with compassion for the needy and the taxpayer. 

A. Robert Abboud - Korean War

Marine Lieutenant in Korea from 1952-1953

Charles Abelmann - Alternatives in Education

Director of the University of Chicago Laboratory School.

Louis Acevedo - IHSA

Marie Curie High School football coach discusses Chicago Public League football.

John Ackerman - Modern Era

Survival of small family farms by diversifying and developing niche markets.

Ray Ackerman - Modern Era

Ray recounts family history on the farm. He's now a Highway Engineer.

Yvette Ackerman - Modern Era

Life of a modern farm wife and businesswoman.

Ray Ackerman - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Former legislative chair for the Retired State Employees Association

Rosia Adams - Springfield African-American History Foundation

Retired home economics teacher; foster parent

Cordell Addison - World War II

Served in the Army and posted to the Pacific in a Barrage Balloon Battalion

 Additional Materials - Community College Project

View photos of Illinois Community College Campuses and discover additional resources!

Walter Ade - Korean War

Infantryman in Punchbowl region of Korea

Walter Ade - Immigrant Stories

A young boy who grew up in Nazi Germany before emigrating to the U.S.

Peter Alber - IHSA

Dakota High School wrestling coach discusses his championship program.

John Alexander - School District Reorganization

A discussion on the Girard & Virden, Illinois school consolidation.

Dr. Peggy Allan - Educational Reform Act 1985

Former state Teacher of the Year discusses the 1985 Educational Reform Act.

Bettie Allen - Springfield African-American History Foundation

Government worker, mechanic, YWCA volunteer, world traveler

Gary Allen - Community College Project

Teacher at Southeastern Illinois College talks about the school's history.

Ronald 'Steve' Allen - Vietnam War

Vietnam veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps

Roger A Amm - IHSA

Ottawa Township High School's successful choral director.

Gerald 'Andy' Anderson - World War II

1st Division veteran of D-Day landing and its fight across Europe

Dr. Richard Anderson - Community College Project

College of Lake County Board of Trustees member.

Dr. Karen Anderson - Community College Project

Executive Director of the IL Community College Board discusses its history.

Jo Anderson - Educational Reform Act 1985

A labor union and Department of Education perspective of the 1985 Educational Reform Act.

Dr. Richard Anderson - Educational Reform Act 1985

College of Lake County Board of Trustees member.

Barbara Archer - World War II

Insights of those left at home during WWII

Towfig Arjmand - Immigrant Stories

Iranian immigrant discusses life in Iran in the 1940s and '50s.

Mark Armstrong - Public School Funding

Kane County Supervisor of Assessments discusses property taxes and school funding.

Wayne Arnold - Community College Project

A career teacher discusses the history of Rend Lake College.

Jason Artman - Civics Education

High school social studies teacher discusses Illinois's Civics mandate.

John Ashby - School District Reorganization

Ashby discusses hybrid reorganization method for Bluford-Farrington-Webber district.

Jean Pierre Aubry - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Associate Dir. of State and Local Research at Boston College's Center for Retirement Research

Delbert Augsburger - World War II

Ball turret gunner for the 8th Air Force in Europe

Leslie Axelrod - Korean War

Korean War vet serving on the destroyer escort, the USS Lewis

Gregory Baise - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Scheduler, Personnel Director, and Director of DOT for Gov Thompson

Michael Bakalis - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Scheduler, Personnel Director, and Director of DOT for Gov Thompson

Paul Baker - Educational Reform Act 1985

IL State University professor discusses Educational Reform Act of 1985.

Jearl Ballow - Korean War

Ballow recalls military service in Tokyo during Korean War & Okinawa during Vietnam War

Jearl Ballow - Vietnam War

A CID Warrant Officer's tour in Okinawa during Vietnam War

Jim Banovetz - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Expert on local government and staffer at IL ConCOn discusses pension issues

Jason Barickman - Public School Funding

An Illinois state representative discusses changes in the Illinois school funding formula.

Makenna Barker - Modern Era

A twelve year-old tells about her 4-H projects.

Claire Edgecomb, Ron Krause, and J. Michael Barker - People of Faith

Three Blending Committee members discuss the process of combining three churches into one.

Dr. Mildred Barnes - Girls Basketball

Girls' Basketball in the US during the 1960-70s, and the growth of women's sports.

William 'Bill' Barnhart - Journalists View

Business journalist for the Chicago Tribune from 1979 to 2008

Barb Barrows - IHSA

First Athletic Director of the new Neuqua Valley High School.

Ellyn Bartges - Family Memories

College and high school basketball coach.

Ellyn Bartges - Girls Basketball

College and high school basketball coach.

David Bartlett - Community College Project

Teacher and historian for South Suburban Community College discusses the school's history.

Richard Bartolotti - Vietnam War

Marine infantryman's experiences during the Vietnam War

Bob Bastas - Korean War

Personnel clerk w/Air Force during Korean War

Lela Baum - Alternatives in Education

Bond County Prekindergarten-Parenting Birth-to-Three director.

Frederick Baumberger - Modern Era

A retired grain and livestock farmer talks about his life on the farm.

Edith Baumhardt - Rochester

Long time resident of Rochester who grew up in pre-war Germany

Harold Beard - World War II

Motor Sergeant in an Army artillery unit in Europe

Frank Beck - School District Reorganization

A University scholar and expert on school reorganization & consolidation issues.

Dorothy Beck - Community College Project

The first fifty years of Blackhawk Community College.

Peter Beckwith - Cold War Era

In 1995, Peter was selected for flag rank, a title which he held until his retirement from the Navy in 1999.

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