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Norman Durflinger - School District Reorganization

Career educator and professor of educational administration discusses school reorganization issues.

Cindy Dykas - Public School Funding

Supt. of Worth School District, a K-8 Elem. School District, discusses Cook County school funding.

Judy Dymond - Civics Education

An educator discusses Illinois high school requirements regarding economics and financial literacy.

Philip Dziuk - World War II

Navy Petty Officer who served in the Pacific on the USS Ajax

Dr. Sherry R. Eagle - Educational Reform Act 1985

Senior administration at Aurora U. Institute for Collaboration discusses STEM education.

Dawn Earl - Alternatives in Education

Director of Alumni Relations for Wheaton Academy discusses the school's history and legacy.

Chris Eckert - Modern Era

Discussion of multi-generational family life on an Illinois orchard.

Roger Eddy - School District Reorganization

Illinois State Representative (R) & Hutsonville District Superintendent discusses school reorganization issues.

Roger Eddy - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Executive Director of IL Assn of School Boards shares views on state pension crisis

Lea Edelstein - Immigrant Stories

Egyptian-born Jew who immigrated to the United States as a young woman.

Brenda Edgar - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Wife of Governor Jim Edgar and First Lady of Illinois

Fred Edgar - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Older brother of former Governor Jim Edgar

Jim Edgar - Obama in Illinois

Former Illinois Governor (1991-1999) and potential opponent in 2004 Senate Race

Jim Edgar - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Jim Edgar's years with Gov. Thompson as legislative liaison and Secretary

Jim Edgar - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Former Illinois Governor (1991-1999)

Jim and Brenda Edgar - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Gov. and Mrs. Edgar discuss their life together in the public eye

Connie Edwards - Civil Rights Stories

Nurse with the 24th Evacuation Hospital during Vietnam War

Connie Edwards - Vietnam War

Nurse with the 24th Evacuation Hospital during Vietnam War

Art Ehrat - Modern Era

Discussion of Ehrat's various farming and sport inventions.

Sean Eifert - Tumultuous 2020

Bond county health administrator discusses the scope of the pandemic in Bond county

Julie Embalabala - Alternatives in Education

The advantages and challenges of home schooling her seven children.

Peter Embalabala - Immigrant Stories

Kenyan who came to US for an education and stayed to teach math at a community college

Steve Endsley - Tumultuous 2020

Executive Director of the IL Elementary School Assn discusses the impact of COVID-19

Herb Ericksen - Korean War

C-46 pilot flying the troops and ferrying out the wounded

John Erwin - Community College Project

President of Illinois Central College discusses the school's recent history.

Veronica Espina - Immigrant Stories

An immigrant from Chile arriving in 1999 to the U.S.

Judge Charles Evans - World War II

World War II fighter pilot who flew a P-51 Mustang in Europe

Robert Evans - Korean War

Infantry platoon leader's service during the first year of the Korean War

Dr. Judith "Judy" Everson - Higher Education

Founding faculty member of Sangamon State University discusses University's history

Thomas Ewing - Legislators Project

Illinois Republican legislator from 1975-1991 and in U.S. House until 2000

Tyrone C. Fahner - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Gov. Jim Thompson’s director of law enforcement from 1977 to 1979

Helen 'Jane' Fairchild - Rochester

Resident of Rochester reflecting her life and on the town’s history

Meryl 'Robert' Fairchild - Rochester

Resident of Rochester from a long line of farmers

Marvin Farmer - World War II

Infantryman in Europe during World War II

Wilbur Fawns - Korean War

Army Engineer serving in the last year of the Korean War

Jodi Ferriell - Alternatives in Education

Director of the Capital Area Career Center in Springfield, Illinois.

Darrell Fesser - Alternatives in Education

Director of the Okaw Area Vocational Center in south-central Illinois.

William Feurer - General Interest -Statecraft

Assistant to Governor Otto Kerner from 1963 to 1968

 FFA Officers - Modern Era

5 FFA Officer group discussion.

Evelyn Fields - World War II

Worked in the Office of Price Administration during WW II while her husband was in the Navy

Ben File - Modern Era

Growing up on a central Illinois hog farm prior.

Paul Findley - General Interest -Statecraft

U.S. Congressman from west central Illinois during 1960s thru 1982

Paul Findley - World War II

U.S. Congressman recounts his WW II experiences

Jessie Mae Finley - Springfield African-American History Foundation

Musician, active church volunteer, state worker, interviewed at age 97

Bruce Firchau - IHSA

High school basketball coach with forty years of experience.

Doris Fischer - People of Faith

History of Faith Lutheran Church of Springfield, Illinois.

Jonathan Fischer - World War II

Jonathan Fischer was a Navy gunner in both World War II and Korea

James Fisher - World War II

U.S. Navy veteran who served on an LST in the Pacific Theater

Bob Fitts - Korean War

Army infantryman during closing days of Korean War

Robert Fitzer - Modern Era

A life-long farmer from Will County, Illinois

Sara Flanigan - IHSA

High school official and coach for competitive cheer and dance.

George Fleischli - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Campaign Manager and Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Jim Edgar

Nicole Florence - Tumultuous 2020

Physician details effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Springfield, Illinois

Marian Floto - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Dixon native who attended First Christian Church with the Reagan family.

Mark Flotow - Historians Speak

Flotow discusses his book "In Their Letters, In Their Words: Illinois Civil War Soldiers Write Home"

Jim Flynn - IHSA

IHSA Associate Director for basketball, track and several other sports.

Joseph Flynn - World War II

A WW II medic reflects on his experiences in Europe

John Fontanetta - Civics Education

Principal at Chicago's Piper Elementary discusses civics education in middle schools

James Forstall - General Interest-Education is Key

Early history of both Sangamon State University and Lincoln Land Community College.

Andy Foster - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Campaign Manager and Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Jim Edgar

Jennifer Foster - Alternatives in Education

Adult Education Deputy Director discusses Illinois High School Equivalency.

Dan Foulke - Korean War

Army Engineer and construction of Panmunjom

Kim Fox - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Long-time assistant to Gov. Jim Thompson and Executive Director of Citizens for Thompson

Robert Fraley - Modern Era

Pioneering plant geneticist at Monsanto working on soybeans, corn and cotton

Larry Frank - Public School Funding

IL Education Association administrator discusses school funding litigation.

Gerald Raschke, Betty Wrigley, Frank Moscardelli - World War II

Three veterans of the WW II era share their memories with the public

Jim Frazier - War On Terror

Gold Star father tells the story of his son Jake and his death in Afghanistan

Jim Frazier - Obama in Illinois

Gold Star father and speaker at Obama campaign events in 2008

Carol Frederick - ERA Fight in Illinois

Teacher, lobbyist, public affairs consultant and activist for women’s equality

Jeri Frederick - ERA Fight in Illinois

A National Organization for Women staff member discusses ERA fight in Illinois

Beau Fretueg - Public School Funding

Superintendent for Schuyler-Industry CUSD #5 discusses school funding

Richard Friemel - Vietnam War

An Air Force aircraft mechanic during the Vietnam War

John Frothingham - World War II

U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served throughout the Pacific Theater

Dave Fry - IHSA

Fry's 35 years at IHSA as Assistant, Associate and Executive Director.

Dixie Gage - School District Reorganization

Girard educator discusses the consolidation of the Virden & Girard school districts.

Dave Gannaway - IHSA

Experiences at the IHSA with wrestling, bass fishing and basketball.

Dorothy Gaters - IHSA

Girls' basketball coach at Chicago's Marshall High School with over 1,000 victories.

Paul Gebhart - Modern Era

A livestock and organic farmer from Christian County.

Thomas Geoghegan - Public School Funding

Chicago lawyer discusses his firm's lawsuit on Illinois's poor level of public school funding.

Kurt Gibson - Tumultuous 2020

Associate Executive Director for IHSA discusses the impact of the pandemic on high school basketball and other sports

Fred Giertz - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Former trustee of the State University Retirement System talks pensions

David Gilbert - Governor Jim Thompson Project

First two years of the Thompson administration: 1977-1978

Douglas Ginsburg - Civics Education

Former Federal judge's involvement with the PBS documentary "A More or Less Perfect Union"

Deanna Glosser - Modern Era

An environmental planner talks about the Slow Food Movement.

William Goldberg - Governor Dan Walker Project

Governor Dan Walker's Legal Counsel and long-time friend

Sidney Goldman - World War II

WW II Goldman discusses combat in the Philippines and military hospitals

Peter Goldsmith - Modern Era

Soybean production and marketing in America and abroad.

Linda Gollan - Girls Basketball

First girl's basketball coach at Hinsdale South High School in Darien, Illinois.

Gus Gordon - Tumultuous 2020

Executive Director of Hoogland Performing Arts Center describes COVID-19's impact on the center

Edgar Gottschalk - World War II

Served with the 13th Air Force in the Pacific during WW II

Bernie Goulet - Korean War

Veteran serving with the U.S. Army's 7th Division during the Inchon landing, the Chosin Reservoir and the Chinese Spring Offensive

Marian Goza - Springfield African-American History Foundation

Medical employee, community volunteer, parent

Robert Goza - Springfield African-American History Foundation

State employee, community and NAACP volunteer

James Graff - World War II

U.S. Army infantryman in Europe during WW II

Christine Grant - Girls Basketball

University of Iowa Athletic Director discusses early days of girls basketball.

Pam Gray - Modern Era

From State Fair volunteer to Director of the IL State Fair Museum.

Dennis Green - Tumultuous 2020

Lawrence County grain farmer describes the impact of the pandemic on farming.

Dr. James Green - IHSA

Team doctor for Jacksonville High School shares his perspective on his role in sports.

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