Cold War Era Interviews

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Cold War Era Interviews

Peter Beckwith - Cold War Era

Cold War Beckwith was as a Priest, Bishop, and officer in the Navy Reserve

Gene Blade - Cold War Era

Cold War era artilleryman who finished career as USP&FO in IL National Guard

Richard Bowen - Cold War Era

Soldier stationed in Germany during the Vietnam War

Richard Herndon - Cold War Era

Growing up with a fallout shelter in the basement

Dr. Matthew Holden - Cold War Era

Life on a depression era Mississippi farm and in the Cold War Army

Melvin Lester - Cold War Era

Air Force veteran during Cuban Missile Crisis and in Vietnam

Toby McDaniel - Cold War Era

Cold War era Navy veteran

Jan Staggs - Cold War Era

Personnel specialist stationed in Okinawa during Vietnam War

Paul Sweet - Cold War Era

Navy veteran on active duty from 1966-69 in the Atlantic on a submarine tender

Paul Tarr - Cold War Era

Service in the Cold War Army in Germany from 1954-1956

Vice Admiral Ron Thunman - Cold War Era

A life-long submariner who retired as a Vice Admiral

David Vaught - Cold War Era

Vaught's experiences as a West Point cadet and controversy over mandatory chapel

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