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Public School Funding Interviews

Mark Armstrong - Public School Funding

Kane County Supervisor of Assessments discusses property taxes and school funding.

Jason Barickman - Public School Funding

An Illinois state representative discusses changes in the Illinois school funding formula.

Ben Boer - Public School Funding

Deputy of Research for Advance Illinois discusses school funding issues.

Robert Bruno - Public School Funding

Director of the U. of Illinois's Labor Education Program discussed 2012 Chicago Teacher Union strike

Aaron Butler - Public School Funding

Consultant for the American Institutes for Research discusses improving schools.

Joshua Cauhorn - Public School Funding

Conducting research on public school funding.

Dan Cox - Public School Funding

Superintendent in multiple school districts discusses school funding.

Will Davis - Public School Funding

A state representative discusses school funding reform since 2003.

Cindy Dykas - Public School Funding

Supt. of Worth School District, a K-8 Elem. School District, discusses Cook County school funding.

Larry Frank - Public School Funding

IL Education Association administrator discusses school funding litigation.

Beau Fretueg - Public School Funding

Superintendent for Schuyler-Industry CUSD #5 discusses school funding

Thomas Geoghegan - Public School Funding

Chicago lawyer discusses his firm's lawsuit on Illinois's poor level of public school funding.

Michael Griffith - Public School Funding

Expert on school funding models reviews Illinois's recent history.

Rob Grossi - Public School Funding

A township school treasurer discusses Illinois school funding.

Douglas Henning - Public School Funding

A legal group member of Chicago Public Schools gives information about a 2017 CPS lawsuit.

Dr. William Hinrichs - Public School Funding

State Board of Education perspective on school funding.

Adrienne Hoffer - Public School Funding

Experiences as an instructional coach at Glenview District 34.

Dr. Michael Jacoby - Public School Funding

Director of the IL Association of School Business discusses the evidence-based funding model

Ehren Jarrett - Public School Funding

Superintendent of Rockford School District #205, a district facing funding challenges.

Christine Johnson - Public School Funding

DeKalb County Treasurer reflects on school funding in Illinois.

"Fritz" Frederick Kaegi - Public School Funding

Cook County assessor discusses school funding

Malcolm Kamin - Public School Funding

Delegate to IL ConCon talks about Education Funding

Jason Leahy - Public School Funding

Executive Director of the IL Principal's Association discusses school funding.

Robert Lenz - Public School Funding

A discussion on school funding and the Committee for Educational Rights v Edgar lawsuit.

Senator Andrew Manar - Public School Funding

Sen. Manar discusses SB 1947, landmark school funding legislation.

Michelle Mangan - Public School Funding

Concordia University professor discusses Illinois school funding.

Ralph Martire - Public School Funding

Executive Director of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability.

Stephen Miller - Public School Funding

An auditor discusses his work as a school auditor in Illinois.

Anne Noble - Public School Funding

A broker's view of the Illinois County School Facilities Tax.

Dr. William Phillips - Public School Funding

Associate Prof. of Educational Leadership at UIS discusses school funding during pandemic

Alexander Polikoff - Public School Funding

The 'Carr v. Koch' Illinois Supreme Court case on school district property taxes.

Robert Pritchard - Public School Funding

Historical overview of education funding and its future challenges.

Sylvia Puente - Public School Funding

Ex. Director of Chicago's Latino Forum discusses the Education Funding Advisory Board and minority education.

Elizabeth Beth Purvis - Public School Funding

Gov. Rauner's Sec. of Education talks about school funding legislation.

Randy Reitz - Public School Funding

Former Bond County Clerk discusses school funding and election oversight.

Dusty Rhodes - Public School Funding

NPR reporter shares Illinois public school funding stories

Wendy Ryerson - Public School Funding

Supervisor of Assessments for Lee County, Illinois.

Anthony Sanders - Public School Funding

Superintendent of Elgin School District discusses school funding, past and present

Matthew Shipley - Public School Funding

Developing a Site Based Reporting Initiative to support the ESSA Act.

Angela Smith - Public School Funding

West Aurora assistant superintendent discusses funding challenges and successes.

Robin Steans - Public School Funding

Former executive director of Advance Illinois discusses school funding.

Gary Tipsord - Public School Funding

Superintendent of rural school district discusses impact of new Illinois funding model.

Toni Waggoner - Public School Funding

Illinois public school funding from 1979 to 2010.

Ron Warfield - Public School Funding

Main coordinator for the CHIEF proposal discusses education funding.

Benjamin Wolf - Public School Funding

ACLU lawyer discusses Lewis v. Spagnolo, a case on school funding in East St. Louis.

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