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Civics Education Interviews

Jason Artman - Civics Education

High school social studies teacher discusses Illinois's Civics mandate.

John Bickford - Civics Education

Chair of the Institutional Review Board at Eastern Illinois University.

Brian Brady - Civics Education

President of the Mikva Challenge program promoting civic involvement among youth.

Jennifer Burdette - Civics Education

Rural school civics teacher and civics teaching mentor.

Christopher Busse - Civics Education

Teaching civics at O‘Fallon Township High School.

Dean Cantù - Civics Education

Department of Education director discusses civics education for teachers.

Kristine Condon - Civics Education

A review of the Illinois Civics Academy for Secondary Teachers.

Hilary Conklin - Civics Education

DePaul University professor training teachers in the social studies and civics education.

Mary Ellen Daneels - Civics Education

Career teacher's critical role in launching Illinois's new civics education model.

Michael DiNovo - Civics Education

York High School Social Studies chair discusses civics education.

Julie Donner - Civics Education

A social studies teacher discusses the state of Illinois's civics requirements.

Judy Dymond - Civics Education

An educator discusses Illinois high school requirements regarding economics and financial literacy.

John Fontanetta - Civics Education

Principal at Chicago's Piper Elementary discusses civics education in middle schools

Douglas Ginsburg - Civics Education

Former Federal judge's involvement with the PBS documentary "A More or Less Perfect Union"

Andrea Guzman - Civics Education

Communications Studies professor examines the current state of journalism in America.

Shawn Healy - Civics Education

Civics advocate discusses 'Bring Back Civics campaign' and HB 4025.

Diana Hess - Civics Education

Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at the U. of Wisconsin discusses civics education.

Brita Hunegs - Civics Education

DePaul University student discusses her experiences as a journalism major

Stephen Hunt - Civics Education

Professor of Communications at Illinois State University discusses civics education.

Sheldon Jacobson - Civics Education

Director of UIUC’s Institute for Computational Redistricting and the Bedtime Research Institute

Chris Johnson - Civics Education

High school history and civics teacher talks about civics education

Scott Johnson - Civics Education

Thornridge High School teacher discusses the teaching of civics

Maryam Judar - Civics Education

Member of Illinois Civics Education Task Force

Meghan Kessler - Civics Education

University of Illinois-Springfield professor discusses social studies teacher education

Michael Kick - Civics Education

Civics training for the judicial branch of government at Kankakee Community College.

Donna Kiel - Civics Education

Director of the Office of Innovative Professional Learning at DePaul U.

Ensung Kim - Civics Education

Associate Professor at Eastern Illinois University discusses teaching journalism.

Teresa Kruger - Civics Education

Experiences teaching Civics and serving as a Civics Trainer for Boone-Winnebago Counties

Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz - Civics Education

History/Social Studies Teaching Coordinator at Eastern Illinois University.

Jay Mann - Civics Education

Director of School and Community Experiences at the University of Illinois.

Carol Marin - Civics Education

Respected TV journalist discusses media literacy, ethics and challenges for journalists

Jason Martin - Civics Education

Professor of Journalism at DePaul University discusses civics education

Grant Miller - Civics Education

Coordinator for Curriculum and Assessment at SIU-C discusses civics education

Don Moseley - Civics Education

Co-Director for the Center for Journalism Integrity and Excellence at DePaul University discusses training of journalists

Bryan Murley - Civics Education

Journalism professor discusses ethics and media bias.

Jamie Nash-Mayberry - Civics Education

Civics education at Shawnee High School.

Heather Nice - Civics Education

Dir. of Educator Programs at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum shares her insights on civics education

David Porter - Civics Education

A life-long journalist discusses the development of civics education legislation in IL.

Dee Runaas - Civics Education

A civics educator provides information about teacher training and high school civics education.

Jon Schmidt - Civics Education

Faculty member at Loyola University's School of Education discusses civics education

John Shaw - Civics Education

Former political reporter and executive director of the Paul Simon Institute.

John Silva - Civics Education

Senior Director of Education and Training for the News Literacy Project

Dick Simpson - Civics Education

Scholar on Illinois government and politics discusses civics education.

Sheila Smith - Civics Education

Career educator's use of Our American Voice and Citizen U in civics education

Aubrey Southall - Civics Education

Aurora University professor discusses social studies education.

Michael Spikes - Civics Education

Former broadcaster discusses news literacy in civics education.

Dr. Jason Stacy - Civics Education

Social Studes education for teacher candidates at SIU-E

Neil Steinberg - Civics Education

Chicago Sun-Times columnist discusses civics training on media literacy

Stacey Steiner - Civics Education

Civics teacher at Carlinville Illinois High School.

Jack Waddle - Civics Education

A high school social studies teacher at Carmel Catholic High School in Mundelein, Illinois discusses civics education..

Charles Whitaker - Civics Education

Dean of Northwestern U.'s Medill School of Journalism discusses challenges for modern journalists

Barry Witten - Civics Education

Western Illinois University professor provides information on civics education.

Sara Wolforth - Civics Education

Illinois Civics Task Force members discusses new IL program.

JungHwan Yang - Civics Education

Asst. Professor of Communications at UIUC discusses challenges to media literacy

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