School District Reorganization Interviews

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School District Reorganization Interviews

John Alexander - School District Reorganization

A discussion on the Girard & Virden, Illinois school consolidation.

John Ashby - School District Reorganization

Ashby discusses hybrid reorganization method for Bluford-Farrington-Webber district.

Frank Beck - School District Reorganization

A University scholar and expert on school reorganization & consolidation issues.

Doug Blair - School District Reorganization

A career educator's views on school reorganization issues.

Keith Bolin - School District Reorganization

A farmer and supporter of school consolidation in Bureau County, IL.

John Capasso - School District Reorganization

Superintendent of the Fieldcrest Community Unit School District discusses the school's creation.

Linda Chapa-LaVia - School District Reorganization

Illinois state Representative's perspective on the subject of school district reorganizations in Illinois.

Robert Clifton - School District Reorganization

Western Illinois teacher and school administrator discusses school reorganization.

Dan Cox - School District Reorganization

Superintendent of Jasper County #1 School Districts discusses school reorganization

Dr. Clifford Crone - School District Reorganization

Superintendent at Indian Prairie School District #204

Donald Daily - School District Reorganization

A school superintendent discusses the consolidation of 2 Illinois school districts.

John Dee - School District Reorganization

Life-long educator and member of the State Board of Education, who dealt with reorganization issues.

Karen DeFevers - School District Reorganization

A private citizen's involvement in the Virden school district consolidation.

JoAnn Desmond - School District Reorganization

A long-time school superintendent shares her extensive experience on school reorganization issues.

Norman Durflinger - School District Reorganization

Career educator and professor of educational administration discusses school reorganization issues.

Roger Eddy - School District Reorganization

Illinois State Representative (R) & Hutsonville District Superintendent discusses school reorganization issues.

Dixie Gage - School District Reorganization

Girard educator discusses the consolidation of the Virden & Girard school districts.

Dr. Lynne Haeffele - School District Reorganization

Policy Director for Education in Lt. Governor Sheila Simon’s office.

Jennifer Hamilton - School District Reorganization

Superintendent for dual school districts located in Ohio, Illinois.

Amber Harper - School District Reorganization

A career teacher and school administrator discusses school reorganization initiatives.

Jerry Harrison - School District Reorganization

A member of Illinois' Classrooms First Commission discusses school reorganization.

Ava Harston - School District Reorganization

Member of the Governor's Classroom First Commission discusses school reorganization.

Dr. Dale Hastings - School District Reorganization

Superintendent of the Milford Area Public Schools District #124 discusses his district's reorganization.

Linda Hoffman - School District Reorganization

A school consolidation opponent in rural Illinois shares her views.

Brenda Holmes - School District Reorganization

Serving in many levels of education throughout her career including an appointment to the Illinois State Board of Education.

Linda Holmes - School District Reorganization

State Senator who served on the Classroom First Commission.

Fred Huddlestun - School District Reorganization

Farmer & school board president for a district struggling with consolidation issues.

Calvin Jackson - School District Reorganization

School administrator & consultant on school reorganization issues in Illinois.

Dr. Michael Jacoby - School District Reorganization

Executive Director of the IASBO who served on Illinois's Classrooms First Commission

Dr. Crystal Johnson - School District Reorganization

Superintendent in Rossville-Alvin School District on high school deactivation.

Gene Jontry - School District Reorganization

School superintendent of the Chenoa and Octavia school districts discussing reorg issues.

Steven Kelley - School District Reorganization

A proponent for creating the West Carroll School District discusses the merger.

Robert Leininger - School District Reorganization

Illinois State Superintendent from 1988 to 1994 discusses school reorganizations.

David Luechtefeld - School District Reorganization

Career educator and Illinois State Legislator discusses school reorganization issues.

Rep. Rita Mayfield - School District Reorganization

Rep. Mayfield's efforts to improve efficiency through school reorganization.

Max McGee - School District Reorganization

A former Illinois State Superintendent discusses school consolidation issues.

Dave Meister - School District Reorganization

The director of the state's first Cooperative High School since 2009.

Nick Osborne - School District Reorganization

Career educator discusses challenges faced with school reorganizations.

Joanne Osmond - School District Reorganization

Lake County businesswoman's involvement with local school boards.

Dr. John Palan - School District Reorganization

Superintendent of Grant Park Community Unit School District #6.

Kay Pangle - School District Reorganization

A regional superintendent's views on school reorganizations & consolidations.

Dr. William Phillips - School District Reorganization

A professor of educational leadership discusses the impact of school reorganizations

Dr. Max Pierson - School District Reorganization

Career educator discusses a variety of issues pertaining to school reorganization.

Shannon Price - School District Reorganization

A parent who opposed a suggested school consolidation for three small schools.

Jeff Schoenberg - School District Reorganization

IL State Senator and sponsor of a school district reorganization bill.

Steffanie Seegmiller - School District Reorganization

President of the Arthur School District discusses reorganization.

Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon - School District Reorganization

Lt. Governor Simon's work with the Classroom First Commission.

Bob Sondgeroth - School District Reorganization

Regional Superintendent of ROE District # 47 discusses that district's consolidation.

James Staff - School District Reorganization

A career educator from rural Illinois discusses school reorganization issues.

John VanPelt - School District Reorganization

Career educator discusses school reorganization in Iowa & Illinois.

Janet Vass - School District Reorganization

Reorganization of Illinois West.

Norman Walzer - School District Reorganization

Government affairs scholar discusses the challenges faced by rural school districts.

Scott Watson - School District Reorganization

Superintendent of the Bismarck-Henning and Rossville-Alvin Cooperative High School.

Duane White - School District Reorganization

A parent who opposed the school consolidation of several schools.

Travis Wilson - School District Reorganization

Arthur, IL Superintendent discusses the process of Reorganization.

Brandon Wright - School District Reorganization

Wright is a lawyer specializing in school reorganization issues.

Kent Young - School District Reorganization

Superintendent of Nauvoo-Colusa school district discusses reorganization

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