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Modern Era Interviews

John Ackerman - Modern Era

Survival of small family farms by diversifying and developing niche markets.

Ray Ackerman - Modern Era

Ray recounts family history on the farm. He's now a Highway Engineer.

Yvette Ackerman - Modern Era

Life of a modern farm wife and businesswoman.

Makenna Barker - Modern Era

A twelve year-old tells about her 4-H projects.

Frederick Baumberger - Modern Era

A retired grain and livestock farmer talks about his life on the farm.

Leonard Beetstra - Modern Era

A livestock buyer and seller in northern Illinois.

Norbert Bentele - Modern Era

Life on a small family farm in Missouri during Great Depression

Leroy Biehl - Modern Era

Lifelong veterinarian and professor at the University of Illinois.

Stephen Black - Modern Era

U.S. Department of Agriculture and life on the family farm.

Gene Blade - Modern Era

Growing up on a farm in west-central Illinois during WW II

John Block - Modern Era

Former Secretary of Agriculture for the Reagan Administration.

Philip Bradshaw - Modern Era

Farmer discusses his life in community affairs and ag issues.

Parris Brewer - Modern Era

A city boy in trouble becomes a businessman with Growing Homes.

Roger Brown - Modern Era

Life of a grain and livestock farmer from central Illinois.

Jim Burrus - Modern Era

Raising beef and chickens 'home on the range'.

Charles Carey - Modern Era

Former Chairman for the Chicago Board of Trade explains commodity trading

Margaret Carter - Modern Era

Discussion regarding farm life pre-power, family present.

Rick Collins - Modern Era

Restoring old barns and homes.

Eileen Cunningham - Modern Era

Early farm life, school, marriage and history of IL River Valley.

Lawrence Curtin - Modern Era

Life on a central IL farm during Depression & WW II

Neil Dahlstrom - Modern Era

John Deere Company archivist shares Deere family history.

Manda Davis - Modern Era

Raising sheep and becoming a 4H sheep advisor.

Chris Eckert - Modern Era

Discussion of multi-generational family life on an Illinois orchard.

Art Ehrat - Modern Era

Discussion of Ehrat's various farming and sport inventions.

 FFA Officers - Modern Era

5 FFA Officer group discussion.

Ben File - Modern Era

Growing up on a central Illinois hog farm prior.

Robert Fitzer - Modern Era

A life-long farmer from Will County, Illinois

Robert Fraley - Modern Era

Pioneering plant geneticist at Monsanto working on soybeans, corn and cotton

Paul Gebhart - Modern Era

A livestock and organic farmer from Christian County.

Deanna Glosser - Modern Era

An environmental planner talks about the Slow Food Movement.

Peter Goldsmith - Modern Era

Soybean production and marketing in America and abroad.

Pam Gray - Modern Era

From State Fair volunteer to Director of the IL State Fair Museum.

Ruth Hambleton - Modern Era

A farm extension specialist starts a business program for farm wives.

Roy Harrington - Modern Era

Long-time employee of John Deere discusses equipment innovations.

Myles Harston - Modern Era

Discussion with Owner and Manager of Aqua Ranch (fish and vegetables).

Charles Hartke - Modern Era

Discussion with a life-long farmer and the former Director of Agriculture for IL.

Dianna Hatfield - Modern Era

Nineteen year old 4-H and FFA member shares experiences in agriculture.

Jody Heavner - Modern Era

Changing farm practices lead to raising beef and elk for market.

Lorene Herschberger - Modern Era

Amish farm couple talk about life on an Amish farm

Oba Herschberger - Modern Era

Amish farm couple talk about life on an Amish farm

Dr. Matthew Holden - Modern Era

Life on a depression era Mississippi farm.

Brian Holst - Modern Era

From auto mechanic to ag machinery, to restoration at Deere Collectors' Center.

Karen Hudson - Modern Era

Founder of Families Against Rural Messes discusses her fight against large livestock operations

Matt Hughes - Modern Era

Discussion with a central Illinois grain farmer.

Richard Hull - Modern Era

Lifelong veterinarian who also served as the Illinois state Veterinarian.

Jacqueline Jackson - Modern Era

An interview with Jacqueline 'Jackie' Jackson, author of 'The Round Barn'. Jackie reflects in detail about the future of agriculture.

Nate Jannsen - Modern Era

Agriculture In Illinois Diary farmer explains managing a large dairy operation.

Russ and Mary Jeckel - Modern Era

Walk and talk interview with an Illinois hog farmer.

Scott and Russ Jeckel - Modern Era

Discussion with a retired hog farmer from Delavan, Illinois.

Jay Johnson - Modern Era

President and operator of Johnson Grain elevator terminal in Waverly, IL.

Lloyd Johnson - Modern Era

A family's multi-generational history on the farm and changes in agriculture

Mark Johnson - Modern Era

Life on Kline Creek Farm, an 1890s living-history farm.

Michael Johnson - Modern Era

Johnson grows trees and has a saw-mill producing furniture woods.

Patricia Johnson - Modern Era

Life on a sustainable tree farm and sawmill.

Jim Kinsella - Modern Era

Advocate of no-till farming talks about his early involvement.

Harold John Kraut - Modern Era

Calhoun County farmer, WW II Navy veteran and Soil Conservation Service employee during his over 100 years

Linda Kull - Modern Era

Soybean research at National Soybean Research Center, U of Illinois.

Michael Latting - Modern Era

Discussion as a farmer and Rodeo promoter in Illinois.

Dave Luechtefeld - Modern Era

Growing up on a southern Illinois dairy farm in 1940s & '50s

Caroline Manock - Modern Era

Farming from a farm wife's perspective.

Thomas Martin - Modern Era

One of Illinois' Master Farmers, and an entrepreneur from Logan County

Jose Martinez - Modern Era

Discussion of a Mexican migrant worker at Eckert's Orchard in Belleville, IL.

Martin Mauricio - Modern Era

Manager for the migrant labor force at Eckert's Orchard in Belleville, IL.

Keith McClow - Modern Era

Discussion of historic farm practices at the Kline Creek Farms.

Tom McCoy - Modern Era

Will County, Illinois grain and livestock farmer

Irene McGuire - Modern Era

A farm wife discusses the pain of loosing the family peach orchard.

Donald McKinley - Modern Era

A central Illinois farmer and manager of an Agricultural Museum.

Sam Meteer - Modern Era

Son of a hog farmer becomes IL State FFA Vice President.

Marilyn Nash - Modern Era

Many uses of soybean products for food.

Philip Nelson - Modern Era

Discussion with a central Illinois grain and livestock farmer and current President of the IL Farm Bureau.

Cecil Nickell - Modern Era

Plant geneticist who performed pioneering work with soybean cultivars

Doug Parrett - Modern Era

Professor of Animal Sciences addresses role of education and research in agriculture.

Timothy Reed - Modern Era

A livestock farmer's son becomes an agriculture teacher.

Debra Reid - Modern Era

From growing up a farm to an historian's perspective in world farming practices.

Harry Rhodes - Modern Era

A family's garden and a kibbutz in Israel led to Growing Home, Inc.

Lester and Rita Robbins - Modern Era

A Will County farm couples' memories of their life on the farm.

Janet Roney - Modern Era

Daughter of the former American Farm Bureau president Charles Shuman.

Charles Ross - Modern Era

Montadale sheep raiser explains showing sheep and wool production.

Edward Runge - Modern Era

Life as an agronomist, soil scientist and University professor.

Edward Russell - Modern Era

Launching an Illinois vineyard and winery late in life.

Orion Samuelson - Modern Era

WGN broadcaster who became the voice of agriculture for American farmers.

Stephen Scates - Modern Era

From youth on a livestock farm, to crop production and sweet corn, to FSA Director.

Scott Schertz - Modern Era

An aerial applicator discusses his long career in the industry

Michael Scully - Modern Era

Discussion regarding organic farming and a trustee of Scully farming estate.

David Seibert - Modern Era

Discussion of being an Area Livestock Adviser and Animal Systems Educator for the U of Illinois Extension Service.

Paul Shuman - Modern Era

Reflections of a life-long farmer and former Board of Director member of the IL Farm Bureau.

Betty Sirles - Modern Era

Walking tour of peach packing at the Rendleman Orchards.

Wayne D. Sirles - Modern Era

Walking tour of peach packing at the Rendleman Orchards.

Nelvin Sloman - Modern Era

Life-long farmer shares memories of farming in the late 1930s and 1940s

Harold Steele - Modern Era

Discussion's of farming and past as former CEO of the Farm Credit Administration.

Cavan Sullivan - Modern Era

From cows and crops to wildlife farming and products.

Leland Sweatman - Modern Era

A retired farmer's reflections on his life on the farm.

Geneva Sweet - Modern Era

A farm wife recounts the many changes she experienced on the farm.

Ed Teefey - Modern Era

Mt. Sterling banker talks farm loans and harness racing

John and Ida Thurman - Modern Era

Discussion of small acreage farming and subsistence farming.

Ellis Vanderpool - Modern Era

From farm implement dealer to orchardist to bee keeper.

Edward VanDrunen - Modern Era

Owner of herb farms and a processing plant.

Karl Weingartner - Modern Era

In-depth discussion of processing soybeans for consumption and industrial use.

Kaitlin Weitekamp - Modern Era

A city girl parlays a turf business into State FFA Presidency.

Bob Wieneke - Modern Era

Discussion with a fifth generation orchardist.

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