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Ed Teefey - Modern Era

Ed Teefey grew up in Sterling, Illinois with a passion for standardbred horses and harness racing. He chose law, however, as a profession, and after passing the Illinois Bar in 1978 began working at the Farmers State Bank and Trust Company in Mt. Sterling. In the first interview session, Ed talks about the challenges of banking to a farm community that has seen many ups and downs over the years. The bulk of the interview focuses on Ed's love of harness racing, and includes a trip to a standardbred farm, to the Illinois State Fair horse stables, and finally, to the Brown County Fair.

Interview Links

Feature Excerpt

Naming Your Horse


Interview Session 01 (Audio)

Ed Teefey reflects on banking to a farm community

Interview Session 02 (Audio)

Teefey’s life-long fascination with harness racing

Interview Session 03 (Audio)

Tour of Walker Standardbred farm

Interview Session 04 (Audio)

Tour of IL State Fair standardbred horse barns and track

Interview Session 05 (Audio)

A visit to Brown County Fair harness racing



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