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Legislators Project Interviews

Larry Bomke - Legislators Project

Illinois politicians career on Sangamon County Board and IL Senate

William 'Bill' Brady - Legislators Project

Illinois state Senator and from July 2017 thru December 2020

John Cullerton - Legislators Project

Long-serving legislator and IL Senate President from 2009 to 2020

Barbara Flynn Currie - Legislators Project

Majority Leader Currie discusses her long career in the IL Legislature

Lee Daniels - Legislators Project

Long-serving Republican leader in the IL House of Representatives

Suzanne Deuchler - Legislators Project

Republican legislator from Kane County, 1981 to 1999

John F Dunn - Legislators Project

Democratic state legislator representing the Decatur area from 1975 to 1995

Thomas Ewing - Legislators Project

Illinois Republican legislator from 1975-1991 and in U.S. House until 2000

Dennis Hastert - Legislators Project

An Illinois legislator from 1981 through 1986 before heading to the U.S. House

Denny Jacobs - Legislators Project

Democratic mayor of East Moline before becoming an IL State Senator

Emil Jones - Legislators Project

Long-time IL State Senator, Senate President from 2003-2008

Dave Luechtefeld - Legislators Project

A career teacher and coach becomes successful IL State Senator

Judge Abner Mikva - Legislators Project

Independent Democrat who served IL legislature, then the U.S. House, finishing career as legal counsel to Pres. Bill Clinton

Robert Mitchler - Legislators Project

Republican Illinois State Senator from 1965 through 1980

Dawn Clark Netsch - Legislators Project

IL State Senator Democratic Candidate for Governor in 1994

Jim Nowlan - Legislators Project

Former representative and lifelong student of Illinois politics shares his views on the state's future

Penny Pullen - Legislators Project

IL House of Representatives member from 1977 - 1992 and pro-life advocate

James 'Pate' Philip - Legislators Project

Leader of IL Senate Republicans during 1980s thru 2002.

Christine Radogno - Legislators Project

Illinois State Senator from 1997 through July 2017, & Republican Minority Leader since 2009

Phil Rock - Legislators Project

Illinois State Senator (1970-1993)

Michael Rotello - Legislators Project

Former State Representative from Winnebago County, IL

Frank Watson - Legislators Project

Illinois Senate Minority Leader (Republican) from 2003-2008

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