Ronald Reagan In Dixon Interviews

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Ronald Reagan In Dixon Interviews

Gertrude Childers - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

A native of Dixon who was saved by Ronald Reagan when he was a lifeguard.

Marian Floto - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Dixon native who attended First Christian Church with the Reagan family.

Redd Griffin - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

A teacher, writer, and historian reflects on Reagan's political career and Homecoming in Dixon celebration.

Stella Grobe - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Researcher with the Lee County Historical Society reflects on her memories of young Ronald Reagan.

Retta Keithley - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Dixon native who watched Reagan during one of his school plays.

Lynn Knights - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Dixon postal worker who spearheaded the movement to restore and promote the Reagan Home

Greg Langan - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

A native of Dixon who is active in historical preservation and promotion.

Helen Lawton - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

A native of Dixon, Illinois who attended the Presidential Inauguration of Ronald Reagan.

Ann Lewis - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Executive Director of the IL Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission discusses centennial events

Ron Marlow - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Historian for the First Christian Church in Dixon talks about his research on the city and its connection to Ronald Reagan.

Jim and Lenore McKenzie - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

The son and daughter-in-law of Ralph 'Mac' McKenzie, Ronald Reagan's football coach at Eureka College discuss Reagan's college years.

Scott Porter - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Pastor from Sterling, Illinois who served on the Reagan Boyhood Home Board for many years discusses his multiple encounters with the former president.

Ron Reagan - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Interview with Ron Reagan, the son of former President Ronald Reagan

Tom Shaw - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Dixon native and the manager of the Dixon 'Telegraph' during the Reagan administration.

Craig Shirley - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Reagan campaign staffer recalls working on Reagan presidential campaigns

Norm Wymbs - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

One of the founders of the Dixon Historic Center discusses his relationship with the Reagan family and the city of Dixon.

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