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Vietnam War Interviews

Ronald 'Steve' Allen - Vietnam War

Vietnam veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps

Jearl Ballow - Vietnam War

A CID Warrant Officer's tour in Okinawa during Vietnam War

Richard Bartolotti - Vietnam War

Vietnam veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps

Kermit Wayne Bell - Vietnam War

West Point graduate discusses his career from 1948 to 1971, including tour in Vietnam

Thomas Boaz - Vietnam War

A non-combative conscientious objector during the Vietnam War

David Bone - Vietnam War

Platoon leader in a Marine recon platoon during early period of Vietnam War

Major General John Borling - Vietnam War

Career Air Force Officer and Vietnam War era POW

Randolph A Boschulte - Vietnam War

Army Ordnance officer during Vietnam War, and with the U.S. Army Reserves

Ron Botz - Vietnam War

Huey pilot with the 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam in 1968-69

Thomas Bowman - Vietnam War

Medical Specialist who served in Vietnam from late 1968 thru 1969

Tom Jones, Patrick Lam, Pham Thien Khac and Tom Bowman - Vietnam War

Vietnam veterans and Vietnamese boat people reflect on their experiences

Bon Bui - Vietnam War

South Vietnamese Army commander and a post-war prisoner of war

Gary Burgard - Vietnam War

Army infantryman serving near Saigon, South Vietnam in 1968-1969

Jay Castro - Vietnam War

Navy frogman and later a crewman on a river patrol boat during Vietnam War

 Connie Edwards, Tim Kendall, Patrick Lam, John Rascke - Vietnam War

Vietnam veteran panel discussion in conjunction with the public debut of Ken Burns' Vietnam War documentary

Connie Edwards - Vietnam War

Nurse with the 24th Evacuation Hospital during Vietnam War

Richard Friemel - Vietnam War

An Air Force aircraft mechanic during the Vietnam War

Ut Ha - Vietnam War

A civilian survivor of the Vietnam War who fled that country in 1987

Terry Hairrell - Vietnam War

Infantry squad leader with the 196th Infantry Brigade during the Vietnam War

Richard Hertel - Vietnam War

Personnel clerk and chapel organist in Vietnam

Ken Jobe - Vietnam War

Engineering Officer in Korea and Vietnam

Thomas Jones - Vietnam War

A Navy Corpsman (medic) with a Marine Long Range Reconnaissance Team

Gary Joyner - Vietnam War

Career Army aviator who served in Vietnam in 1965 and again in 1968

Timothy Kendall - Vietnam War

A pacifist imprisoned for avoiding the draft during the Vietnam War

Daniel Kennedy - Vietnam War

Army Air Cavalry officer serving in the U.S. during Vietnam War

Terry Knox - Vietnam War

Light tank driver seeing combat near the DMZ in South Vietman

Joseph LaHood - Vietnam War

Vietnam veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps. Marine Corps supply specialist during the Vietnam War

Patrick Lam - Vietnam War

Vietnamese boat person who left that country in 1979 when 7 years old

Paul Lambert - Vietnam War

Marine who patrolled extensively in Quang Ngai province in 1969-70

Jack Leininger - Vietnam War

Army aviator an Medivac pilot during the Vietnam War

Wade Lemons - Vietnam War

A non-commissioned officer remembers his experiences during the Vietnam War

Bill Martin - Vietnam War

Artillery forward observer's service in Vietnam

Dennis Metzger - Vietnam War

Conscientious objector during the Vietnam War who nevertheless spent five years in South Vietnam

John Metzger - Vietnam War

Chaplain's Assistant during the Vietnam War

John Moulton - Vietnam War

Air Force service in Okinawa and S. Korea during Vietnam War

Charles 'Chuck' Murphy - Vietnam War

Service as a cook with the 25th Infantry Division in 1968

Eddy Nicklaus - Vietnam War

Marine infantryman during the Vietnam War, and an Army transportation NCO during the 1991 Iraq War War

James F. Jr. Perry - Vietnam War

A Field Artillery lieutenant assigned to a searchlight unit in 1968-69.

Thien Khoc Pham - Vietnam War

Former Vietnamese officer's long struggle to flee Vietnam after the war

William H. 'Bill" Phillips - Vietnam War

Army medic with the 4th Infantry Division in 1970

Roger Poszgai - Vietnam War

Medical equipment maintenance specialist during Vietnam War

Gary Price - Vietnam War

Marine aviator's career from Vietnam thru Gulf War and Beyond

Peter Rafferty - Vietnam War

Marine who served in Vietnam in 1964-65 as a radio operator in an infantry regiment

Joseph Rank - Vietnam War

Naval officer who served on a destroyer and a cruiser off Vietnamese waters

John S. Raschke - Vietnam War

Engineer advisor with MAC-V in the Mekong Delta

Randall Richardson - Vietnam War

U.S. Army infantry platoon leader with 101st Airborne Div

Robert Ritter - Vietnam War

Vietnam veteran who served as a fire control technician on a navy vessel

Gary Sigler - Vietnam War

RF-4 Pilot & navigator who spent six years in the Hanoi Hilton as a POW

Ed Smith - Vietnam War

Army Infantryman in Korean and Vietnam Wars

Morrie Smith - Vietnam War

Wore a POW bracelet for Captain John Borling during Vietnam War

Bill Spriggs - Vietnam War

Infantryman with Company C of the 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment of the 4th Division

Bruce Thiemann - Vietnam War

Vietnam veteran who served as a helicopter mechanic and crew chief

Randal E. Thomas - Vietnam War

Special Forces lieutenant who served in Vietnam in 1968-69

Carol Tyler - Vietnam War

A wife's perspective on a Marine Corps aviators career

Robert Tyler - Vietnam War

Vietnam War era Marine Corps naval aviator who made a career of the military

Sandra Vasko - Vietnam War

Vietnam War era wife discusses her husband's PTSD

JoAnn Wehrle - Vietnam War

Wife of Roy Wehrle who accompanied him to Laos and Vietnam while he worked for the State Department

Roy Wehrle - Vietnam War

State Department official assigned to Laos and Vietnam from 1959 through 1968

Jerome Wiese - Vietnam War

Vietnam veteran who served as a combat medic with the infantry

Paul Wisovaty - Vietnam War

Radio operator with the 9th Infantry Division during Vietnam War

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