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Randall Richardson - Vietnam War

Randall Richardson served as an infantry platoon leader with the 101st Airborne Division from February of 1969 to October of 1971 in South Vietnam west of Huế. He recalls instances of firing on a small group of Montagnards, tensions between officers and enlisted men, racism in the Army and receiving a life-threatening note in his dopp kit. Richardson remembers the shock of his R and R trip to Hawaii, where he realized that many Americans lived as if there was no war going on. He also talks about the restrictions that were placed on the American troops. Richardson believes the military was not allowed to win the war; however, he says he is proud that he served.

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Randall Richardson standing on the re-arming helicopter pad. He and his unit had just been re-supplied. They were awaiting pickup by a sortie of Huey helicopters for insertion by combat assault into the next area of operations.

Firebase Birmingham, West of Hue

April, 1971

(Narrator's Photo)

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