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Jim Edgar - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Jim Edgar served as the Governor of Illinois from 1991 to 1999, restoring the state's fiscal health during his first term, and concentrating on educational and other reform issues during his second term. Before reaching the pinnacle of Illinois government, he served as Secretary of State from 1981 to 1991. His retirement from public office in 1999 marked thirty years of state government service. During this extensive interview series, Governor Edgar provides a detailed overview of Illinois' colorful and often tumultuous political history from 1968 through 2010.

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Interview Session 01 (Audio)

Early childhood through the high school years

Interview Session 02 (Audio)

Years at Wabash College and EIU, legislative internship

Interview Session 03 (Audio)

Work as a legislative staffer through 1973

Interview Session 04 (Audio)

Edgar's run for state legislature in 1974 and 1976

Interview Session 05 (Audio)

Edgar's years in the state legislature, 1977-1978

Interview Session 06 (Audio)

Edgar's years as Gov. Thompson's legislative liaison, 1979-1980

Interview Session 07 (Audio)

Edgar's Secretary of State years, 1981-1982

Interview Session 08 (Audio)

Secretary of State years, cont. 1983-1990

Interview Session 09 (Audio)

1990 Gubernatorial election campaign

Interview Session 10 (Audio)

1990 Gubernatorial election campaign

Interview Session 11 (Audio)

Edgar's transition prior to his inauguration

Interview Session 12 (Audio)

Inauguration, early months, and 1991 budget battle for FY 1992

Interview Session 13 (Audio)

Edgar administration from Fall 1991 thru FY 1993 budget fight

Interview Session 14 (Audio)

Administration from mid-1992 thru 1992 political campaign

Interview Session 15 (Audio)

Working with the legislature, legislative leaders, and the mansion

Interview Session 16 (Audio)

The administration's response to the Great Flood of 1993

Interview Session 17 (Audio)

1994 and the second gubernatorial election campaigns

Interview Session 18 (Audio)

Republican legislative majority initiatives and higher ed. reforms

Interview Session 19 (Audio)

Chicago school reform and Dept. of Natural Resources reorg.

Interview Session 20 (Audio)

Staff reorganization and Illinois school reform

Interview Session 21 (Audio)

Human Services reorganization, reforms, and initiatives

Interview Session 22 (Audio)

Dept. of Children and Family Services and MSI controversy

Interview Session 23 (Audio)

Edgar's last year in office in 1998 and transition to new life

Interview Session 24 (Audio)

Adjusting to life in the private arena

Interview Session 25 (Audio)

Decision points; the 2002 gubernatorial, 2004 Senate, and 2006 gubernatorial elections

Interview Session 26 (Audio)

Views of Blagojevich, Pat Quinn, ALPLM and concluding questions

Transcripts and Index

Vol I: Edgar's Early Life and Legislative Career, Sessions 1-5

pages 1 to 270

Vol II: From Legislative Liaison to Governor - Road to the Executive Mansion, Sessions 6-10

pages 271 to 516

Vol III: Edgar's First Term - 1991-1994, Sessions 11-16

pages 517 to 717

Vol IV: Edgar's Second Gubernatorial Campaign & Second Term - 1994-1999, Sessions 17-22

pages 718 to 955

Vol V: Edgar as Private Citizen, Sessions 23-26

pages 956 to 1117

Index for Transcripts


Interview Session 09 - 1990 Gubernatorial election campaign

Interview Session 10 - 1990 Gubernatorial election campaign

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