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Thomas Wright - Rochester

Long-time resident of Rochester reminisces about delivering ice

Betty Wrigley - Family Memories

A WW II Rosie the riveter, and post war wife and mother shares her life story.

Norm Wymbs - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

One of the founders of the Dixon Historic Center discusses his relationship with the Reagan family and the city of Dixon.

JungHwan Yang - Civics Education

Asst. Professor of Communications at UIUC discusses challenges to media literacy

Gerald Yaxley - World War II

Member of the 104th "Timberwolf" Division; served in European Theater

Iver Yeager - World War II

Naval officer who served on the USS Dyson (destroyer) in Pacific

Eldon Yetter - Korean War

Service with a Marine Graves Registration unit during Korean War.

Mary Yokem - Rochester

Stories of Rochester from the perspective of an African-American resident

Dr. Marcia Young - IHPA legacy

Long serving site manager of David Davis mansion reflects on her career

Kent Young - School District Reorganization

Superintendent of Nauvoo-Colusa school district discusses reorganization

Marcia Young - Looking for Lincoln

Former Looking for Lincoln Board member discusses the LFL project.

Marcia Young - Architectural Gems

Site Manager Marcia Young gives a tour of Bloomington's David Davis mansion

Walter Zaida - Community College Project

Teacher and administrator on the history of Joliet Community College.

Ken Zehnder - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Eighteen years of service with Sec. of State, then Gov. Jim Edgar

Benedict Zemaitis - Immigrant Stories

Lithuanian immigrant describes life as a refugee in wartime Germany.

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