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Related Materials - ERA Fight in Illinois

Related Materials

Suzanne Deuchler

See "Interview (Audio)" at 00:54:00

Jim Edgar

See "Vol I: Edgar's Early Life and Legislative Career, Sessions 1-5" pg. 156-161 and "Vol II: From Legislative Liaison to Governor - Road to the Executive Mansion, Sessions 6-10" pg. 298-299, 369-371

George Fleischli

See "Transcript" pg. 10-11

Dave Gilbert

See "Transcript" pg. 172-180

Dennis Hastert

See "Interview Session 02 (Audio)" at 00:46:15

Mary Lee Leahy

See "Transcript" pg. 79-80

Ann Lousin

See Lousin's discussion about Illinois' new Constitution and the three fifths rule for adoption of amendments.

Robert Mandeville

See "Interview (Audio)" at 2:34:00

Bill Roberts

See "Interview Session 01" 1:34:40

Gov. Jim Thompson

See "Transcripts" Vol I pg. (171) Vol II pg. (208-209, 305-306, 341-343) Vol III pg. (477-479) Vol IV pg. (557-558)

Joan Walters

See "Transcript" pg. 57-63

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