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Gwyneth Milbrath - Tumultuous 2020

Gwyneth Milbrath, a nurse, assistant professor, and director of the Midwest Nursing History Research Center at the University of Illinois Chicago outlines her experiences in all of these fields over the COVID-19 pandemic years. With expertise in the Flu of 1918 and with a Master's of Science in Nursing and Master's of Public Health, Milbrath worked to help the public good throughout the pandemic. In June of 2020, she began a position at a hospital in Northwestern Colorado and worked throughout the Pacific Northwest as a traveling nurse until March of 2021. Throughout this time, she kept up with her duties as a professor and as the director of the MNHRC. After staying in Illinois for a short while, she began a new contract as a traveling nurse at a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. In August of 2021, she returned to Illinois and prepared for the upcoming academic year. Milbrath describes in detail her experiences over these many months.

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Milbrath describes the trouble she had finding a nursing job at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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