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Shatriya Smith - Tumultuous 2020

Shatriya Smith is the Executive Director of the Garvey-Tubman Cultural Arts and Research Center (GTCARC), a position she accepted at the end of 2019. Over the course of her interview, Smith describes how she led the Center throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as it pivoted its programs and services. She also describes how the virus impacted her personally. She previously worked as a social emotional redirection advocate at the Early Learning Center for District 186 and her decision to leave was because of her experience with COVID-19. Smith also details her professional journey that led her to become the center's executive director. Smith closes by describing her hopes for Springfield's Black community and the direction she wants to take the GTCARC.

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Smith reads a poem she wrote at the start of 2020 that she feels was a sign of what was to come.


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