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Nate Jannsen - Modern Era

Agriculture In Illinois Diary farmer explains managing a large dairy operation.

Mark Janus - General Interest -Statecraft

Plaintiff in the Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case in 2018

Ehren Jarrett - Public School Funding

Superintendent of Rockford School District #205, a district facing funding challenges.

Russ and Mary Jeckel - Modern Era

Walk and talk interview with an Illinois hog farmer.

Scott and Russ Jeckel - Modern Era

Discussion with a retired hog farmer from Delavan, Illinois.

Sylvia Jenkins - Community College Project

President of Moraine Valley Community College discussing current initiatives.

Ken Jobe - Vietnam War

Engineering Officer in Korea and Vietnam

Chris Johnson - Civics Education

High school history and civics teacher talks about civics education

Christine Johnson - Public School Funding

DeKalb County Treasurer reflects on school funding in Illinois.

Dr. Crystal Johnson - School District Reorganization

Superintendent in Rossville-Alvin School District on high school deactivation.

J. Thomas Johnson - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Former Dept. of Revenue Director and IL Taxpayer Federation Pres. sheds light on the Pension Crisis

Jay Johnson - Modern Era

President and operator of Johnson Grain elevator terminal in Waverly, IL.

Jim Johnson - Family Memories

The General Manager and Superintendant of the Rail Golf Course of Springfield, Illinois.

Jim Johnson - General Interest-Sports

The General Manager and Superintendant of the Rail Golf Course of Springfield, Illinois.

Lloyd Johnson - Modern Era

A family's multi-generational history on the farm and changes in agriculture

LuAnn Johnson - Family Memories

Executive Director of Oak Ridge Cemetery -Lincoln's final resting place

Mark Johnson - Modern Era

Life on Kline Creek Farm, an 1890s living-history farm.

Michael Johnson - Modern Era

Johnson grows trees and has a saw-mill producing furniture woods.

Patricia Johnson - Modern Era

Life on a sustainable tree farm and sawmill.

Robert "Bob" Johnson - Community College Project

Kishwaukee College trustee discusses the history of Kishwaukee College.

Scott Johnson - Civics Education

Thornridge High School teacher discusses the teaching of civics

Scott Johnson - IHSA

Administrator for the IL HSA discusses the group's history.

Steve Johnson - World War II

Served in the Pacific as an engineer in the 3rd Engineer Special Brigade

Emil Jones - Legislators Project

Long-time IL State Senator, Senate President from 2003-2008

Fernando Jones - Family Memories

World-class Blues musician, educator, and songwriter

Thomas Jones - Vietnam War

A Navy Corpsman (medic) with a Marine Long Range Reconnaissance Team

Gene Jontry - School District Reorganization

School superintendent of the Chenoa and Octavia school districts discussing reorg issues.

Leroy Jordan - Springfield African-American History Foundation

Elementary teacher, college administrator, school board member

David Jostes - Rochester

Owner of Jostes Garage in Rochester and Route 66 enthusiast

Fay Jostes - Rochester

Summers in Rochester as a child led to her spending her adult life there

Gary Joyner - Vietnam War

Career Army aviator who served in Vietnam in 1965 and again in 1968

Maryam Judar - Civics Education

Member of Illinois Civics Education Task Force

"Fritz" Frederick Kaegi - Public School Funding

Cook County assessor discusses school funding

Richard Kahne - Sangamon County

Illinois Bell employee who worked on several Illinois tourist commissions in Springfield, IL.

Malcolm Kamin - Public School Funding

Delegate to IL ConCon talks about Education Funding

Malcolm S. Kamin - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Delegate to IL ConCon, working on Education Committee, discusses Pension Clause

Arnold Kanter - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Governor Jim Edgar's first chief counsel (1990-1992)

Mort Kaplan - Governor Dan Walker Project

Long-time friend and public relations advisor to Governor Dan Walker

Pauline Kayes - ERA Fight in Illinois

A feminist activist discusses her role in the fight for ERA passage in 1982

Janet Kehoe - Alternatives in Education

Home school teacher who taught her children for over 22 years.

Retta Keithley - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Dixon native who watched Reagan during one of his school plays.

Steven Kelley - School District Reorganization

A proponent for creating the West Carroll School District discusses the merger.

Kathleen Kelly - Higher Education

Former IL Board of High Education member discusses higher ed in Sangamon County.

Timothy Kendall - Vietnam War

A pacifist imprisoned for avoiding the draft during the Vietnam War

Cheryl Kennedy - Looking for Lincoln

Former Looking for Lincoln Board member & Director of the Museum of the Grand Prairie.

Daniel Kennedy - Vietnam War

Army Air Cavalry officer serving in the U.S. during Vietnam War

Tom Kerins - Educational Reform Act 1985

Career educator discusses state learning goals and the IL State Assessment Program.

Meghan Kessler - Civics Education

University of Illinois-Springfield professor discusses social studies teacher education

Michael Kick - Civics Education

Civics training for the judicial branch of government at Kankakee Community College.

Donna Kiel - Civics Education

Director of the Office of Innovative Professional Learning at DePaul U.

Ensung Kim - Civics Education

Associate Professor at Eastern Illinois University discusses teaching journalism.

Wayne King - Korean War

Marine tanker during the last year of the Korean War

Ben Kiningham - Governor Dan Walker Project

An IL statehouse reporter for several radio stations from the 1970s thru 2000s

Ben Kiningham - Governor Jim Edgar Project

An IL statehouse reporter for several radio stations from the 1970s thru 2000s

Ben Kiningham - Journalists View

An IL statehouse reporter for several radio stations from the 1970s thru 2000s

James 'Jim' Kinsella - Alternatives in Education

On-line education at secondary level and IL Virtual School.

Jim Kinsella - Modern Era

Advocate of no-till farming talks about his early involvement.

Robert Kirby - Korean War

An MP guarding North Korean prisoners during the war

Robert (Bob) Kjellander - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Campaign manager for Jim Thompson's 1982 gubernatorial campaign and long-time Republican supporter

Richard 'Fritz' Klein - Historians Speak

Klein talks about his experiences portraying Abraham Lincoln.

Daniel (Dan) Klett - IHSA

Involvement in Illinois sports as a student, coach, principal and official.

Cinda Klickna - Pension Crisis in Illinois

President of the IL Education Association reflects on the state's pension crisis

Mary Klinenberger - Alternatives in Education

President of Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School discusses the school's history and mission.

Cathy Kloss - Community College Project

History of Prairie State College (1967) and its forerunner, Bloom Township Junior College.

Vasil William "Bill" Klyasheff - World War II

Airman in the European theater serving in a Fighter Control Squadron

Marian Kneer - Girls Basketball

Supporter and promoter of women's athletics.

David Kneupper - IHPA legacy

Composer of the musical score for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

Lynn Knights - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Dixon postal worker who spearheaded the movement to restore and promote the Reagan Home

Susan 'Susie' Knoblauch - IHSA

IHSA Assistant Director for Cheerleading, Dance, Speech, Debate, Drama and Journalism.

John Knoepfle - World War II

Naval small boat officer discusses landing Marines on Iwo Jima and his injury

Terry Knox - Vietnam War

Light tank driver seeing combat near the DMZ in South Vietman

Jennifer Kolar-Burden - Alternatives in Education

Teacher and curriculum coordinator for the on-line Illinois Virtual School.

Peg Kopec - IHSA

St. Francis HS volleyball coach for over 40 years.

Helen Koser - World War II

English war bride and WW II blitz survivor

Mary Ann Koucky - World War II

Young American girl held prisoner by Japanese in the Philippines

Harold John Kraut - Modern Era

Calhoun County farmer, WW II Navy veteran and Soil Conservation Service employee during his over 100 years

Edward L Krolak - Community College Project

A career teacher discusses the early history of Illinois Valley Community College.

Philip S Krone - General Interest -Statecraft

Illinois political consultant from the late 1960s thru the early 2000s

Teresa Kruger - Civics Education

Experiences teaching Civics and serving as a Civics Trainer for Boone-Winnebago Counties

Daniel Krumrei - Gulf War

IL Adjutant General who spent a career as a minister and Army chaplain

Daniel K Krumrei - People of Faith

A career Christian Church-Disciples of Christ minister and Army National Guard chaplain

Linda Kull - Modern Era

Soybean research at National Soybean Research Center, U of Illinois.

Bob Kustra - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Governor Jim Edgar's lieutenant governor (1991-1999)

Kazimir Ladny - Immigrant Stories

Polish soldier and World War II emigrates to the U.S.

Kazimir Ladny - World War II

WW II Polish soldier in Russian & German POW camps

Joseph LaHood - Vietnam War

Vietnam veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps. Marine Corps supply specialist during the Vietnam War

Alice Lain - World War II

Typist for the Women's Navy Reserves

Lloyd Lain - World War II

Petty Officer on board the U.S.S. Tebenna in the Pacific Theater

Bill Lair - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Personal friend of Jim and Brenda Edgar and Managing Editor of the Mattoon Journal-Gazette

John Lalor - IHSA

Alden-Hebron High School's coach for eight-man football.

Dr. Patrick Lam - Immigrant Stories

Vietnamese boat person who fled his native land in 1979.

Patrick Lam - Vietnam War

Vietnamese boat person who left that country in 1979 when 7 years old

Paul Lambert - Vietnam War

Marine who patrolled extensively in Quang Ngai province in 1969-70

Thomas Lamont - War On Terror

Civil Affairs officer with service both in Bosnia and Iraq

Tom Lamont - Obama in Illinois

Asst. Secretary of the Army during the Barack Obama administration

Carol Lampard - Educational Reform Act 1985

Democratic Caucus staff member's memories of Educational Reform Act of 1985.

Matthew Landrus - Community College Project

English teacher at Lake Land College discusses the Community College's history.

Samuel Lanford - World War II

Korean War veteran who recalls life on the home front during World War II

Louis 'Lou' Lang - General Interest -Statecraft

IL House Democratic leader discusses the Gov. Blagojevich impeachment

Sonia Lang - Immigrant Stories

Greek immigrant describes her childhood in Crete and life as an American soldier's wife.

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