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Robert Hartley - Historians Speak

Journalist and author of numerous works on Illinois history and politics.

Dennis Hastert - Legislators Project

An Illinois legislator from 1981 through 1986 before heading to the U.S. House

Dr. Dale Hastings - School District Reorganization

Superintendent of the Milford Area Public Schools District #124 discusses his district's reorganization.

Dianna Hatfield - Modern Era

4-H and FFA member

Ann Hayden - World War II

Ann and husband Ray Hayden both worked in the Boeing defense plant

Denis Healy - Korean War

U.S. Army Military Police who served in South Korea

Shawn Healy - Civics Education

Civics advocate discusses 'Bring Back Civics campaign' and HB 4025.

Jody Heavner - Modern Era

Owner of Pea Ridge Elk Ranch

David Hedrick - IHPA legacy

Career at DNR, and early years at New Salem

Burnell Heinecke - Family Memories

Burnell's early life in Freeburg, IL and education.

Beverly Helm-Renfro - Obama in Illinois

Administrative assistant to State Senator Barack Obama

Beverly Helm-Renfro - General Interest

Daughter of photographer ‘Doc’ Helm, and admin asst to state Senator Barack Obama from 2001 to 2004

Beverly Helm-Renfro - Springfield African-American History Foundation

Daughter of photographer ‘Doc’ Helm, and admin asst to state Senator Barack Obama from 2001 to 2004

Albert Helregel - World War II

Served in the 33rd Infantry Division Field Artillery in the European Theater

Muriel Helsel - World War II

Witness to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

Margaret Henderson - World War II

Naval Intelligence Office worker for the European Theater

Wally Henderson - IHPA legacy

Architect who worked on the Old State Capitol restoration project

Carter Hendren - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Campaign Manager for Jim Edgar

Douglas Henning - Public School Funding

A legal group member of Chicago Public Schools gives information about a 2017 CPS lawsuit.

Susan Henry - Alternatives in Education

Home school parent discusses the benefits and challenges of home schooling.

John Herbst - War On Terror

Army MP who served in Kosovo in 2002

Richard Herndon - Cold War Era

Growing up with a fallout shelter in the basement

Lorene Herschberger - Modern Era

Mother of 13 who together with her husband Oba lives on a farm in rural Moultrie County, Illinois

Oba Herschberger - Modern Era

Amish man born September 14, 1948 in Douglas County

Ken Hersemann - Korean War

Mess Sergeant for artillery unit during Korean War

Richard Hertel - Vietnam War

Personnel clerk and chapel organist in Vietnam

Diana Hess - Civics Education

Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at the U. of Wisconsin discusses civics education.

Nichole Heyen - Alternatives in Education

Principal of the Springfield School District’s Lincoln Magnet School.

Marty Hickman - IHSA

Executive Director of the Illinois High School Association from 2002 to 2016.

Ted Hild - IHPA legacy

Life-long employee of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.

John Hinde - Korean War

An infantry veteran of both WW II and the Korean War

Dr. William Hinrichs - Public School Funding

State Board of Education perspective on school funding.

Susan Hinrichsen - IHSA

IHSA executive who oversaw several new sports introduced to high schools in Illinois.

Kori Hockett - Alternatives in Education

Principal at Wheaton Academy, a private Christian based school.

Ross Hodel - Educational Reform Act 1985

Career educator discusses his involvement with the 1985 Educational Reform Act.

John Hoesley - Educational Reform Act 1985

Graduate of IL Math Science Academy discusses the school's early years.

Adrienne Hoffer - Public School Funding

Experiences as an instructional coach at Glenview District 34.

Linda Hoffman - School District Reorganization

A school consolidation opponent in rural Illinois shares her views.

Shawn Hoffmann - Alternatives in Education

Trinity Lutheran School principal discusses the parochial school educational model.

Dr. Matthew Holden - Modern Era

Grew up during the Great Depression on his parent's farm

Dr. Matthew Holden - Cold War Era

Life on a depression era Mississippi farm and in the Cold War Army

Harold Holesinger - Korean War

F-84 pilot with Air Force during Korean War

Art Holevoet - Korean War

Army Supply Sergeant during Korean War

Norma Hollin - Delta Sigma Theta

Charter member of Springfield Decatur Area Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and retired engineer for Illinois Bell

Brenda Holmes - School District Reorganization

Serving in many levels of education throughout her career including an appointment to the Illinois State Board of Education.

Linda Holmes - School District Reorganization

State Senator who served on the Classroom First Commission.

Brian Holst - Modern Era

Agriculture implements mechanic

Eugene Houser - World War II

Typist for the 149th Army Replacement Battalion in Naples

Bruce Howard - IHSA

NFHS executive discusses the organization's relationship with IHSA.

Dorothy "Kris" Howard - Community College Project

Harper College trustee discusses history of the school.

Edward Hoyt - IHSA

Athletic experiences for hearing impaired student, coach and athletics director.

Carol Hubbard - Girls Basketball

First girls’ basketball coach at Lyons Township High School in La Grange, Illinois.

Fred Huddlestun - School District Reorganization

Farmer & school board president for a district struggling with consolidation issues.

Karen Hudson - Modern Era

Committed to stopping the spread of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO)

Matt Hughes - Modern Era

Discusses the options of cash- and share-rent

James Hull - World War II

Veteran who served in the 83rd Division in Europe

Richard Hull - Modern Era

State Veterinarian for the Illinois Department of Agriculture

Stephen Hunt - Civics Education

Professor of Communications at Illinois State University discusses civics education.

Gail Huster - IHSA

Coaching and officiating girls sports at Illinois high schools.

Jill Hutchinson - Girls Basketball

Women's head basketball coach at IL State University.

Felice Hybert - Alternatives in Education

Asst Superintendent at Kankakee District 111 discusses competency based learning.

Richard Ingram - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Executive Director of the Teachers' Retirement System on the IL pension crisis

William Ingram - World War II

POW sailor held by Japanese who worked on the Burma Railroad

William Iseminger - IHPA legacy

Cahokia Mounds Senior Interpreter with over 45 years at the site

Victor Iturralde - Alternatives in Education

Principal of Eric Solorio Academy High School talks about its creation and educational mission.

Calvin Jackson - School District Reorganization

School administrator & consultant on school reorganization issues in Illinois.

Ida Jackson - Springfield African-American History Foundation

Social service worker, parent, plaintiff in Springfield school desegregation case

Jacqueline Jackson - Modern Era

History of her family's farm, from dairy to hybrid seed corn production

Denny Jacobs - Obama in Illinois

IL State Senator and friend of Barack Obama

Denny Jacobs - Legislators Project

Democratic mayor of East Moline before becoming an IL State Senator

Dr. Michael Jacoby - Public School Funding

School administrator & consultant on school reorganization issues in Illinois.

Dr. Michael Jacoby# - School District Reorganization

Director of the IL Association of School Business discusses the evidence-based funding model.

Gene Jaeger - World War II

Naval officer on an LST at Sicily, Salerno & Normandy landings

Representative Naomi Jakobsson - Community College Project

Relationship with Parkland College both as a student and as Chair of the IL House Higher Education Committee.

Nate Jannsen - Modern Era

Golden Oaks Farm in ex-urban Chicago

Mark Janus - General Interest

Plaintiff in the Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case in 2018

Ehren Jarrett - Public School Funding

Superintendent of Rockford School District #205, a district facing funding challenges.

Russ and Mary Jeckel - Modern Era

Used revolutionary hog diets and developed hog confinement with the hog slat floor

Scott and Russ Jeckel - Modern Era

Son of hog farmer Russ Jeckel

Sylvia Jenkins - Community College Project

President of Moraine Valley Community College discussing current initiatives.

Ken Jobe - Vietnam War

Engineering Officer in Korea and Vietnam

Christine Johnson - Public School Funding

DeKalb County Treasurer reflects on school funding in Illinois.

Dr. Crystal Johnson - School District Reorganization

Superintendent in Rossville-Alvin School District on high school deactivation.

J. Thomas Johnson - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Former Dept. of Revenue Director and IL Taxpayer Federation Pres. sheds light on the Pension Crisis

Jay Johnson - Modern Era

Details family farm's evolution from a trucking business shipping grain to river terminals

Jim Johnson - Family Memories

The General Manager and Superintendant of the Rail Golf Course of Springfield, Illinois.

Jim Johnson - General Interest

The General Manager and Superintendant of the Rail Golf Course of Springfield, Illinois.

Lloyd Johnson - Modern Era

One of ten siblings in an African-American farm family

LuAnn Johnson - Family Memories

Executive Director of Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Mark Johnson - Modern Era

Agricultural Specialist at Kline Creek Farm

Michael Johnson - Modern Era

Agricultural Specialist at Kline Creek Farm

Patricia Johnson - Modern Era

Sustainable tree farm and sawmill in Evanston, IL.

Robert "Bob" Johnson - Community College Project

Kishwaukee College trustee discusses the history of Kishwaukee College.

Scott Johnson - IHSA

Administrator for the IL HSA discusses the group's history.

Steve Johnson - World War II

Served in the Pacific as an engineer in the 3rd Engineer Special Brigade

Emil Jones - Legislators Project

Long-time member of the Illinois Legislature

Fernando Jones - Family Memories

Blues musical scene in Chicago in the 1950s and '60s.

Thomas Jones - Vietnam War

A Navy Corpsman (medic) with a Marine Long Range Reconnaissance Team

Gene Jontry - School District Reorganization

School superintendent of the Chenoa and Octavia school districts discussing reorg issues.

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