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Gloria Riddick - Delta Sigma Theta

Charter member of Springfield Decatur Area Alumnae Chapter and retired program manager

Ralph Rinehart - World War II

U.S. Army veteran who served in a Quartermaster unit in the Pacific

Father Joel Rippinger - Alternatives in Education

Teacher, coach and chaplain at Marion Academy in Aurora.

David Risley - War On Terror

War on Terror-2007, David worked on Saddam Hussein’s War Crimes trial

David Risley - War On Terror

David Risley 2015 Interview Judicial Attaché to Egypt discusses that nation's recent revolutions

Robert Ritter - Vietnam War

Vietnam veteran who served as a fire control technician on a navy vessel

Lester and Rita Robbins - Modern Era

A Will County farm couples' memories of their life on the farm.

Bill Roberts - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Served as Governor Jim Edgar's chief legal counsel from 1995 to 1997

Rozanne Robertson - Family Memories

A young woman's career as a personnel manager during 1950s thru 1980s.

Veronica Robison - Springfield African-American History Foundation

Civil rights activist; small business owner; volunteer

Phil Rock - Legislators Project

Illinois State Senator (1970-1993)

Phil Rock - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Illinois State Senator (1970-1993)

Spencer Rockford - IHSA

Former Ottawa Township High School student discusses the school's successful music program.

Bob Rogers - IHPA legacy

BRC Chairman discusses his company's design of Lincoln Museum exhibits

Tim Romani - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Travel aide for Governor Thompson reflects on his experiences

Janet Roney - Modern Era

Daughter of the former American Farm Bureau president Charles Shuman.

Jack Rooney - Family Memories

A native of Cherry Illinois and shares his insights of the Cherry Mine disaster.

Karen Roppa - Girls Basketball

Former coach and official from Illinois Plainfield, Illinois.

Charles Ross - Modern Era

Montadale sheep raiser explains showing sheep and wool production.

Michael Rotello - Legislators Project

Former State Representative from Winnebago County, IL

Marjorie Roth - Immigrant Stories

Emigrated from Slovenia to the United States in 1933.

Mitchell Roth - General Interest -Statecraft

General Counsel for IL Education Association discusses Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case

Merle Roughton - World War II

Illinois National Guardsman who served in the European Theater

Paula Stadeker and Georgia Rountree - Springfield African-American History Foundation

Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority discuss the Springfield graduate chapter

Ilana Rovner - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Deputy Governor for Gov. Thompson's administration

Dee Runaas - Civics Education

A civics educator provides information about teacher training and high school civics education.

Edward Runge - Modern Era

Life as an agronomist, soil scientist and University professor.

Edward Russell - Modern Era

Launching an Illinois vineyard and winery late in life.

Wendy Ryerson - Public School Funding

Supervisor of Assessments for Lee County, Illinois.

Bob Sakamoto - IHSA

Chicago Tribune sports writer who spent his life covering Chicagoland high school sports.

Ziyad N. Samara - Immigrant Stories

A West Bank Palestinian’s journey to the United States.

Alexander Samaras - World War II

U.S. Naval officer who transported troops in Europe and the Pacific

Orion Samuelson - Modern Era

WGN broadcaster who became the voice of agriculture for American farmers.

Anthony Sanders - Public School Funding

Superintendent of Elgin School District discusses school funding, past and present

Dr.Ted Sanders - Educational Reform Act 1985

Former Illinois State Superintendent discusses the 1985 Educational Reform Act

Mary Lee Sargent - ERA Fight in Illinois

Life-long activist for women's and LGBT rights shares memories of 1982

Lauren Sartain - Alternatives in Education

The Chicago Public School's GoCPS procedure for school selection.

Marilyn Satterwhite - Community College Project

History of Danville Area Community College from 1966 to 2013.

Gretchen Sauer - Girls Basketball

Coach for the first girl's basketball team at Downers South High School in Downers Grove, IL.

Gayle Dr. Saunders - Community College Project

President of Richland Community College discusses the school's history.

Stephen Scates - Modern Era

From youth on a livestock farm, to crop production and sweet corn, to FSA Director.

Richard Schachtsiek - IHPA legacy

IHPA Site Interpreter and Administrator

William 'Bill' Schalz - IHSA

Swim coach for the highly successful program at Rosary High School.

Henry Scheff - Pension Crisis in Illinois

AFSCME Communications Director's perspective on Illinois pension crisis

Delbert Scheider - Community College Project

History of Highland Community College from perspective of College trustee.

Scott Schertz - Modern Era

An aerial applicator discusses his long career in the industry

Roy Schilling - General Interest -Statecraft

Life-long educator and friend of descendants of Gov. Richard Oglesby

Bill Schimm - World War II

Infantry veteran with 4th Infantry Division who also worked as a clerk

Phyllis Schlafly - ERA Fight in Illinois

Life-long conservative activist and founder of the Stop-ERA movement which was credited with the defeat of the ERA Amendment in 1982

John R. Schmidt - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Legal counsel to Adlai Stevenson III during 1982 and 1986 gubernatorial elections

Jon Schmidt - Civics Education

Faculty member at Loyola University's School of Education discusses civics education

Frances Schneider - World War II

Civilian instructor of Morse code during World War II

Stephen Schnorf - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Former Budget Director for Gov. Jim Edgar & George Ryan talks about pension crisis

Stephen B. Schnorf - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Governor Edgar's director of CMS (1991-1994)

Jeff Schoenberg - School District Reorganization

IL State Senator and sponsor of a school district reorganization bill.

Bernard Schoenburg - Obama in Illinois

Political reporter and columnist with the Springfield State-Journal Register

Bernie Schoenburg - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Statehouse reporter shares his impressions of contemporary IL politics

Bernie Schoenburg - Journalists View

Statehouse reporter shares his impressions of contemporary IL poli

Rachel Schroeder - Community College Project

One of Parkland College's first employees shares the school's history.

Tom Schwartz - Historians Speak

Esteemed Lincoln scholar and former Illinois State Historian.

Paul K. Schwartzkopf - People of Faith

Lutheran minister discusses career in Missouri Synod Lutheran and later the ELCA church.

Tim Schweizer - IHSA

Acclaimed sportscaster, broadcaster and radio personality in Central Illinois.

Salvador Sciortino - World War II

Navy veteran on the USS Neville supporting the D-Day landings on Utah Beach

Cindy Scott - Girls Basketball

Former head Women's Basketball couch at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Phebe Scott - Girls Basketball

An advocate for women's athletics who worked at Illinois State University.

Michael Scully - Modern Era

Discussion regarding organic farming and a trustee of Scully farming estate.

Steffanie Seegmiller - School District Reorganization

President of the Arthur School District discusses reorganization.

Charles T. Sehe - World War II

USS Nevada crew member remembers Pearl Harbor attack and more

David Seibert - Modern Era

Discussion of being an Area Livestock Adviser and Animal Systems Educator for the U of Illinois Extension Service.

Maria Seidner - Educational Reform Act 1985

Discussion with the former Illinois State Board of Education Bilingual Director.

Representative Darlene Senger - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Republican representative from Naperville discusses her work on pension reform

Clarence Senor - Korean War

Veteran in the Navy, in the years following the integration of the services

Peggie Senor - Springfield African-American History Foundation

Minister, parent, community and church volunteer

Robert Serra - World War II

Aircraft mechanic on the USS Yorktown during battles of Coral Sea and Midway

Donald Sevener - Community College Project

Illinois's community college system history and development.

Michael Shakman - General Interest -Statecraft

Chicago lawyer who took on the city's Democratic machine

John Shaw - Civics Education

Former political reporter and executive director of the Paul Simon Institute.

Kenneth 'Buzz' Shaw - Higher Education

Former Chancellor of the Southern Illinois University (SIU) System discusses his distinguished career.

Lucille Shaw - Alternatives in Education

The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.

Tom Shaw - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Dixon native and the manager of the Dixon 'Telegraph' during the Reagan administration.

Dr. Susan Shea - Educational Reform Act 1985

Dr. Shea, (State Board of Education and Illinois Education Association) gives an administrator's perspective of the 1985 Educational Reform Act

Matthew Shipley - Public School Funding

Developing a Site Based Reporting Initiative to support the ESSA Act.

Craig Shirley - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Reagan campaign staffer recalls working on Reagan presidential campaigns

Paul Shuman - Modern Era

Reflections of a life-long farmer and former Board of Director member of the IL Farm Bureau.

Anna Sielaff - Tumultuous 2020

College student and student athlete's experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sara Sielaff - Tumultuous 2020

Assistant principal of Zion Lutheran School in Lincoln, IL discusses impact of COVID-19 pandemic

Bernard Sieracki - Obama in Illinois

A lobbyist in the IL Legislature for over forty years

Bernard H Sieracki - General Interest -Statecraft

A lobbyist in the IL Legislature for over forty years and author of "A Just Cause," on the impeachment of Gov. Blagojevich

Gary Sigler - Vietnam War

RF-4 Pilot & navigator who spent six years in the Hanoi Hilton as a POW

John Silva - Civics Education

Senior Director of Education and Training for the News Literacy Project

Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon - School District Reorganization

Lt. Governor Simon's work with the Classroom First Commission.

Dick Simpson - Civics Education

Scholar on Illinois government and politics discusses civics education.

Jeanne Sims - Rochester

A life as a teacher , singer and one dedicated to Christian service

Elijah Singley - Springfield African-American History Foundation

Retired librarian, directly involved in Civil Rights demonstrations

Betty Sirles - Modern Era

Walking tour of peach packing at the Rendleman Orchards.

Wayne D. Sirles - Modern Era

Walking tour of peach packing at the Rendleman Orchards.

Spalding (Lanny) Slevin - IHSA

Legendary radio sports reporter discusses his 43 year career.

Lee Slider - Historians Speak

Cultural interpreter for the Macon County Conservation Dist..

Emmett Slingsby - Alternatives in Education

State Board of Education Deputy Director discusses recognition for non-public schools.

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