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Stephen Schnorf - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Former Budget Director for Gov. Jim Edgar & George Ryan talks about pension crisis

Stephen B. Schnorf - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Former Budget Director for Gov. Jim Edgar & George Ryan talks about pension crisis

Jeff Schoenberg - School District Reorganization

IL State Senator and sponsor of a school district reorganization bill.

Bernard Schoenburg - Obama in Illinois

Political reporter and columnist with the Springfield State-Journal Register

Bernie Schoenburg - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Political reporter and columnist with the Springfield State-Journal Register

Bernie Schoenburg - Journalists View

Political reporter and columnist with the Springfield State-Journal Register

Rachel Schroeder - Community College Project

One of Parkland College's first employees shares the school's history.

Tom Schwartz - Historians Speak

Esteemed Lincoln scholar and former Illinois State Historian.

Paul K. Schwartzkopf - People of Faith

Lutheran minister discusses career in Missouri Synod Lutheran and later the ELCA church.

Tim Schweizer - IHSA

Acclaimed sportscaster, broadcaster and radio personality in Central Illinois.

Salvador Sciortino - World War II

Navy veteran on the USS Neville supporting the D-Day landings on Utah Beach

Cindy Scott - Girls Basketball

Former head Women's Basketball couch at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Phebe Scott - Girls Basketball

An advocate for women's athletics who worked at Illinois State University.

Michael Scully - Modern Era

Discusses the principles of biodynamic and organic farming

Steffanie Seegmiller - School District Reorganization

President of the Arthur School District discusses reorganization.

Charles T. Sehe - World War II

SS Nevada crew member remembers Pearl Harbor attack and more

David Seibert - Modern Era

Livestock Adviser and Educator for the U of I. Extension Service

Maria Seidner - Educational Reform Act 1985

Discussion with the former Illinois State Board of Education Bilingual Director.

Representative Darlene Senger - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Republican representative from Naperville discusses her work on pension reform

Clarence Senor - Springfield African-American History Foundation

Navy veteran and African-American seeing action on a destroyer

Clarence Senor - Korean War

Navy veteran and African-American seeing action on a destroyer

Peggie Senor - Springfield African-American History Foundation

Minister, parent, community and church volunteer

Robert Serra - World War II

Aircraft mechanic on the USS Yorktown during battles of Coral Sea and Midway

Donald Sevener - Community College Project

Illinois's community college system history and development.

Michael Shakman - General Interest

Filed suit against the Cook County (Chicago) Democratic Part which led to two Shakman Decrees that have transformed politics in Chicago

John Shaw - Civics Education

Former political reporter and executive director of the Paul Simon Institute.

Kenneth 'Buzz' Shaw - Higher Education

Former Chancellor of the Southern Illinois University (SIU) System discusses his distinguished career.

Lucille Shaw - Alternatives in Education

The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.

Tom Shaw - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Dixon native and the manager of the Dixon 'Telegraph' during the Reagan administration.

Dr. Susan Shea - Educational Reform Act 1985

Administrator's perspective of the 1985 Educational Reform Act.

Matthew Shipley - Public School Funding

Developing a Site Based Reporting Initiative to support the ESSA Act.

Craig Shirley - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Reagan campaign staffer recalls working on Reagan presidential campaigns

Paul Shuman - Modern Era

Discusses mechanization, genetics, the shift of natural to chemical fertilizers, the importance of management and marketing skills, as well as various debates in agriculture and government

Bernard Sieracki - Obama in Illinois

A lobbyist in the IL Legislature for over forty years

Bernard H Sieracki - General Interest

A lobbyist in the IL Legislature for over forty years and author of "A Just Cause," on the impeachment of Gov. Blagojevich

Gary Sigler - Vietnam War

RF-4 Pilot & navigator who spent six years in the Hanoi Hilton as a POW

Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon - School District Reorganization

Lt. Governor Simon's work with the Classroom First Commission.

Dick Simpson - Civics Education

Scholar on Illinois government and politics discusses civics education.

Elijah Singley - Springfield African-American History Foundation

retired librarian, directly involved in Civil Rights demonstrations

Betty Sirles - Modern Era

Owner and operator of the 750 acre Rendleman Orchards in rural Union County, Illinois

Wayne D. Sirles - Modern Era

Operator of the 750 acre Rendleman Orchards in rural Union County, Illinois

Spalding (Lanny) Slevin - IHSA

Legendary radio sports reporter discusses his 43 year career.

Lee Slider - Historians Speak

Cultural interpreter for the Macon County Conservation Dist..

Emmett Slingsby - Alternatives in Education

State Board of Education Deputy Director discusses recognition for non-public schools.

Nelvin Sloman - Modern Era

Describes life on the farm in a time before electricity and when draft animals were used for tillage, planting, cultivating and harvesting

Lynne Slouber - Girls Basketball

Former girl’s head basketball coach at Hinsdale South High School in Illinois.

Angela Smith - Public School Funding

West Aurora assistant superintendent discusses funding challenges and successes.

Chris Smith - War On Terror

Army National Guard officer's work with Iraqi police in Baghdad in 2006

Dr. J. W. Smith - IHSA

Successful football coach and former Chicago Public Schools Director of Sports Administration.

Ed Smith - Vietnam War

Army Infantryman in Korean and Vietnam Wars

Ed Smith - Korean War

Army Infantryman in Korean and Vietnam Wars

Fred Smith - Family Memories

Touring the nation's Presidential Libraries & Museums.

Hal Smith - Looking for Lincoln

Executive Director for Looking for Lincoln and the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area from 2008 thru 2010.

Hal Smith - General Interest

Aide to Senator Charles Percy shares his memories of Percy and Darin LaHood

Jim Smith - World War II

B-17 Bomber Pilot in WWII

Joseph Smith - World War II

Truck driver for the U.S. Marine Corps on Okinawa

Kay Smith - IHPA legacy

Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area’s comprehensive management plan

Kay Smith - Looking for Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area’s comprehensive management plan.

Morrie Smith - Vietnam War

Wore a POW bracelet for Captain John Borling during Vietnam War

Ronald C Smith - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Delegate to the 1970 IL Constitutional Convention discusses the Pension Clause

Sheila Smith - Civics Education

Career educator's use of Our American Voice and Citizen U in civics education

William Smith - Korean War

Captured by the Chinese near Unsan, North Korea

William and Charlotte Smith - Korean War

Bill’s wartime experience entitled 'A Moment in Time.'

Kelsey Snyder - War On Terror

Service in Basra, Iraq with a Reserve MP unit from 2009 to 2010

Dr. Christine Sobek - Community College Project

Educator and administrator at two Illinois community colleges.

Winton Solberg - World War II

nfantry Lieutenant in Europe in the last year of WW II

Bob Sondgeroth - School District Reorganization

Regional Superintendent of ROE District # 47 discusses that district's consolidation.

Aubrey Southall - Civics Education

Aurora University professor discusses social studies education.

Gustav Speder - Immigrant Stories

West German immigrant discusses life in post-war Germany.

Vincent Speranza - World War II

Vince Speranza reflects on his life in the years following his visit to Bastogne in 2009

Michael Spikes - Civics Education

Former broadcaster discusses news literacy in civics education.

Robert Spitze - World War II

U.S. Naval officer on board an LST in the Pacific

Bill Spriggs - Vietnam War

Served as an 11B-Infantryman in Vietman

Kelly Ann Sproul - World War II

Known as the Sweetheart of the British Forces due to her portrayal as a 1940s version singer and dancer entertaining World War II veterans

James Staff - School District Reorganization

A career educator from rural Illinois discusses school reorganization issues.

Francie Staggs - Family Memories

A life of family and volunteering

Francie Staggs - IHPA legacy

Volunteering at the ALPLM

Jan Staggs - Cold War Era

Early life and military experiences in Okinawa in 1967-68

Edward Stapleton - World War II

Infantry in 36th Infantry Division in Italy and beyond

Allen Stare - Baseball

Umpire for the Springfield Long Nine, a vintage base ball team.

Robin Steans - Public School Funding

Former executive director of Advance Illinois discusses school funding.

Bradley 'Brad' Stearns - IHSA

IHSA sports official for football and baseball shares his memories.

Harold Steele - Modern Era

Served in WWII and then became President of the Illinois Farm Bureau

Harold Steele - World War II

Infantry Platoon Leader in Europe with 89th Division

Margery Steele - World War II

OSS Cryptographer in Egypt and Greece during WW II

Stacey Steiner - Civics Education

Civics teacher at Carlinville Illinois High School.

Corena Steinmeyer - Alternatives in Education

Director of Special Education for the Lee County Special Education Association.

Adlai III Stevenson - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Former U.S. Senator ran twice for governor against Jim Thompson, in 1982 and 1986

Stacy Stewart - Alternatives in Education

Stacy Stewart, the principal at Belmont-Craigin which uses the personalized learning model.

Nancy Stiff - Girls Basketball

Former girl’s head basketball coach from Arcola High School in Arcola, Illinois.

Jackie Stites - Family Memories

Volunteer at the Elijah Iles House, Governor's Executive Mansion, and the ALPLM.

Fred Stockmeier - World War II

Army infantryman & POW during WWII, plus Korean War Veteran

Fred Stockmeier - Korean War

Army infantryman & POW during WWII, plus Korean War Veteran

Jim Stone - Korean War

Army infantryman with 24th Division in Korea

Owen Streeper - World War II

Army Air Corps ball turret gunner in the European Theater

Joan Streit - Girls Basketball

Former girls' basketball coach at Joliet West High School in Illinois.

Ray Stroh - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Charter member of Atonement Lutheran Church discusses the church's history

Raymond Stroh - People of Faith

Charter member of Atonement Lutheran Church discusses the church's history.

Sue Strong - Girls Basketball

The girl’s basketball coach at Sterling High School in Sterling, Illinois.

Sherry Struck - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Personal Assistant to Governor Jim Edgar

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