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Gary McCants - People of Faith

AME Presiding Elder who ministered to public congregations and within the halls of the IL Legislature

Kevin McClain - Alternatives in Education

Parents' perspective on why they sent their children to a parochial school.

Keith McClow - Modern Era

Discussion of historic farm practices at the Kline Creek Farms.

Joseph McCormick - World War II

Quartermaster and interpreter with the Free French in the European Theater

Mike McCormick - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Personal Assistant to Governor Jim Edgar

Tom McCoy - Modern Era

Will County, Illinois grain and livestock farmer

Toby McDaniel - Rochester

Prominent Springfield journalist and Cold War era Navy veteran

Toby McDaniel - Cold War Era

Cold War era Navy veteran

Jess McDonald - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Director of the Department of MHDD and Director of DCFS for Governor Edgar

Max McGee - School District Reorganization

A former Illinois State Superintendent discusses school consolidation issues.

Travis Gillum and Lara McGlaughlin - IHPA legacy

Creators of Presidential Museum's historical figures discuss their art

Ron McGraw - IHSA

Former coach, athletic director, principal and IHSA administrator reflects on the IHSA.

Irene McGuire - Modern Era

A farm wife discusses the pain of loosing the family peach orchard.

T Ray McJunkins - People of Faith

Baptist pastor's ministry in Kansas, Texas and in Springfield, Illinois

Jim and Lenore McKenzie - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

The son and daughter-in-law of Ralph 'Mac' McKenzie, Ronald Reagan's football coach at Eureka College discuss Reagan's college years.

Donald McKinley - Modern Era

A central Illinois farmer and manager of an Agricultural Museum.

Bruce McMillan - Illinois State Museum

Director of the Illinois State Museum from 1977 to 2005.

DeLoyce McMurray - World War II

An African-American Marine, and veteran of WW II.

Robert McPeek - World War II

Service with the U.S. Coast Guard in immediate post-WW II era

Wendell Meeks - Family Memories

Growing up African-American in small town southern Illinois.

Donald Meier - Korean War

Korean War veteran who spent his tour on a small island off the coast of North Korea

Dave Meister - School District Reorganization

The director of the state's first Cooperative High School since 2009.

Isaac Mercer - Korean War

African-American infantryman with 45th Division during the Korea War

Francis Merkley - World War II

Army truck driver who served both in Persia and China-Burma-India

Lisa Mestinsek - Tumultuous 2020

Lincoln, IL business owner details the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on her small business.

Sam Meteer - Modern Era

Son of a hog farmer becomes IL State FFA Vice President.

Dennis Metzger - Vietnam War

Conscientious objector during the Vietnam War who nevertheless spent five years in South Vietnam

John Metzger - Vietnam War

Chaplain's Assistant during the Vietnam War

Ron Michaelson - General Interest -Statecraft

Executive Director of the Illinois Board of Elections from 1976 to 2003

Stanley Mietus - IHSA

Thomas Kelly High boys' and girls' soccer coach discusses his teams' successes.

George Mihel - Community College Project

History of Sauk Valley Community College and IL Community Colleges in general.

Abner Mikva - Obama in Illinois

Legal counsel to Bill Clinton and mentor to Barack Obama

Judge Abner Mikva - Legislators Project

Independent Democrat who served IL legislature, then the U.S. House, finishing career as legal counsel to Pres. Bill Clinton

Clarence Leroy 'Lee' Miller - Williamsville

Long-time resident, village president and township president for Williamsville

Grant Miller - Civics Education

Coordinator for Curriculum and Assessment at SIU-C discusses civics education

Jill Loeser and Jean Miller - Sangamon County

Descendants of Leonard Trainer discuss their ancestor's connection to the William Herndon home

Stephen Miller - Public School Funding

An auditor discusses his work as a school auditor in Illinois.

Sam Million - World War II

WW II Army veteran who was stationed at Sugamo Prison guarding Japanese war criminals in 1947

Richard Mills - Korean War

Counter-Intelligence soldier during Korean War

Newton Minow - General Interest -Statecraft

Former FCC chair for Pres. Kennedy and friend and mentor to Barack Obama

Newton Minow - Obama in Illinois

Former FCC chair for Pres. Kennedy and friend and mentor to Barack Obama

Robert Mitchler - World War II

Navy chief petty officer (yeoman) during both World War II and the Korean War

Robert Mitchler - Legislators Project

Republican Illinois State Senator from 1965 through 1980

Robert Mitchler - Korean War

Navy chief petty officer (yeoman) during both World War II and the Korean War

Julie Cellini, Bob Coomer, and Susan Mogerman - IHPA legacy

A talk with three of the prime movers behind the creation of the Presidential Library and Museum

Susan Mogerman - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Assistant Press Secretary for Gov. Jim Thompson administration

Susan Mogerman - IHPA legacy

The IHPA Director from 1991 thru 2002, and key player in creation of ALPLM

Michael Monaghan - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Ex. Director of the IL Community College Trustees Assn shares his views on IL pension crisis

Mike Monaghan - Community College Project

Executive Director of the Illinois Community College Trustees Association.

Dan Montgomery - Pension Crisis in Illinois

President of the Illinois Federation of Teachers discusses Illinois's pension crisis

Billie Moore - Girls Basketball

Former women’s basketball coach for California State-Fullerton, 1976 Olympic Games, and UCLA.

Carl "Bud" Moore - Rochester

A resident of Rochester, IL and a community historian

Ronald Moorman - People of Faith

Journey from Catholic Priest to Social Work to Lutheran ministry.

Bill Morgan - Governor Pat Quinn Project

An intern's/aid's perspective of the Gov. Quinn administration

Billy Morgan - Tumultuous 2020

Disrupted wedding plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Susie Morrison - Educational Reform Act 1985

State Board of Education and North Central Director discusses the 1985 Educational Reform Act

Ted Morrissey - People of Faith

An atheist's religious journey

Frank Moscardelli - World War II

Infantryman with the 89th Division in it's fight across Germany

Don Moseley - Civics Education

Co-Director for the Center for Journalism Integrity and Excellence at DePaul University discusses training of journalists

Martha Rose Moser - Immigrant Stories

Rose (Russler) Moser grew up in Cold War era East Germany before immigrating to the United States

Maryam Mostoufi - People of Faith

Prominent leader of Springfield Muslim community talks about her faith journey.

John Moulton - Vietnam War

Air Force service in Okinawa and S. Korea during Vietnam War

John Moulton - War On Terror

Civil Affairs officer with service both in Bosnia and Iraq

Laurence Msall - Pension Crisis in Illinois

President of the Civic Federation gives his views on Illinois' pension crisis

Tom Murgatroyd - War On Terror

Career Air Force officer, most of that with the Illinois Air National Guard

Bryan Murley - Civics Education

Journalism professor discusses ethics and media bias.

Abigail Murphy - IHSA

Student at Downers Grove North gives her perspective of the IHSA journalism competition.

Charles 'Chuck' Murphy - Vietnam War

Service as a cook with the 25th Infantry Division in 1968

Senator Matt Murphy - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Senator Matt Murphy (Republican) discusses Illinois pension crisis and Senate Bill 1

Carol Murray - Girls Basketball

Former girl's basketball coach at Centralia High School in Illinois .

Warren Musch - World War II

Marine Intelligence officer who saw action at Iwo Jima and Japanese occupation

Robert 'Bob' Muzikowski - Alternatives in Education

Founder and CEO or Chicago Hope Academy talks about the school.

Edwin Myers - World War II

U.S. Navy veteran who served on a LST in the Pacific Theater

Lou Myers - Korean War

Artilleryman advisor to the 8th ROK Division Artillery troops

Lucas Naber - IHSA

Downers Grove North participant in the IHSA Journalism competition.

Marilyn Nash - Modern Era

Many uses of soybean products for food.

Jamie Nash-Mayberry - Civics Education

Civics education at Shawnee High School.

Norm Neely - Korean War

Army infantryman during Korean War

Evan Neilson - Tumultuous 2020

U. of IL (Urbana-Champaign) student during the COVID-19 pandemic

Representative Elaine Nekritz - Pension Crisis in Illinois

State Representative discusses Illinois Pension Crisis

Philip Nelson - Modern Era

Discussion with a central Illinois grain and livestock farmer and current President of the IL Farm Bureau.

Dawn Clark Netsch - ERA Fight in Illinois

IL State Senator during Illinois Legislature's ERA battles

Dawn Clark Netsch - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Democratic Candidate for Governor in 1994

Dawn Clark Netsch - Legislators Project

IL State Senator Democratic Candidate for Governor in 1994

Linda Nevlin - Community College Project

History of Monticello College, a two-year school for women.

Joe Newton - IHSA

Legendary York High School cross country & track coach discusses his career.

Eddy Nicklaus - Vietnam War

Marine infantryman during the Vietnam War, and an Army transportation NCO during the 1991 Iraq War War

Eddy Nicklaus - Gulf War

Army National Guardsman who served with a transportation company during the 1991 Iraq War

Stanley Nikulski - Korean War

Infantryman during tumultuous first year of Korean War

Anne Noble - Public School Funding

A broker's view of the Illinois County School Facilities Tax.

Dr. Rene Noppe - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Retired school superintendent, author and frequent speaker on IL pension crisis

Jennifer Norrell Cole - Tumultuous 2020

Superintendent for East Aurora School District #131

Felicia Norwood - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Executive assistant for Edgar on Human Services issues from 1991 to 1994

James Nowlan - General Interest -Statecraft

Former representative and lifelong student of Illinois politics shares his views on the state's future

Jim Nowlan - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Former representative and lifelong student of Illinois politics shares his views on the state's future

Jim Nowlan - Legislators Project

Former representative and lifelong student of Illinois politics shares his views on the state's future

Jeanette Nuckolls - IHSA

High School principal's experiences with the IHSA.

Jim O'Boye - IHSA

Broadcasting sporting events & championships for the IHSA.

James Paul O'Connell - Community College Project

Morton College administrator discusses the school's long history.

Dr. Philip R. O'Connor - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Trusted political strategist and chair of IL Commerce Commission for Gov. Thompson

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