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Doug Blair - School District Reorganization

A career educator's views on school reorganization issues.

Maybelle Blair - Baseball

Pitcher for the Peoria Redwings All-American Girls Professional Baseball team.

Tim Blair - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Executive Director of the State Retirement System of IL talks pensions

David Blanchette - Governor Pat Quinn Project

Assistant Press Secretary for Gov. Pat Quinn from 2013-2014

David Blanchette - General Interest -Statecraft

Assistant Press Secretary for Gov. Pat Quinn from 2013-2014

David Blanchette - IHPA legacy

Communications Manager (Public Information Officer) for IHPA and ALPLM

David Blanchette - Obama in Illinois

ALPLM Communications Manager

Paul Blanchette - Korean War

U.S. Army soldier on occupation duty in Japan

David Blanchette 2015 - IHPA legacy

Public Information Officer for IHPA discusses creation of ALPLM

Gene Bleuer - Korean War

Army infantryman and POW in Korea

John Block - Modern Era

Former Secretary of Agriculture for the Reagan Administration.

Scott Blomberg - War On Terror

Army optometrist who participated in a deployment to Kosovo in 2001 and the initial occupation of Iraq in 2003

Thomas Boaz - Vietnam War

A non-combative conscientious objector during the Vietnam War

Ben Boer - Public School Funding

Deputy of Research for Advance Illinois discusses school funding issues.

Mary Bohlen - ERA Fight in Illinois

A journalist/educator's view on the 1982 ERA fight in the IL Legislature

Keith Bolin - School District Reorganization

A farmer and supporter of school consolidation in Bureau County, IL.

Larry Bomke - Obama in Illinois

Illinois State Senator and colleague of Obama

Larry Bomke - Legislators Project

Illinois politicians career on Sangamon County Board and IL Senate

Larry Bomke - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Former Republican State Senator talks about the pension fights of the 1990s and 2000s

Mildred Louise Bond - Delta Sigma Theta

Charter member of Springfield Decatur Area Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and retired educator from Decatur, Illinois

Thelma Bonds - Delta Sigma Theta

Illinois Power employee and a charter member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Springfield Decatur Area Alumnae Chapter

David Bone - Vietnam War

Platoon leader in a Marine recon platoon during early period of Vietnam War

Mark Boozell - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Legislative liaison for Governor Jim Edgar

John Borling - Obama in Illinois

Career Air Force Officer, Vietnam War era POW, and 2004 Senate Candidate

Major General John Borling - Vietnam War

Career Air Force Officer and Vietnam War era POW

Major General John Borling - Gulf War

Senior SAC Officer during the Gulf War, 1990-1991

Randolph A Boschulte - Vietnam War

Army Ordnance officer during Vietnam War, and with the U.S. Army Reserves

Ron Botz - Vietnam War

Huey pilot with the 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam in 1968-69

David Bourland - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Long-time curator of the IL Executive mansion, and friend of Gov. Jim Thompson

Carissa Bouse - Tumultuous 2020

Social worker and family development specialist describes impact of COVID-19 pandemic

Richard Bowen - Cold War Era

Soldier stationed in Germany during the Vietnam War

Thomas Bowman - Vietnam War

Medical Specialist who served in Vietnam from late 1968 thru 1969

Thomas Bowman - War On Terror

Commander of an Illinois contingent working with Multinational Division in Iraq

Tom Jones, Patrick Lam, Pham Thien Khac and Tom Bowman - Vietnam War

Vietnam veterans and Vietnamese boat people reflect on their experiences

George Boyd - World War II

Child during World War II

Harrison Brackett - Tumultuous 2020

Aldi store associate shares his experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic

Greg Bradley - IHSA

Former athlete, coach, principal and IHSA treasurer shares his experiences.

Rich Bradley - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Long-time News Director for WUIS, Springfield's public radio station

Rich Bradley - Journalists View

Long-time News Director for WUIS, Springfield's public radio station

Philip Bradshaw - Modern Era

Farmer discusses his life in community affairs and ag issues.

Brian Brady - Civics Education

President of the Mikva Challenge program promoting civic involvement among youth.

Senator William 'Bill' Brady - Obama in Illinois

Reflections on then IL state Senator Barack Obama

William Brady - Tumultuous 2020

Senator Brady discusses impact of pandemic on state's economy and on IL legislature

William 'Bill' Brady - Legislators Project

Illinois state Senator and from July 2017 thru December 2020

Mary Bremer - Family Memories

Mary (Cagle) Horman Bremer shares her family's history through the depression, WW II and the good times.

Terry Brennan - Family Memories

Jazz musician and music teacher.

Katie Brethorst - Tumultuous 2020

Graduate student discusses impact of COVID-19 pandemic on her senior year of undergraduate and graduate school

Parris Brewer - Modern Era

A city boy in trouble becomes a businessman with Growing Homes.

Donya Brown - Tumultuous 2020

Certified Nursing Assistant shares how the pandemic impacted her

Kirk Brown - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Engineer and IDOT secretary under governors Edgar and Ryan

Magda Brown - World War II

Young Hungarian Jew and Holocaust Survivor

Roger Brown - Modern Era

Life of a grain and livestock farmer from central Illinois.

Beverly Bruce - Korean War

Marine with Reconnaissance Platoon during the Korean War

Terry Bruce - Community College Project

CEO for the Illinois Eastern Community College System for 17 years.

Robert Bruno - Public School Funding

Director of the U. of Illinois's Labor Education Program discussed 2012 Chicago Teacher Union strike

Charles Bruns - World War II

Engineer in the 3rd Infantry Division during World War II

Iris Bryan - Community College Project

History of McHenry County College from several perspectives.

Bon Bui - Vietnam War

South Vietnamese Army commander and a post-war prisoner of war

Ola Bundy - Girls Basketball

An interview with the 'First Lady of Girls Athletics in Illinois.

Jennifer Burdette - Civics Education

Rural school civics teacher and civics teaching mentor.

Norman Burdick - Community College Project

History of Carl Sandburg College from 1980 to 2013.

Gary Burgard - Vietnam War

Army infantryman serving near Saigon, South Vietnam in 1968-1969

Hale Burge - World War II

Airplane mechanic in the Army Air Force during World War II

Edward M Burke - General Interest -Statecraft

A policeman's perspective of the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago

Shirley Burkovich - Baseball

Player in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League from 1949-1951.

Dr. Michael Burlingame - Historians Speak

Renowned historian and Chair in Lincoln Studies at UIS discusses a life spent studying Lincoln .

Kristin Burns - Alternatives in Education

Teacher at Keith Country Day discusses the school's history and operation.

Jim Burrus - Modern Era

Raising beef and chickens 'home on the range'.

Christopher Busse - Civics Education

Teaching civics at O‘Fallon Township High School.

Cindy Butkovich - Girls Basketball

Former Assistant Executive Secretary of the Illinois High School Association.

Aaron Butler - Public School Funding

Consultant for the American Institutes for Research discusses improving schools.

Chris Butler - Tumultuous 2020

Funeral Home President describes impact of COVID-19 pandemic on personal life and business

Robert Butler - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Participant in 1970 IL State Constitutional Convention discusses its impact on pensions

Francis Callaghan - World War II

Combat engineer with bridging company finds his relatives in Japanese camps in the Philippines

Gene Callahan - General Interest -Statecraft

Political staffer and advisor to Paul Simon, Alan Dixon and Major League Baseball

Gerald Campbell - Rochester

Life-long resident of Rochester shares family stories of the town

Shegan Campbell - Alternatives in Education

Co-founder and CEO of Kids Science Labs discusses their innovative programs.

William 'Bill" Cantrall - World War II

Service with the British 8th Army in Italy with the American Field Service

Dean Cantù - Civics Education

Department of Education director discusses civics education for teachers.

John Capasso - School District Reorganization

Superintendent of the Fieldcrest Community Unit School District discusses the school's creation.

Antonio Carbajal - Tumultuous 2020

Dual Language teacher describes impact of COVID-19 pandemic

Charles Carey - Modern Era

Former Chairman for the Chicago Board of Trade explains commodity trading

Velma Carey - Springfield African-American History Foundation

Parent and community volunteer; plaintiff in school desegregation lawsuit

Carolyn Carlson - Rochester

Grade school teacher and longtime resident of Rochester

Richard J. Carlson - Governor Jim Thompson Project

A member of Gov. Jim Thompson’s program staff and director of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Margaret Carter - Modern Era

Discussion regarding farm life pre-power, family present.

Lt. Lauren Carthan - Alternatives in Education

Senior Naval Science Instructor for the East Aurora Naval Junior ROTC.

Dr. Richard Carwardine - Historians Speak

Welsh-born Lincoln Scholar and author of a book on Lincoln humor.

Jay Castro - Vietnam War

Navy frogman and later a crewman on a river patrol boat during Vietnam War

Susan Catania - ERA Fight in Illinois

Reflections on the movement to pass ERA since 1982

Morrie Caudill - Korean War

The Armistice in Korea

Joshua Cauhorn - Public School Funding

Conducting research on public school funding.

Don Cavallini - Community College Project

Archivist at Heartland Community College discusses school's history.

Janis Cellini - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Director of Personnel and Labor Relations for Governor Jim Edgar

Julie Cellini - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Long-time Chair of the IHPA Board of Trustees talks about the creation of ALPLM

Julie Cellini - IHPA legacy

Long-time Chair of the IHPA Board of Trustees talks about the creation of ALPLM

Linda Chapa-LaVia - School District Reorganization

Illinois state Representative's perspective on the subject of school district reorganizations in Illinois.

A. Delinda Chapman - ERA Fight in Illinois

Illinois educator, administrator and artist discusses the ERA fight in Illinois

Dr. Dale Chapman - Community College Project

History of Lewis and Clark College in southwestern Illinois.

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