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Julie Cellini - IHPA legacy

Julie Cellini was appointed to serve as the the Chair of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency by Governor Jim Thompson, and was its chair from its creation in 1985 to 2012. During that time, she was the driving force behind the creation of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, and was involved in every aspect of its development. The Library opened in 2004, and the Museum opened in 2005 to world-wide acclaim. IHPA oversaw some 50 historic sites throughout Illinois.

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Feature Excerpt

My First Book


Interview Session 01 (Audio)

Early years and journalistic career in Springfield

Interview Session 02 (Audio)

Service on Historic Library Board and Chair of the new IHPA

Interview Session 03 (Audio)

Early years of IHPA, and initial planning stages for the ALPLM

Interview Session 04 (Audio)

Development of President Lincoln Museum exhibits

Interview Session 05 (Audio)

Museum exhibits, cont. planning for library and siting decisions

Interview Session 06 (Audio)

Funding for ALPLM and construction and staffing for ALPLM


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