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Philip Nelson - Modern Era

Discussion with a central Illinois grain and livestock farmer and current President of the IL Farm Bureau.

Dawn Clark Netsch - ERA Fight in Illinois

IL State Senator during Illinois Legislature's ERA battles

Dawn Clark Netsch - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Democratic Candidate for Governor in 1994

Dawn Clark Netsch - Legislators Project

IL State Senator Democratic Candidate for Governor in 1994

Linda Nevlin - Community College Project

History of Monticello College, a two-year school for women.

Joe Newton - IHSA

Legendary York High School cross country & track coach discusses his career.

Heather Nice - Civics Education

Dir. of Educator Programs at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum shares her insights on civics education

Cecil Nickell - Modern Era

Plant geneticist who performed pioneering work with soybean cultivars

Eddy Nicklaus - Vietnam War

Marine infantryman during the Vietnam War, and an Army transportation NCO during the 1991 Iraq War War

Eddy Nicklaus - Gulf War

Army National Guardsman who served with a transportation company during the 1991 Iraq War

Stanley Nikulski - Korean War

Infantryman during tumultuous first year of Korean War

Anne Noble - Public School Funding

A broker's view of the Illinois County School Facilities Tax.

Dr. Rene Noppe - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Retired school superintendent, author and frequent speaker on IL pension crisis

Jennifer Norrell Cole - Tumultuous 2020

Superintendent for East Aurora School District #131

Felicia Norwood - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Executive assistant for Edgar on Human Services issues from 1991 to 1994

James Nowlan - General Interest -Statecraft

Former representative and lifelong student of Illinois politics shares his views on the state's future

Jim Nowlan - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Former representative and lifelong student of Illinois politics shares his views on the state's future

Jim Nowlan - Legislators Project

Former representative and lifelong student of Illinois politics shares his views on the state's future

Jeanette Nuckolls - IHSA

High School principal's experiences with the IHSA.

Jim O'Boye - IHSA

Broadcasting sporting events & championships for the IHSA.

James Paul O'Connell - Community College Project

Morton College administrator discusses the school's long history.

Dr. Philip R. O'Connor - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Trusted political strategist and chair of IL Commerce Commission for Gov. Thompson

Carole Oglesby - Girls Basketball

First president of the Assn for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women in 1971-72.

Nick Osborne - School District Reorganization

Career educator discusses challenges faced with school reorganizations.

Joanne Osmond - School District Reorganization

Lake County businesswoman's involvement with local school boards.

Dr. John Palan - School District Reorganization

Superintendent of Grant Park Community Unit School District #6.

Don Palmer - World War II

WW II Sailor prepping beaches for amphibious landings

Dr. Priscilla Palmer - Delta Sigma Theta

Charter member of Springfield Decatur Area Alumnae Chapter & Testing Specialist at Richland Community College

Dr. Sally Pancrazio - Educational Reform Act 1985

IL Department of Education official discusses implementation of 1985 Educational Reform Act.

Sally Pancrazio - ERA Fight in Illinois

Active supporter of ERA in Illinois from 1972 through 2018

Kay Pangle - School District Reorganization

A regional superintendent's views on school reorganizations & consolidations.

Jean Pankonin - Girls Basketball

Former faculty member and women's sports coach at Illinois State University.

Bishop Thomas Paprocki - People of Faith

Roman Catholic Bishop for the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois.

Doug Parrett - Modern Era

Professor of Animal Sciences addresses role of education and research in agriculture.

Marjorie Pasley - World War II

English girl who's parents evacuated her to the country during World War II

Jason Patera - Alternatives in Education

Executive Director of the Chicago Academy for the Arts.

Dr. James Paul - Community College Project

Dr. Jim Paul taught at Kankakee Community College from 1972-2006 and discusses the school's history.

George Pempek - Korean War

Pempek reviews 20+ years in the Regular Army, mostly in Korea.

Taylor Pensoneau - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Journalist and author reporting on the Illinois Political Scene

Taylor Pensoneau - Governor Dan Walker Project

Journalist and author reporting on the Illinois Political Scene

Taylor Pensoneau - General Interest -Statecraft

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter's experiences during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago

Taylor Pensoneau - Governor Pat Quinn Project

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporters memories of Pat Quinn in the 1970s

Taylor Pensoneau - Journalists View

Journalist and author reporting on the Illinois Political Scene

Taylor Pensoneau - Obama in Illinois

Journalist and author reporting on the Illinois political scene

Ann Penstone - Girls Basketball

Girl’s head basketball coach for Buffalo Grove High School and John Hersey High School in Illinois.

Dr. John Perkins - Educational Reform Act 1985

Former Educational Service Center director discusses impact of 1985 Educational Reform Act.

Dr. Leon Perley - Community College Project

Former president of Illinois Central Colleges discusses the school's history during his tenure.

Laurent Pernot - Community College Project

Vice Chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago discusses the city's community colleges.

James Perry - Korean War

An Army Officer's perspective of combat in the Korean Wa

James F. Jr. Perry - Vietnam War

A Field Artillery lieutenant assigned to a searchlight unit in 1968-69.

Howard Peters - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Director of the Dept of Corrections and Secretary of Human Services

Thien Khoc Pham - Immigrant Stories

Former Vietnamese officer's long struggle to flee Vietnam after the war.

Thien Khoc Pham - Vietnam War

Former Vietnamese officer's long struggle to flee Vietnam after the war

James 'Pate' Philip - Obama in Illinois

Leader of IL Senate Republicans during 1980s thru 2002

Senator James 'Pate' Philip - Legislators Project

Leader of IL Senate Republicans during 1980s thru 2002.

Dr. William Phillips - School District Reorganization

A professor of educational leadership discusses the impact of school reorganizations

Dr. William Phillips - Public School Funding

Associate Prof. of Educational Leadership at UIS discusses school funding during pandemic

Marcus Phillips - War On Terror

Army National Guard helicopter mechanic serving in Afghanistan

Sasha Phillips - War On Terror

Army National Guard aircraft mechanic who served in Afghanistan in 2009-2010

Webster Phillips - World War II

Infantryman who was in action at Normandy, St. Lo and the Battle of the Bulge

William H. 'Bill" Phillips - Vietnam War

Army medic with the 4th Infantry Division in 1970

Rich Piatchek - IHSA

High School athletic director discusses role of IHSA in Illinois sports.

Lawrence Pickett - War On Terror

A Civil Affairs officer with tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan

William Pieper - IHSA

Monmouth High School coach for championship winning golf teams.

David Pierce - Community College Project

A career as a senior administrator in American community colleges.

Dr. Max Pierson - School District Reorganization

Career educator discusses a variety of issues pertaining to school reorganization.

Henry Pillard - Community College Project

Joliet Junior College administrator discusses the school's early history.

Robert S. Pinkerton - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Past President of the IL Retired Teachers Association gives his views on the pension crisis

Bill Piper - Korean War

40th Division Soldier during the Korean War

Carol Plodzien - Girls Basketball

Girl’s head basketball coach at Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois.

Mark Plummer - Historians Speak

Scholar of Lincoln and Illinois studies and former Professor of History at Illinois State University.

Robert Podlasek - Higher Education

Engineering professor at Bradley University discusses changes in higher education over the past 60 years

Alexander Polikoff - Public School Funding

The 'Carr v. Koch' Illinois Supreme Court case on school district property taxes.

Dr. Robert Poorman - Community College Project

President of Lincoln Land Community College discusses the school's history.

David Porter - Civics Education

A life-long journalist discusses the development of civics education legislation in IL.

Scott Porter - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Pastor from Sterling, Illinois who served on the Reagan Boyhood Home Board for many years discusses his multiple encounters with the former president.

Roger Poszgai - Vietnam War

Medical equipment maintenance specialist during Vietnam War

Serena Preston - Alternatives in Education

Superintendent of the Illinois School for the Visually Impaired.

Cornelius Price - World War II

African-American quartermaster in a segregated army

Gary Price - Gulf War

Marine aviator's career from Vietnam thru Gulf War and Beyond

Gary Price - Vietnam War

Marine aviator's career from Vietnam thru Gulf War and Beyond

Shannon Price - School District Reorganization

A parent who opposed a suggested school consolidation for three small schools.

Martin Prickett - War On Terror

Iowa National Guardsman's experiences in Kuwait (2004) and Afghanistan (2011)

Robert Pritchard - Public School Funding

Historical overview of education funding and its future challenges.

Sylvia Puente - Public School Funding

Ex. Director of Chicago's Latino Forum discusses the Education Funding Advisory Board and minority education.

Penny Pullen - ERA Fight in Illinois

IL House of Representatives member from 1977 - 1992 and pro-life advocate

Penny Pullen - Legislators Project

IL House of Representatives member from 1977 - 1992 and pro-life advocate

Paula Purdue - ERA Fight in Illinois

Teacher, lobbyist and activist for women’s equality

Elizabeth Beth Purvis - Public School Funding

Gov. Rauner's Sec. of Education talks about school funding legislation.

Dr. James Quaid - IHSA

IL High School Association from a Private School perspective.

Tom Quinn - Governor Pat Quinn Project

Tom's experiences with brother Pat Quinn's petition drives and election campaigns

Brent Rademacher - Alternatives in Education

Principal's perspective of Bismarck-Henning & Rossville-Alvin Cooperative High School.

Christine Radogno - Legislators Project

Illinois State Senator from 1997 through July 2017, & Republican Minority Leader since 2009

Christine Radogno - Obama in Illinois

State Senator Radogno's memories of her service with state Senator Obama

Peter Rafferty - Vietnam War

Marine who served in Vietnam in 1964-65 as a radio operator in an infantry regiment

Anthony (Tony) Rainey - IHSA

Former Luther South High School principal reflects on his life in sports.

David Ramsey - Rochester

Rochester's history in 19th century and Ramsey's life in Rochester.

Lorene Ramsey - Girls Basketball

Former women's head softball and basketball coach at Illinois Central College.

Joseph Rank - Vietnam War

Naval officer who served on a destroyer and a cruiser off Vietnamese waters

Perry Rannebarger - World War II

U.S. Army veteran, serving in the 132nd Infantry in Europe and the Pacific

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