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Phyllis Cheaney - Tumultuous 2020

Caring for a father with COVID-19 who eventually died from the disease

Gertrude Childers - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

A native of Dixon who was saved by Ronald Reagan when he was a lifeguard.

Tom Christell - Central Illinois Charities

Pastor Christell was interviewed about the work of Grace Food Pantry in Springfield, Illinois

Olive Clark - World War II

Wife of World War II veteran George Cocker

Lynne Cleverdon - Civil Rights Stories

1964 Mississippi voter registration drive

Darrell Clevidence - Community College Project

History of Carl Sandburg College from 1969 to 2010.

Robert Clifton - School District Reorganization

Western Illinois teacher and school administrator discusses school reorganization.

Deborah B Cole - Delta Sigma Theta

Delta Sigma Theta sorority member at Bradley University

Edyth Cole - Delta Sigma Theta

Charter member of Springfield-Decatur Alumnae of Delta Sigma Theta

Rick Collins - Modern Era

Restoring old barns and homes.

Evelyn Conboy - Rochester

Farm wife who raised her seven children in Rochester after her husband's death

Kristine Condon - Civics Education

A review of the Illinois Civics Academy for Secondary Teachers.

Hilary Conklin - Civics Education

DePaul University professor training teachers in the social studies and civics education.

Linda Connelly - Girls Basketball

First girl’s basketball coach at Mattoon High School in Mattoon, Illinois.

 Connie Edwards, Tim Kendall, Patrick Lam, John Rascke - Vietnam War

Vietnam veteran panel discussion in conjunction with the public debut of Ken Burns' Vietnam War documentary

Ralph Contreras - World War II

World War II Marine who served with the 6th Marine Division at Guam and Okinawa

Robert Coomer - IHPA legacy

Former director of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency from 2004-2007

Colin Corbett - Tumultuous 2020

Vaccine trial participant discusses decision making process behind trial participation

Kevin Corbin - Baseball

St. Louis Cardinals bat boy tells stories from the late 1990s.

Dorothy Cordier - World War II

Family separation during WWII

George Cordier - World War II

WW II Marine, enlisted man in Pacific theater, Battle of Guam

James 'Jim' Corsi - IHSA

Hall of Fame high school soccer coach at Gibault Catholic High School.

Dr. Georgia Costello - Community College Project

President of Southwestern College discusses the school's history.

Carl Cottingham - Community College Project

History of John Logan Community College since its creation in 1968.

Walter W. Covert - World War II

14th Armored Division half-track driver's memories of combat in Germany

Dan Cox - School District Reorganization

Superintendent of Jasper County #1 School Districts discusses school reorganization

Dan Cox - Public School Funding

Superintendent in multiple school districts discusses school funding.

Harold Cox - World War II

Infantryman who served in Patton's Third Army in Europe

Bryan Crain - Tumultuous 2020

Funeral Home Director and Owner of Crain Funeral Homes shares his experiences with the pandemic

Jim Creviston - Korean War

U.S. Army tank commander during Korean War

Dr. Clifford Crone - School District Reorganization

Superintendent at Indian Prairie School District #204

Dr. Clifford Crone - Community College Project

Administrator in the Freeport School District Which Operated Freeport Junior College Eventually Highland Community College

J. David Cross - Tumultuous 2020

Periodontist discusses the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on his practice

Robert J. Crowley - Korean War

Signal Corps officer who worked as an advisor to Koreans

Kathy Crum - Alternatives in Education

Former principal at Graham Elementary School discusses year-round schooling.

John Cullerton - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Efforts to reform Illinois's pension system while Senate President, 2009-2019

John Cullerton - Legislators Project

Long-serving legislator and IL Senate President from 2009 to 2020

John Cullerton - Obama in Illinois

Senator Cullerton's experiences with then IL State Senator Barack Obama

Theresa Faith Cummings - Springfield African-American History Foundation

Social services administrator and businesswoman

Eileen Cunningham - Modern Era

Early farm life, school, marriage and history of IL River Valley.

John Cunningham - Tumultuous 2020

Kane County, Illinois Clerk during COVID-19 pandemic

Barbara Flynn Currie - ERA Fight in Illinois

ERA fight in Illinois from 1978 to June, 1982

Barbara Flynn Currie - Obama in Illinois

House Majority Leader and representative from Obama's legislative district

Barbara Flynn Currie - Legislators Project

Majority Leader Currie discusses her long career in the IL Legislature

Barbara Flynn Currie - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Majority Leader Currie discusses her long career in the IL Legislature thru 1991

Barbara Flynn Currie - Educational Reform Act 1985

Illinois legislator's involvement with the Educational Reform Act of 1985.

Charles Curry - Williamsville

Last of an era - a mom-and-pop grocery in Williamsville

Lawrence Curtin - Modern Era

Life on a central IL farm during Depression & WW II

Lawrence Curtin - Korean War

Radioman with the 3rd Infantry Division in Korea from 1952-1953

Ted Curtis - Springfield African-American History Foundation

Realtor, school board member, state government administrator

Ted Dabrowski - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Vice President of Illinois Policy Institute explains the origins of Illinois's pension crisis

Neil Dahlstrom - Modern Era

John Deere Company archivist shares Deere family history.

Dr. Robert Daiber - Educational Reform Act 1985

Regional Superintendent of Madison County discusses 1985 Educational Reform Act.

Donald Daily - School District Reorganization

A school superintendent discusses the consolidation of 2 Illinois school districts.

Mary Ellen Daneels - Civics Education

Career teacher's critical role in launching Illinois's new civics education model.

Lee Daniels - Legislators Project

Long-serving Republican leader in the IL House of Representatives

Josephine Datz - Immigrant Stories

A Jewish immigrant from Apartheid era South Africa.

Rudy Davenport - Springfield African-American History Foundation

NAACP and Habitat for Humanity volunteer, plaintiff in civil rights suit

Calvin Davis - IHSA

Director of Athletics for Chicago Public Schools discusses impact of sports in Chicago.

Cullom Davis - IHPA legacy

Oral Historian and Former Director of the Lincoln Legal Papers

Cullom Davis - Historians Speak

Oral Historian and Former Director of the Lincoln Legal Papers.

Cullom Davis - Higher Education

Oral Historian and Former Director of the Lincoln Legal Papers

James E. Davis - Historians Speak

Emeritus Professor of History and Geography at Illinois College in Jacksonville.

Malcolm Davis - World War II

Member of the 13th Army Division in Europe

Manda Davis - Modern Era

Raising sheep and becoming a 4H sheep advisor.

Suzanne Davis - Tumultuous 2020

Greenville University president discusses impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

Will Davis - Public School Funding

A state representative discusses school funding reform since 2003.

John Dee - School District Reorganization

Life-long educator and member of the State Board of Education, who dealt with reorganization issues.

Karen DeFevers - School District Reorganization

A private citizen's involvement in the Virden school district consolidation.

Nancy deGrazia - Governor Dan Walker Project

Assistant to Governor Dan Walker from 1973 to 1977

Geoff Deigan - Alternatives in Education

Executive Director of the Prairie Crossing Charter School discusses the school’s history and mission.

Tom Demmer - Tumultuous 2020

Illinois State Representative discusses impact of COVID-19 pandemic on his rural, Northern Illinois district

Rev. Dr. Blythe Denham Kieffer - People of Faith

Minister at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Springfield, IL.

Kim Deschamps - Alternatives in Education

Director of the Knox-Warren Special Education Cooperative.

JoAnn Desmond - School District Reorganization

A long-time school superintendent shares her extensive experience on school reorganization issues.

Julian C. D'Esposito Jr. - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Julian D'Esposito served as Governor Jim Thompson's chief counsel from 1977 to 1981 and as his director of staff.

Suzanne Deuchler - Legislators Project

Republican legislator from Kane County, 1981 to 1999

Dr. Michael Devine - IHPA legacy

Director of IHPA and State Historian from 1985-1991

Maija Devine - Immigrant Stories

A Korean girl growing up in a traditional Confucian & patriarchal family in during the war.

Maija Devine - Korean War

A Korean girl growing up in a traditional Confucian & patriarchal family in during the War

Tony DeVito - World War II

Marine wounded at Iwo Jima

Dr. Amy Diaz - Community College Project

Vice President of Student Development at Rock Valley College.

Kirk Dillard - Governor Jim Edgar Project

State Senator and former Chief of Staff for Governor Jim Edgar

Kirk Dillard - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Legislative liaison for Governor Jim Thompson

Michael DiNovo - Civics Education

York High School Social Studies chair discusses civics education.

Julie Dirksen - IHPA legacy

Former Director of Guest Services at ALPLM

Jeri Dixon - Community College Project

Dean of Adult Education at Waubonsee Community College discusses several initiatives.

Julie Donner - Civics Education

A social studies teacher discusses the state of Illinois's civics requirements.

Jesse Dowell - World War II

United States Navy Air Corps veteran who served in the Pacific Theater

Martha Jane Downey - IHPA legacy

Site manager for Bishop Hill Historic Site discusses its history

Janis Droegkamp - Family Memories

Peace Corps experiences throughout the world, and a Mother by Choice.

Richard Duchossois - World War II

Tank Destroyer company commander discusses combat in Europe

Darrell Duensing - IHPA legacy

Site Manager for Fort de Chartres discusses his 45 years at the site

John Duffy - Community College Project

History of Elgin Community College.

Wesley J. Duiker - World War II

B-26 pilot in the European theater in 1945 who also served in the post-war occupation force

Charles Dukes - World War II

Member of the 4th Infantry Division and prisoner of war in Germany

Allen Dulles - Korean War

Marine Lieutenant wounded in Korea

John F Dunn - Legislators Project

Democratic state legislator representing the Decatur area from 1975 to 1995

Maria Dunstan - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Teacher, principal and union leader from Macomb talks about pensions

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