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Jim Livengood - Girls Basketball

Director of Athletics at Southern Illinois University Carbondale form 1985 to 1987.

Tom Livingston - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Travel aide, scheduler, then advisor on the policy staff for Governor Jim Edgar

Frank J. Llano - Educational Reform Act 1985

Educational reform from the perspective of Gov. Thompson's Education staff and State Board of Education.

Arlyn Lober - World War II

11th Armored Division tanker's experiences at the Bulge and Central Europe

Maureen Lober - World War II

Home front memories of World War II and VJ Day in San Francisco

Ruth Lockart - World War II

A 'Rosy the Riveter' during WWII

Charles Lockhart - Springfield African-American History Foundation

Veteran, factory worker, first black uniformed police officer

Richard Lockhart - World War II

Infantryman in 106th IN Div captured during Battle of the Bulge

Richard Lockhart - General Interest

Lockhart discusses his over 50 years as a lobbyist in Springfield

Mary Loken - People of Faith

Long-time member of Luther Memorial Church discusses the congregation's history.

Ann Lousin - Obama in Illinois

Thoughts on Barack Obama

Ann Lousin - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Renowned expert on 1970 state Constitution discusses IL pension crisis

Ann Lousin - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Law professor at the John Marshall Law School

Ann Lousin - General Interest

In 1970 Lousin was selected to serve first as a staff assistant and later as the parliamentarian in the Illinois House of Representations

Alan Lowe - Historians Speak

Former director of the George W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum discusses its founding.

Richard Lowe - World War II

Farmer, World War II veteran and career ag teacher shares his insights

Dave Luechtefeld - Obama in Illinois

IL State Senator and colleague of Barack Obama

Dave Luechtefeld - Legislators Project

A career teacher and coach becomes successful IL State Senator

Dave Luechtefeld - General Interest

Career educator and Illinois State Legislator discusses school reorganization issues.

Dave Luechtefeld - Modern Era

Senator Dave Luechtefeld grew up on a dairy farm outside Okawville, Illinois

David Luechtefeld - School District Reorganization

Career educator and Illinois State Legislator discusses school reorganization issues.

Dean Lynn - Korean War

Awarded a Bronze Star for valor as well as South Korea's Wharang Distinguished Military Service Medal

Naomi B Lynn - General Interest

President of Sangamon State University and Chancellor of University of Illinois at Springfield.

Laurie Mabry - Girls Basketball

Former women’s Athletic Director at ISU and president of the Assn for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women.

Gary MacDougal - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Head of Gov. Edgar's special task force on welfare reform

Eric Madiar - Pension Crisis in Illinois

A discussion of Illinois's long public pension history

Robert Maher - Community College Project

Legislative Assistant to Governor Otto Kerner when the Jr. College Act of 1965 was passed.

Senator Andrew Manar - Public School Funding

Sen. Manar discusses SB 1947, landmark school funding legislation.

Robert Mandeville - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Budget Process under Thompson and Life in the Administration

Michelle Mangan - Public School Funding

Concordia University professor discusses Illinois school funding.

Jay Mann - Civics Education

Director of School and Community Experiences at the University of Illinois.

Brent Manning - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Former Director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (1991-2003)

Caroline Manock - Modern Era

Farm manager in Peoria County

Ivan Maras - Korean War

Illinoisan assigned to Puerto Rico's 65th Inf Regiment during Korean War

Father Ronald Margherio - Alternatives in Education

Chaplain and former superintendent for St. Bede Academy in Peru, Illinois.

Carol Marin - Civics Education

Respected TV journalist discusses media literacy, ethics and challenges for journalists

Robert Marion - World War II

African-American quartermaster soldier who served in northern Europe

Andrea Markert - Alternatives in Education

Principal at University High School (UIS) discusses the Lab School.

Laura Marks - Looking for Lincoln

Looking for Lincoln in Jacksonville and evolution of the LOL Board of Directors.

Rabbi Barry Marks - People of Faith

Rabbi for the Temple Israel in Springfield, IL for 43 years.

Ron Marlow - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

Historian for the First Christian Church in Dixon talks about his research on the city and its connection to Ronald Reagan.

Gail Marquis - Girls Basketball

Member of the 1976 U.S. Woman’s Olympic Team and teammate and friend of Charlotte Lewis.

George Marquis - World War II

Submarine duty on board for five of the Bergall's combat patrols, hunting in the Japanese shipping lanes around Saipan

Dr. Stephanie Marshall - Educational Reform Act 1985

First President of the IL Math Science Academy discusses its creation and development.

Bill Martin - Vietnam War

Artillery forward observer's service in Vietnam

Jason Martin - Civics Education

Professor of Journalism at DePaul University discusses civics education

Lynn Martin - Alternatives in Education

Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications for Elgin Academy.

Rayburn Martin - World War II

Medical supply NCO in France with the 84th Infantry Division

Terry Martin - Community College Project

Long-time instructor discusses history of Kishwaukee College.

Thomas Martin - Modern Era

Illinois Master Farmers in 2017

Tom Martin - Looking for Lincoln

Martin's involvement with Looking For Lincoln from its inception.

Jose Martinez - Immigrant Stories

Jose was born in Mexico, with six years of school.

Jose Martinez - Modern Era

Since 1994 he's worked for Eckert's Orchards in Belleville, IL.

Ralph Martire - Public School Funding

Executive Director of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability.

Ralph Martire - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Executive Director of Center for Tax & Budget Accountability discusses pension reform

Wesley Matthews - World War II

Infantryman in the 99th Infantry Division in Europe

Barb Maue - IHSA

A life officiating high school volleyball in Illinois.

David Maurer - Historians Speak

Creator of Eastern Illinois Historic Administration Master’s Degree program discusses his career

Martin Mauricio - Immigrant Stories

Mexican immigrant and manager for the migrant labor force at Eckert’s Orchard in Belleville, IL.

Martin Mauricio - Modern Era

Born in Mexico, grocery store and Mexican restaurant owner in Belleville

Rep. Rita Mayfield - School District Reorganization

Rep. Mayfield's efforts to improve efficiency through school reorganization.

Gary McCants - People of Faith

AME Presiding Elder who ministered to public congregations and within the halls of the IL Legislature

Gary McCants - Obama in Illinois

AME Presiding Elder who ministered to public congregations and within the halls of the IL Legislature

Gary McCants - General Interest

AME Presiding Elder who ministered to public congregations and within the halls of the IL Legislature

Kevin McClain - Alternatives in Education

Parents' perspective on why they sent their children to a parochial school.

Keith McClow - Modern Era

Demonstrations of older farm activities that occur on the farm today

Joseph McCormick - World War II

Served as a Quartermaster and interpreter in the European Theater

Mike McCormick - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Personal Assistant to Governor Jim Edgar

Tom McCoy - Modern Era

Life on a typical family farm in Will County, Illinois

Toby McDaniel - Rochester

Prominent Springfield journalist and Cold War era Navy veteran

Toby McDaniel - Cold War Era

Served in the U.S. Navy from 1958 to 1963, including a tour on the carrier USS Hornet.

Jess McDonald - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Director of the Department of MHDD and Director of DCFS for Governor Edgar

Max McGee - School District Reorganization

A former Illinois State Superintendent discusses school consolidation issues.

Travis Gillum and Lara McGlaughlin - IHPA legacy

Creators of Presidential Museum's historical figures discuss their art

Ron McGraw - IHSA

Former coach, athletic director, principal and IHSA administrator reflects on the IHSA.

Irene McGuire - Modern Era

Story of she and her husband loosing the family's peach orchard, land that had been in the family since the 1820s

Jim and Lenore McKenzie - Ronald Reagan In Dixon

The son and daughter-in-law of Ralph 'Mac' McKenzie, Ronald Reagan's football coach at Eureka College discuss Reagan's college years.

Donald McKinley - Modern Era

Agriculture Museum in Quincy, which focuses on farming of the 1930s

Bruce McMillan - Illinois State Museum

Director of the Illinois State Museum from 1977 to 2005.

DeLoyce McMurray - World War II

Assigned to an all-black Service Battalion in the 2nd Marine Division

Robert McPeek - World War II

Service with the U.S. Coast Guard in immediate post-WW II era

Wendell Meeks - Family Memories

Growing up African-American in small town southern Illinois.

Donald Meier - Korean War

Reassigned to work in a hospital on a small island just of the west coast of North Korea

Dave Meister - School District Reorganization

The director of the state's first Cooperative High School since 2009.

Isaac Mercer - Korean War

African-American infantryman with 45th Division during the Korea War

Francis Merkley - World War II

Army truck driver who served both in Persia and China-Burma-India

Sam Meteer - Modern Era

Illinois State FFA Vice President

Dennis Metzger - Vietnam War

Conscientious objector during the Vietnam War who nevertheless spent five years in South Vietnam

John Metzger - Vietnam War

Chaplain's Assistant during the Vietnam War

Ron Michaelson - General Interest

Executive Director of the Illinois Board of Elections from 1976 to 2003

Stanley Mietus - IHSA

Thomas Kelly High boys' and girls' soccer coach discusses his teams' successes.

George Mihel - Community College Project

History of Sauk Valley Community College and IL Community Colleges in general.

Abner Mikva - Obama in Illinois

Legal counsel to Bill Clinton and mentor to Barack Obama

Judge Abner Mikva - Legislators Project

Independent Democrat who served IL legislature, then the U.S. House, finishing career as legal counsel to Pres. Bill Clinton

Clarence Leroy 'Lee' Miller - Williamsville

Long-time resident, village president and township president for Williamsville

Jeffrey C. Miller - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Director of Public Aid for Gov. Thompson administration

Jill Loeser and Jean Miller - Sangamon County

Farm in rural Sangamon County formerly owned by William Herndon

Stephen Miller - Public School Funding

An auditor discusses his work as a school auditor in Illinois.

Sam Million - World War II

Assigned to Sugamo Prison in Tokyo, where those Japanese accused of war crimes were imprisoned

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