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Cullom Davis - IHPA legacy

Dr. George Cullom Davis began his academic career as an assistant professor of history at Indiana University in 1964. In 1970, he moved to Springfield, IL, where he taught and served as an assistant to the president of the newly formed Sangamon State University, and was also responsible for establishing the university's Oral History office. He quickly developed a national reputation in the oral history community, and served as president of the Oral History Association from 1983-1984. In 1988 Dr. Davis became Director of the Lincoln Legal Papers, where he served until his retirement in 2000.

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Feature Excerpt

Davis takes over Lincoln Legal Papers


Interview Session 04 (Audio)

Davis as Director of the Lincoln Legal Papers project through mid-1990s

Interview Session 05 (Audio)

Davis as Director of the Lincoln Legal Papers project & reflections on career

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