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Allen Grosboll - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Allen Grosboll has enjoyed a successful career in Illinois politics, starting in 1973 as an intern with the Illinois House Republicans. In 1981, he was selected by Secretary of State Jim Edgar to serve as the Director of Motor Vehicles. After becoming Deputy Secretary of State in 1984, he followed Edgar when he was elected governor in 1990, working as an executive assistant, monitoring several government agencies, and playing a key role in conservation issues and the Flood of 1993.

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Interview Session 01 (Audio)

Early life to 1981

Interview Session 02 (Audio)

Head of the License Division in Secretary of State office, 1981-1984

Interview Session 03 (Audio)

Deputy Secretary of State for Jim Edgar

Interview Session 04 (Audio)

Executive Assistant for Governor Jim Edgar

Interview Session 05 (Audio)

Flood of 1993 & Edgar's 2nd Term

Interview Session 06 (Audio)

Edgar’s 2nd term, educational reform & MSI


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