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Fernando Jones - Family Memories

Fernando Jones grew up in Chicago in the 1950s and '60s immersed in the cities blues musical scene. He learned how to play the guitar at a tender age, and often saw some of Chicago legendary blues musicians at venues like Theresa's Lounge. As an artist, Fernando Jones became not only a blues musician, but also a visual artist, an actor and a writer. Jones discusses the programs that he has established for the continuation of the Chicago blues tradition, including Blues Kids of America, where he travels to different schools giving presentations on blues music, and the Blues Camp, where children from around the country come to Chicago to learn the art of the blues.

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Fernando Jones with two participants at the Ferando Jones’ Blues Camp, part of the BluesKids Foundation at Columbia College in Chicago. The camp focuses on education, pedagogy and andragogy, literacy and Music as a Second Language.



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