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Jennie Battles - Architectural Gems

Tour of the Vachel Lindsay home given by the site manager

Ray Ackerman - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Former legislative chair for the Retired State Employees Association

Jason Artman - Civics Education

High school social studies teacher discusses Illinois's Civics mandate.

Claire Edgecomb, Ron Krause, and J. Michael Barker - People of Faith

Three Blending Committee members discuss the process of combining three churches into one.

William 'Bill' Barnhart - Governor Dan Walker Project

Journalist for the Suburban Tribune during the Walker administration

Ellyn Bartges - Family Memories

College and high school basketball coach.

David Blanchette - General Interest

Joining Gov. Pat Quinn’s press team and early experiences on his staff

David Blanchette - Obama in Illinois

ALPLM Communications Manager

Larry Bomke - Legislators Project

Illinois politicians career on Sangamon County Board and IL Senate

Jim Edgar - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Former Illinois Governor (1991-1999)

Oba Herschberger - Modern Era

Amish man born September 14, 1948 in Douglas County

Jay Johnson - Modern Era

Details family farm's evolution from a trucking business shipping grain to river terminals

Julie Cellini, Bob Coomer, and Susan Mogerman - IHPA legacy

A talk with three of the prime movers behind the creation of the Presidential Library and Museum

James Thompson - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Illinois's governor from January, 1977 to January, 1991

Jean Pierre Aubry - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Associate Dir. of State and Local Research at Boston College's Center for Retirement Research

Jon and Jeanne Berg - People of Faith

Jon and Jeanne Berg served as missionaries in west Africa during the 1970s and ‘80s.

John Bickford - Civics Education

Chair of the Institutional Review Board at Eastern Illinois University.

Larry Bomke - Obama in Illinois

Illinois State Senator and colleague of Obama

Mary Bremer - Family Memories

Mary (Cagle) Horman Bremer shares her family's history through the depression, WW II and the good times.

Edward M Burke - General Interest

A policeman's perspective of the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago

Barbara Flynn Currie - Legislators Project

Majority Leader Currie discusses her long career in the IL Legislature

Nancy deGrazia - Governor Dan Walker Project

Assistant to Governor Dan Walker from 1973 to 1977

Lorene Herschberger - Modern Era

Mother of 13 who together with her husband Oba lives on a farm in rural Moultrie County, Illinois

Lloyd Johnson - Modern Era

One of ten siblings in an African-American farm family

Travis Gillum and Lara McGlaughlin - IHPA legacy

Creators of Presidential Museum's historical figures discuss their art

Jim Banovetz - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Expert on local government and staffer at IL ConCOn discusses pension issues

John Borling - Obama in Illinois

Career Air Force Officer, Vietnam War era POW, and 2004 Senate Candidate

Brian Brady - Civics Education

President of the Mikva Challenge program promoting civic involvement among youth.

Terry Brennan - Family Memories

Jazz musician and music teacher.

Gene Callahan - General Interest

In 1974 he began his long association with Alan Dixon, when Dixon served as Illinois state Treasurer, then Illinois Secretary of State

 Campaign Ads - Governor Jim Thompson Project

Television ads capture Jim Thompson's campaign for the Illinois State Governor seat

Lee Daniels - Legislators Project

Long-serving Republican leader in the IL House of Representatives

Rev. Dr. Blythe Denham Kieffer - People of Faith

Minister at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Springfield, IL.

Jim Edgar - Governor Jim Edgar Project

Governor Jim Edgar Series

William Goldberg - Governor Dan Walker Project

He began his legal career in 1962 in the same law firm as Dan Walker

Mark Johnson - Modern Era

Agricultural Specialist at Kline Creek Farm

Heather Oxley, Tisa Poe, Tom Tait, and Patrick Weeks - IHPA legacy

Four key members of the BRC Imagination Arts creative team

Jennie Battles - IHPA legacy

Site Manager for Vachel Lindsay home and IHPA employee from 1986-2014

Matt Bierman - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Director of Budget at WIU and a Macomb School Board member discusses pensions

Jennifer Burdette - Civics Education

Rural school civics teacher and civics teaching mentor.

Barbara Flynn Currie - Obama in Illinois

House Majority Leader and representative from Obama's legislative district

Suzanne Deuchler - Legislators Project

served in the Illinois House from 1981 to 1999

Janis Droegkamp - Family Memories

Peace Corps experiences throughout the world, and a Mother by Choice.

William Feurer - General Interest

Assistant to Governor Otto Kerner from 1963 to 1968

Doris Fischer - People of Faith

History of Faith Lutheran Church of Springfield, Illinois.

Michael Johnson - Modern Era

Agricultural Specialist at Kline Creek Farm

Mort Kaplan - Governor Dan Walker Project

Close friend and a key public relations advisor during Walker's run for governor

Erin Bishop - IHPA legacy

Former head of Education Services with the IHPA at the Presidential Library and Museum

Senator Daniel Biss - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Illinois State Senator discusses the origins of the state's pension crisis

Christopher Busse - Civics Education

Teaching civics at O‘Fallon Township High School.

John F Dunn - Legislators Project

Democratic state legislator representing the Decatur area from 1975 to 1995

Jim Edgar - Obama in Illinois

Former Illinois Governor (1991-1999) and potential opponent in 2004 Senate Race

Paul Findley - General Interest

U.S. Congressman from west central Illinois during 1960s thru 1982

Patricia Johnson - Modern Era

Sustainable tree farm and sawmill in Evanston, IL.

Ben Kiningham - Governor Dan Walker Project

Reporter for various radio stations and a statewide radio network for forty years

Daniel K Krumrei - People of Faith

History of Faith Lutheran Church of Springfield, Illinois.

Tim Blair - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Executive Director of the State Retirement System of IL talks pensions

David Blanchette - IHPA legacy

From 1989 to 2013, he served as the Public Information Officer for the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and later the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Dean Cantù - Civics Education

Department of Education director discusses civics education for teachers.

Thomas Ewing - Legislators Project

Illinois Republican legislator from 1975-1991 and in U.S. House until 2000

Jim Frazier - Obama in Illinois

Gold Star father and speaker at Obama campaign events in 2008

Burnell Heinecke - Family Memories

Burnell's early life in Freeburg, IL and education.

Beverly Helm-Renfro - General Interest

Daughter of photographer ‘Doc’ Helm, and admin asst to state Senator Barack Obama from 2001 to 2004

Mary Lee Leahy - Governor Dan Walker Project

Worked on Blagojevich transition team.

Mary Loken - People of Faith

Long-time member of Luther Memorial Church discusses the congregation's history.

David Blanchette - IHPA legacy

Former Public Information Officer/Communications Manager for the IHPA and ALPLM

Larry Bomke - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Former Republican State Senator talks about the pension fights of the 1990s and 2000s

Kristine Condon - Civics Education

A review of the Illinois Civics Academy for Secondary Teachers.

Dennis Hastert - Legislators Project

An Illinois legislator from 1981 through 1986 before heading to the U.S. House

Beverly Helm-Renfro - Obama in Illinois

Administrative assistant to State Senator Barack Obama

Mark Janus - General Interest

Plaintiff in the Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case in 2018

Jim Johnson - Family Memories

The General Manager and Superintendant of the Rail Golf Course of Springfield, Illinois.

Rabbi Barry Marks - People of Faith

Rabbi for the Temple Israel in Springfield, IL for 43 years.

Taylor Pensoneau - Governor Dan Walker Project

Journalist and author reporting on the Illinois Political Scene

Robert Butler - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Participant in 1970 IL State Constitutional Convention discusses its impact on pensions

Julie Cellini - IHPA legacy

Appointed to serve as the Chair of IHPA by Governor Jim Thompson from its creation in 1985 until 2012

Hilary Conklin - Civics Education

DePaul University professor training teachers in the social studies and civics education.

Denny Jacobs - Obama in Illinois

IL State Senator and friend of Barack Obama

Denny Jacobs - Legislators Project

Democratic mayor of East Moline before becoming an IL State Senator

LuAnn Johnson - Family Memories

Executive Director of Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Philip S Krone - General Interest

Broad overview of his entire career in politics

Gary McCants - People of Faith

AME Presiding Elder who ministered to public congregations and within the halls of the IL Legislature

Robert Coomer - IHPA legacy

Early career and work with IHPA through Directorship of Susan Mogerman

Ted Dabrowski - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Vice President of Illinois Policy Institute explains the origins of Illinois's pension crisis

Mary Ellen Daneels - Civics Education

Career teacher's critical role in launching Illinois's new civics education model.

Emil Jones - Legislators Project

Long-time member of the Illinois Legislature

Fernando Jones - Family Memories

Blues musical scene in Chicago in the 1950s and '60s.

Tom Lamont - Obama in Illinois

Asst. Secretary of the Army during the Barack Obama administration

Louis 'Lou' Lang - General Interest

Recounts the impeachment process of Rod Blagojevich

Ronald Moorman - People of Faith

Journey from Catholic Priest to Social Work to Lutheran ministry.

Cullom Davis - IHPA legacy

Dr. George Cullom Davis began his academic career as an assistant professor of history at Indiana University

Michael DiNovo - Civics Education

York High School Social Studies chair discusses civics education.

Maria Dunstan - Pension Crisis in Illinois

Teacher, principal and union leader from Macomb talks about pensions

Mary Lee Leahy - General Interest

Service on Advisory Board for Gov Rod Blagojevich’s transition team

Ann Lousin - Obama in Illinois

Thoughts on Barack Obama

Dave Luechtefeld - Legislators Project

A career teacher and coach becomes successful IL State Senator

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