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David Vaught - Governor Dan Walker Project

David Vaught grew up in southern Illinois and attended West Point, graduating in 1969, but not before he was involved in a major controversy over mandatory chapel. In 1971 he became involved in the gubernatorial campaign for newcomer Dan Walker, who won the governorship in 1972. It was during that campaign that Dave met Pat Quinn, who also was working on Walker's campaign. Following that campaign, Dave married Kathleen Walker, the governor’s oldest daughter, and made an unsuccessful run for the state legislature in 1974.

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Feature Excerpt

Vaught recalls meeting Dan Walker


Interview Session 2

Early Army career, conclusion of chapel challenge & Dan Walker campaign

Interview Session 3

Gov. Walker administration, law practice in 1980s and Quinn as treasurer

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This is a group of key Dan Walker campaign workers during his 1972 campaign. Walker is in the center, wearing the tie. His daughter Kathy is three to the right in the photo, and on the far right is Dave Vaught. Kathy and David were engaged by that time.



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