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General Interest Interviews

David Blanchette - General Interest

Joining Gov. Pat Quinn’s press team and early experiences on his staff

Edward M Burke - General Interest

A policeman's perspective of the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago

Gene Callahan - General Interest

In 1974 he began his long association with Alan Dixon, when Dixon served as Illinois state Treasurer, then Illinois Secretary of State

William Feurer - General Interest

Assistant to Governor Otto Kerner from 1963 to 1968

Paul Findley - General Interest

U.S. Congressman from west central Illinois during 1960s thru 1982

Beverly Helm-Renfro - General Interest

Daughter of photographer ‘Doc’ Helm, and admin asst to state Senator Barack Obama from 2001 to 2004

Mark Janus - General Interest

Plaintiff in the Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case in 2018

Philip S Krone - General Interest

Broad overview of his entire career in politics

Louis 'Lou' Lang - General Interest

Recounts the impeachment process of Rod Blagojevich

Mary Lee Leahy - General Interest

Service on Advisory Board for Gov Rod Blagojevich’s transition team

Richard Lockhart - General Interest

Lockhart discusses his over 50 years as a lobbyist in Springfield

Ann Lousin - General Interest

In 1970 Lousin was selected to serve first as a staff assistant and later as the parliamentarian in the Illinois House of Representations

Ron Michaelson - General Interest

Executive Director of the Illinois Board of Elections from 1976 to 2003

Newton Minow - General Interest

Former FCC chair for Pres. Kennedy and friend and mentor to Barack Obama

Taylor Pensoneau - General Interest

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter's experiences during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago

Mitchell Roth - General Interest

General Counsel for IL Education Association discusses Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case

Roy Schilling - General Interest

His interview covers his educational career, connections to Governor Richard J. Oglesby’s family

Michael Shakman - General Interest

Filed suit against the Cook County (Chicago) Democratic Part which led to two Shakman Decrees that have transformed politics in Chicago

Bernard H Sieracki - General Interest

A lobbyist in the IL Legislature for over forty years and author of "A Just Cause," on the impeachment of Gov. Blagojevich

Hal Smith - General Interest

Aide to Senator Charles Percy shares his memories of Percy and Darin LaHood

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