World War II Interviews

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World War II Interviews

Cordell Addison - World War II

Served in the Army and posted to the Pacific in a Barrage Balloon Battalion

Gerald 'Andy' Anderson - World War II

1st Division veteran of D-Day landing and its fight across Europe

Barbara Archer - World War II

Insights of those left at home during WWII

Delbert Augsburger - World War II

Ball turret gunner for the 8th Air Force in Europe

Harold Beard - World War II

Motor Sergeant in an Army artillery unit in Europe

Kenneth "Tuck" Belton - World War II

A downed B-17 pilot who survived for several months with Dutch underground

Clarence Berbaum - World War II

Radio repairman for the United States Army during World War II

Arthur Betts - World War II

One of 2,221 blacks who served with white infantry units

Timuel Black - World War II

WWII veteran who fought in the Battle of the Bulge

George Boyd - World War II

Child during World War II

Magda Brown - World War II

Young Hungarian Jew and Holocaust Survivor

Charles Bruns - World War II

Engineer in the 3rd Infantry Division during World War II

Hale Burge - World War II

Airplane mechanic in the Army Air Force during World War II

Francis Callaghan - World War II

Combat engineer with bridging company finds his relatives in Japanese camps in the Philippines

William 'Bill" Cantrall - World War II

Service with the British 8th Army in Italy with the American Field Service

Olive Clark - World War II

Wife of World War II veteran George Cocker

Ralph Contreras - World War II

World War II Marine who served with the 6th Marine Division at Guam and Okinawa

George Cordier - World War II

Marine signalman in Pacific theater, Battle of Guam

Dorothy Cordier - World War II

Family separation during WWII

Walter W. Covert - World War II

14th Armored Division half-track driver's memories of combat in Germany

Harold Cox - World War II

United States Army veteran who served during World War II

Malcolm Davis - World War II

Member of the 13th Army Division in Europe

Tony DeVito - World War II

Marine wounded at Iwo Jima

Jesse Dowell - World War II

United States Navy Air Corps veteran who served in the Pacific Theater

Richard Duchossois - World War II

Tank Destroyer company commander discusses combat in Europe

Wesley J. Duiker - World War II

B-26 pilot in the European theater in 1945 who also served in the post-war occupation force

Charles Dukes - World War II

World War II veteran and POW

Philip Dziuk - World War II

Navy Petty Officer who served in the Pacific on the USS Ajax

Judge Charles Evans - World War II

Infantry platoon leader's service during the first year of the Korean War

Marvin Farmer - World War II

Infantryman in Europe during World War II

Evelyn Fields - World War II

Worked in the Office of Price Administration during WW II while her husband was in the Navy

Paul Findley - World War II

U.S. Congressman recounts his WW II experiences

Jonathan Fischer - World War II

Discusses his various duties during WW II on two Liberty Ships

James Fisher - World War II

U.S. Navy veteran who served on an LST in the Pacific Theater

Joseph Flynn - World War II

Medic when the unit landed on Omaha Beach only seven days after D-Day in June 1944

John Frothingham - World War II

World War II veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps

Sidney Goldman - World War II

Assigned to the 24th Infantry Division, and saw action in New Guinea and the Philippines

Edgar Gottschalk - World War II

Served with the 13th Air Force in the Pacific during WW II

James Graff - World War II

U.S. Army infantryman in Europe during WW II

Robert Green - World War II

U.S. Naval officer who served a number of roles in the Pacific Theater

Paul Hackett - World War II

Storekeeper on board the U.S.S. Mindanao in the Pacific Theater

Joseph Hamburg - World War II

Radio operator for the 9th Infantry Division in Europe

Robert Hamm - World War II

Engineer who served on the U.S.S. Franklin in the Pacific

Kermit Harden - World War II

94th Division veteran and prisoner of war in Germany

Ann Hayden - World War II

Ann and husband Ray Hayden both worked in the Boeing defense plant

Albert Helregel - World War II

Served in the 33rd Infantry Division Field Artillery in the European Theater

Muriel Helsel - World War II

Witness to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

Margaret Henderson - World War II

Naval Intelligence Office worker for the European Theater

Eugene Houser - World War II

Typist for the 149th Army Replacement Battalion in Naples

James Hull - World War II

Veteran who served in the 83rd Division in Europe

William Ingram - World War II

POW sailor held by Japanese who worked on the Burma Railroad

Gene Jaeger - World War II

Naval officer on an LST at Sicily, Salerno & Normandy landings

Steve Johnson - World War II

Served in the Pacific as an engineer in the 3rd Engineer Special Brigade

Vasil William "Bill" Klyasheff - World War II

Airman in the European theater serving in a Fighter Control Squadron

John Knoepfle - World War II

Naval small boat officer discusses landing Marines on Iwo Jima and his injury

Helen Koser - World War II

English war bride and WW II blitz survivor

Mary Ann Koucky - World War II

Childhood in Japanese internment camps in Philippines

Kazimir Ladny - World War II

Polish soldier and World War II emigrates to the U.S.

Alice Lain - World War II

Typist for the Women's Navy Reserves

Lloyd Lain - World War II

Petty Officer on board the U.S.S. Tebenna in the Pacific Theater

Samuel Lanford - World War II

Korean War veteran who recalls life on the home front during World War II

Ralph Langenheim - World War II

U.S. Naval officer on board LCI ships in Europe

Edward Layden - World War II

Worked alongside German POWs on his family's farm

Maureen Lober - World War II

Home front memories of World War II and VJ Day in San Francisco

Arlyn Lober - World War II

11th Armored Division tanker's experiences at the Bulge and Central Europe

Ruth Lockart - World War II

A 'Rosy the Riveter' during WWII

Richard Lockhart - World War II

Infantryman in 106th IN Div captured during Battle of the Bulge

Richard Lowe - World War II

Farmer, World War II veteran and career ag teacher shares his insights

Robert Marion - World War II

African-American quartermaster soldier who served in northern Europe

George Marquis - World War II

Submarine duty on board for five of the Bergall's combat patrols, hunting in the Japanese shipping lanes around Saipan

Rayburn Martin - World War II

Medical supply NCO in France with the 84th Infantry Division

Wesley Matthews - World War II

Infantryman in the 99th Infantry Division in Europe

Joseph McCormick - World War II

Served as a Quartermaster and interpreter in the European Theater

DeLoyce McMurray - World War II

Assigned to an all-black Service Battalion in the 2nd Marine Division

Robert McPeek - World War II

Service with the U.S. Coast Guard in immediate post-WW II era

Francis Merkley - World War II

Army truck driver who served both in Persia and China-Burma-India

Sam Million - World War II

Assigned to Sugamo Prison in Tokyo, where those Japanese accused of war crimes were imprisoned

Robert Mitchler - World War II

Navy chief petty officer (yeoman) during both World War II and the Korean War

Frank Moscardelli - World War II

Infantryman with the 89th Division in it's fight across Germany

Warren Musch - World War II

Marine Intelligence officer who saw action at Iwo Jima and Japanese occupation

Edwin Myers - World War II

U.S. Navy veteran who served on a LST in the Pacific Theater

Don Palmer - World War II

Sailor prepping beaches for amphibious landings

Marjorie Pasley - World War II

English girl who's parents evacuated her to the country during World War II

Webster Phillips - World War II

His unit landed at Omaha beach just days after the D-Day invasion

Cornelius Price - World War II

African-American quartermaster in a segregated army

Perry Rannebarger - World War II

U.S. Army veteran, serving in the 132nd Infantry in Europe and the Pacific

Gerald Raschke - World War II

B-26 tail gunner in southern Europe during WW II

Harry Reed - World War II

Flight engineer on board a C-54 Skymaster

Ralph Rinehart - World War II

U.S. Army veteran who served in a Quartermaster unit in the Pacific

Merle Roughton - World War II

Illinois National Guardsman who served in the European Theater

Alexander Samaras - World War II

U.S. Naval officer who transported troops in Europe and the Pacific

Bill Schimm - World War II

Infantry veteran with 4th Infantry Division who also worked as a clerk

Frances Schneider - World War II

Civilian instructor of Morse code during World War II

Salvador Sciortino - World War II

Navy veteran on the USS Neville supporting the D-Day landings on Utah Beach

Charles T. Sehe - World War II

SS Nevada crew member remembers Pearl Harbor attack and more

Robert Serra - World War II

Aircraft mechanic on the USS Yorktown during battles of Coral Sea and Midway

Joseph Smith - World War II

Truck driver for the U.S. Marine Corps on Okinawa

Jim Smith - World War II

B-17 Bomber Pilot in WWII

Winton Solberg - World War II

nfantry Lieutenant in Europe in the last year of WW II

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