World War II Interviews

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World War II Interviews

Winton Solberg - World War II

Infantry Lieutenant in Europe in the last year of WW II

Vincent Speranza - World War II

WW II paratrooper with the 101st Airborne at Bastogne

Robert Spitze - World War II

U.S. Naval officer on board an LST in the Pacific

Kelly Ann Sproul - World War II

Known as the Sweetheart of the British Forces due to her portrayal as a 1940s version singer and dancer entertaining World War II veterans

Edward Stapleton - World War II

WW II Infantry in 36th Infantry Division in Italy and beyond

Harold Steele - World War II

WW II & Agriculture in Illinois Infantry Platoon Leader in Europe with 89th Division

Margery Steele - World War II

OSS Cryptographer in Egypt and Greece during WW II

Fred Stockmeier - World War II

WW II & Korean War Veteran Army infantryman & POW during WWII

Owen Streeper - World War II

Army Air Corps ball turret gunner in the European Theater

Earl Swanson - World War II

U.S. Army artillery and infantry officer stationed in the Philippines

Merlin Taber - World War II

Conscientious Objector in World War II

Ernest Thorp - World War II

A B-17 co-pilot and Germany POW in the European theater during WWII

Robert Underbrink - World War II

Tanker who served in Germany at the end of WW II

Thomas Varns - World War II

A medic with Patton’s 3rd Army in Europe during WW II

Robert Wahlfeldt - World War II

Engineer who served on the U.S.S. Waldron in the Pacific Theater

Francis Walle - World War II

Artillery lieutenant who saw action in northern Europe at the end of the war

Linda Weber - World War II

Employee at a drafting department that produced war planes during World War II

Samuel Weldon - World War II

U.S. Marine who fought at Iwo Jima in the 4th Marine Division

Sandy Wheeler - World War II

Child of a U.S. Army soldier during World War II

James Whitson - World War II

Torpedo man on board the USS Herndon in Europe

David Wiant - World War II

World War II Army veteran who served in the occupation force in the Philippines

Hershel 'Woody' Williams - World War II

Marine Medal of Honor recipient earned at Iwo Jima

Jack Williams - World War II

A TBF Avenger gunner serving in Pacific theater on the USS Petrof Bay

Ralph Woolard - World War II

Served in an intelligence squad as part of the 36th Infantry Division in Europe

Gerald Yaxley - World War II

Member of the 104th "Timberwolf" Division; served in European Theater

Iver Yeager - World War II

Naval officer who served on the USS Dyson (destroyer) in Pacific

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