Civil Rights Stories Interviews

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Civil Rights Stories Interviews

Arthur Betts - Civil Rights Stories

World War II veteran serving in the European theater

Timuel Black - Civil Rights Stories

African American discusses his Army service in Europe during World War II

Lynne Cleverdon - Civil Rights Stories

1964 Mississippi voter registration drive

Connie Edwards - Civil Rights Stories

Nurse with the 24th Evacuation Hospital during Vietnam War

Kathryn Harris - Civil Rights Stories

Kathryn discusses her family life as an African-American in southern Illinois

Manker Harris - Civil Rights Stories

A Church of God minister who was very active in the civil rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s

James A 'Jim' Lewis - Civil Rights Stories

A former U S Attorney in Springfield, IL and Civil Rights Activist

Frank Williams - Civil Rights Stories

A lifetime as an African-American realtor on the south side of Chicago

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