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01/19/1849 I shall, when the time comes, try to do right, in view of all the lights then before me. Topics: Morality, Leadership
03/10/1849 Your petitioner has invented a new and improved manner of combining adjustable buoyant chambers with steam boats or other vessels which has not, as he verily believes been heretofore used or known ... Topics:
04/21/1849 Let it be public, full, and fair. No cliqueism or cheatery about it. Topics: Politics, Morality
05/16/1849 It is a delicate matter to oppose the wishes of a friend ... Topics: Love, Morality
05/16/1849 In 1840 we fought a fierce and laborious battle in Illinois, many of us spending almost the entire year in the contest. The general victory came, and with it, the appointment of a set of drones, including this same Butterfield, who had never spent a dollar or lifted a finger in the fight. Topics: Politics
07/13/1849 The better part of one's life consists of his friendships Topics: Love
02/23/1850 We lost our little boy. He was sick fifty-two days & died the morning of the first day of this month. It was not our first, but our second child. We miss him very much. Topics: Family, Tragedy
06/05/1850 I neither seek, expect, or desire a nomination for a seat in the next Congress. Topics: Politics
07/01/1850 Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Topics: Leadership, Law
07/01/1850 I find quite as much material for a lecture in those points wherein I have failed, as in those wherein I have been moderately successful. Topics: Learning, Leadership

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