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10/15/1858 Commerce brings us together, and makes us better friends. We like one another the more for it. Topics: Economy
10/18/1858 I believe the declaration that ‘all men are created equal’ is the great fundamental principle upon which our free institutions rest. Topics: History, America, Morality
10/18/1858 I think the negro is included in the word 'men' used in the Declaration of Independence. Topics: Freedom, Slavery
10/20/1858 I now have a high degree of confidence that we shall succeed, if we are not over-run with fraudulent votes to a greater extent than usual. Topics: Politics
10/29/1858 Just think of such a sucker as me as President! Topics: Leadership, Humor
10/30/1858 I am not, nor ever have been, connected with the party called the Know-Nothing party, or party calling themselves the America n party. Certainly no man of truth, and I believe, no man [of] good character for truth can be found to say on his own knowledge that I ever was connected with that party. Topics: Politics, Morality
11/15/1858 Let the past as nothing be. For the future my view is that the fight must go on. Topics: Inspirational
11/16/1858 I have been on expences so long without earning any thing that I am absolutely without money now for even household purposes. Topics:
11/19/1858 The cause of civil liberty must not be surrendered at the end of one, or even one hundred, defeats. Topics: Freedom, Inspirational
11/19/1858 Though I now sink out of view, and shall be forgotten, I believe I have made some marks which will tell for the cause of civil liberty long after I am gone. Topics: History, Freedom

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