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date unknown The restoration of the Rebel States to the Union must rest upon the principle of civil and political equality of the both races. Topics: Slavery, Civil War
date unknown In assisting to save the life of the Republic, they [African Americans] have demonstrated in blood their right to the ballot, which is but the humane protection of the flag they have so fearlessly defended. Topics: Freedom, Civil War, Slavery
date unknown You have, like heroes, endured, and fought, and conquered. I am under immeasurable obligations to you. Topics: Civil War, Inspirational
date unknown I have never professed an indifference to the honors of official station; and were I to do so now, I should only make myself ridiculous. Topics:
date unknown The army, like the nation, has become demoralized by the idea that the war is to be ended … by strategy, and not by hard desperate fighting. Topics: Civil War
date unknown The people – the people – are the rightful masters of both congresses, and courts … Topics: Freedom, America
date unknown A Law may be both constitutional and expedient, and yet may be administered in an unjust and unfair way. Topics: Law, Morality
date unknown With me, the race of ambition has been a failure – a flat failure; with him it has been one of splendid success. Topics: Politics
date unknown Were I president, I should desire the legislation of the country to rest with Congress, uninfluenced by the executive in its origin or progress. Topics: Leadership, Politics

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