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04/28/1864 Tell Tad the goats and father are very well – especially the goats. Topics: Family
04/30/1864 If there is anything wanting which is within my power to give, do not fail to let me know. And now with a brave Army, and a just cause, may God sustain you. Topics: Civil War
05/07/1864 Ladies and gentlemen, you, no doubt, desire to have a speech from me. In lieu of a speech, I propose that we give three cheers for Major General Grant and all the armies under his command. Topics: Civil War
05/09/1864 I am, indeed, very grateful to the brave men who have been struggling with the enemy in the field, to their noble commanders who have directed them, and especially to our Maker. Our commanders are following up their victories resolutely and successfully. Topics: Leadership, Civil War, Religion
05/09/1864 There is enough yet before us requiring all loyal men and patriots to perform their share of the labor and follow the example of the modest General at the head of our armies, and sink all personal considerations for the sake of the country. I commend you to keep yourselves in the same tranquil mood that is characteristic of that brave and loyal man. Topics: Civil War, Inspirational
05/17/1864 Blood can not restore blood, and government should not act for revenge. Topics: Civil War, Morality
06/16/1864 We accepted this war for an object, a worthy object, and the war will end when that object is attained. Topics: Civil War
06/16/1864 This war has taken three years; it was begun or accepted upon the line of restoring the national authority over the whole national domain, and for the America n people, as far as my knowledge enables me to speak, I say we are going through on this line if it takes three years more. Topics: Civil War
06/16/1864 War, at the best, is terrible, and ours, in its magnitude and in its duration, is one of the most terrible. Topics: Civil War
06/27/1864 They [troopos] forever must and will be remembered by the grateful country for whose salvation they devote their lives. Topics: Civil War

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