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12/03/1861 It is gratifying to know that the patriotism of the people has proved equal to the occasion, and that the number of troops tendered greatly exceeds the force which Congress authorized me to call into the field. Topics: Civil War, Inspirational, America
12/03/1861 I have been unwilling to go beyond the pressure of necessity in the unusual exercise of power. Topics: Leadership
12/03/1861 In a storm at sea, no one on board can wish the ship to sink; and yet, not unfrequently, all go down together, because too many will direct, and no single mind can be allowed to control. Topics: Leadership
12/04/1861 A pair of socks so fine, and soft, and warm, could hardly have been manufactured in any other way than the old Kentucky fashion. Topics:
01/07/1862 Delay is ruining us. Topics: Civil War
01/23/1862 This man wants to work – so uncommon a want that I think it ought to be gratified. Topics: Inspirational
02/01/1862 I know that the Divine hand that has wounded, is the only one that can heal. Topics: Tragedy, Religion
03/19/1862 Engaged, as I am, in a great war, I fear it will be difficult for the world to understand how fully I appreciate the principles of peace. Topics: Civil War
04/02/1862 Allow me to thank you in behalf of my little son for your present of White Rabbits. He is very much pleased with them. Topics: Love, Family
05/01/1862 Your call for Parrott guns from Washington alarms me – chiefly because it argues indefinite procrastination. Is anything to be done? Topics: Civil War

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