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04/06/1860 I wish no explanation made to our enemies. What they want is a squabble and a fuss; and that they can have if we explain; and they can not have if we don't. Topics: Politics
05/21/1860 I am not wanting in the purpose, though I may fail in the strength, to maintain my freedom from bad influences. ... May the Almighty grant that the cause of truth, justice, and humanity, shall in no wise suffer at my hands. Topics: Inspirational
05/23/1860 I accept the nomination tendered me by the Convention ... Topics: Politics
06/01/1860 But fight we must, and conquer we shall, in the end. Topics: Inspirational
06/04/1860 You suggest that a visit to the place of my nativity might be pleasant to me. Indeed it would. But would it be safe? Would not the people Lynch me? Topics:
06/04/1860 It seems as if the question whether my first name is ‘Abraham’' or ‘Abram’' will never be settled. It is ‘Abraham.’ Topics:
06/26/1860 If I fail, it will be for lack of ability, and not of purpose. Topics: Inspirational
07/22/1860 I know not how to aid you, save in the assurance of one of mature age, and much severe experience, that you can not fail, if you resolutely determine, that you will not. Topics: Inspirational, Inspirational
08/04/1860 All that can be said is $Justice and fairness to all.$ Topics: Morality
08/15/1860 The people of the South have too much of good sense, and good temper, to attempt the ruin of the government ... At least, so I hope and believe. Topics: Civil War

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