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10/21/1862 In all available ways give the people a chance to express their wishes at these elections. Topics: Freedom, Politics
10/25/1862 I have just read your dispatch about sore tongued and fatigued horses. Will you pardon me for asking what the horses of your army have done since the battle of Antietam that fatigue anything? Topics: Civil War
10/27/1862 Most certainly I intend no injustice to any; and if I have done any, I deeply regret it. Topics: Civil War
11/05/1862 In considering military merit, it seems to me the world has abundant evidence that I discard politics. Topics: Civil War, Politics
11/18/1862 In all available ways give the people a chance to express their wishes at these elections. ... Get the expression of the largest number of the people possible. Topics: Freedom, Politics
11/24/1862 I dismissed you as an example and a warning. … I bear you no ill will; and I regret that I could not have the example without wounding you personally. Topics: Civil War, Leadership
11/24/1862 I certainly know that if the war fails, the administration fails, and that I will be blamed for it, whether I deserve it or not. Topics: Leadership, Civil War
12/01/1862 Without slavery the rebellion could never have existed; without slavery it could not continue. Topics: Civil War, Slavery
12/01/1862 There is no line, straight or crooked, suitable for a national boundary, upon which to divide. Topics: America, Civil War
12/01/1862 In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free. Topics: Freedom, Slavery

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