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01/27/1838 Having ever regarded Government as their deadliest bane, they make a jubilee of the suspension of its operations. Topics: Law, America
04/01/1838 I have now come to the conclusion never again to think of marrying; and for this reason; I can never be satisfied with any one who would be blockhead enough to have me. Topics: Love, Humor
04/01/1838 Others have been made fools of by the girls; but this can never be with truth said of me. I most emphatically, in this instance, made a fool of myself. Topics: Love, Humor
07/23/1838 If we do our duty we shall succeed in the congressional election, but if we relax an iota, we shall be beaten. Topics: Politics,Inspirational
01/17/1839 The resources of the State must be husbanded. Economy is to be the order of the day. We must find some new sources of revenue. We need them, and shall need them, for many years to come. Topics: Economy
01/26/1839 I am willing to pledge myself in black and white to cut my own throat from ear to ear, if, when I meet you, you shall seriously say, that you believe me capable of betraying my friends for any price. Topics: Love
01/26/1839 You were in an ill-Humor when you wrote that letter, and, no doubt, intended that I should be thrown into one also; which, however, I respectfully decline being done. Topics: Politics
03/02/1839 I believe it can be sustained, because it does not increase the tax upon the 'many poor' but upon the 'wealthy few.' Topics: Economy, Politics
03/02/1839 I never despair of sustaining myself before the people upon any measure that will stand a full investigation. Topics: Leadership, Inspirational, Politics
12/26/1839 The Savior of the whole world chose twelve disciples, and even one of that small number, selected by superhuman wisdom, turned out a traitor and a devil. Topics: Religion, Humor

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